PAKISTAN LYING, STILL / 195 Pak soldiers can still be tried

Pakistan army's 195 officers are morally and legally culpable for the genocide of 1971 and Bangladesh has the moral and legal rights to try them. Pakistan's excuse of the 1974 agreement does not give it reprieve.

PAKISTAN LYING, STILL / Shame they hid for 28 years

Pakistan's own Hamoodur Rahman Commission found “sufficient evidence” to try the top army generals, including Yahya Khan, for committing atrocities in Bangladesh but Bhutto kept the report under wraps to save the face of the powerful army and satisfy his own hunger for power.

PAKISTAN LYING, STILL / Bangladesh’s Liberation War: The night of horror

A heavy rain on the night of March 29, 1971 uncovered parts of two mass graves on the Dhaka University campus, according to a US diplomatic cable sent from the erstwhile East Pakistan.

PAKISTAN LYING, STILL / Pakistan used Nazi killer Eichmann's argument

Pakistan went to the International Court of Justice and presented notorious Nazi murderer Eichmann's defense

PAKISTAN LYING, STILL: War Crimes of Pak Military Officials / They did everything to block trial by Bangladesh

The villainy of ZA Bhutto and his rogue country put Bangladesh at a serious disadvantage when it started preparing for the trial of the 195 War Criminals. As a new country without much international diplomatic clout and its attempts for UN membership vetoed by Pakistan's ally China, Bangladesh had to consider the fate of the Bangladeshis held hostage by Pakistan.

PAKISTAN LYING, STILL / Pakistanis tried to keep foreign journos away

'“In the name of God and a united Pakistan,” Dacca is today a crushed and frightened city.' These are the immortal lines from Simon Dring's report that defined the Pakistan army's terrible vengeance on the unarmed Bangalis in East Pakistan in March 1971.

PAKISTAN LYING, STILL / Cables of genocide

We present this part of our rebuttal of Pakistan's insolence with descriptions of Pakistani atrocities by the US Consul General Archer K Blood in his diplomatic cables to Washington in those fateful days in 1971. Consul General Blood vividly described the Pakistan army's genocidal attack on Dhaka city on March 25-26 in his cables.

PAKISTAN LYING, STILL / The blueprint for massacre

We have used Pakistani sources--books written by Pakistani military officers involved in the operations in East Pakistan in 1971 and the report of a chief justice of Pakistan--to compile these reports to show the extent and complicity of the Pakistan Government and its military in the genocide, destruction, and uprooting of more than a crore Bangalis in 1971. The facts speak for themselves.

A living proof of Pak army's atrocities

She is a living witness of innumerable atrocities by the Pakistan army against unarmed, innocent Bangalee civilians during the nine-month Liberation War.

Genocide plot conceived at duck shooting trip

It was at a duck shooting trip in Larkana, the hometown of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who lost in the 1970 election to Bangabandhu, that the seed of the genocide in Bangladesh was sowed. Bhutto and President of Pakistan Yahya Khan met there to discuss how not to hand over power to Mujib. The Larkana Conspiracy, as it is termed, was basically the root of the incidents that followed later including the nine-month genocide and destruction and the bloody War of Independence.

Genocide Coolly planned, carried out

The Pakistanis had a secret plan -- to fake a political dialogue with Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman while its military prepared to mow down the Bangalis, to terrorise them, to exterminate the Hindus who they viewed as Indian agents, to let loose a genocide campaign and teach the "treacherous" Bangalis a lesson.

A few dos and don'ts in the movement against sexual assault

UNPRECEDENTED levels of outrage and activism surround the Pahela Baishakh sexual assault; we have finally reached critical mass:

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