Nuzhat Hassan Chowdhury

How I recovered from body image issues

I was only 12 years old and my impressionable mind suddenly thought I needed to make drastic changes to my appearance.

The appeal of coffee culture in a tea-loving nation

With the growing popularity of practices such as ‘me time’ and ‘solo dates’, more and more young people are looking for a table for one.

Grade grievance and the lack of transparency in university grading systems

Grade grievance result from a lack of transparency in a university’s grading process.

Too many BBA graduates?

We must ask ourselves if this path truly benefits the students, or only the institutions.

A case for open communication about dating

Adolescents often get confused about what to expect from romantic relationships.


Why is the youth so eager to leave their homeland behind?

Moving to Bangladesh after growing up abroad

It's hard to uproot your life from one country and start calling another "home".

Growing Up Sheltered

Growing up sheltered can feel comfortable in the beginning, but with time, most people start to realise that this detachment from the “real world” and its complications can prove to be a major disadvantage in life.

The Grey Cloud

The grey cloud over my head  Accompanied me like a guardian. 

The Aftermath of Getting Bullied

The after-effects may linger for years to come.

To My Dearly Departed

When the city slept, I wrote in my diary as if I was writing to you, not knowing if my words would ever reach you. I cried myself to sleep every night just to wake up to a reality that was more excruciating than any nightmare I could think of.

School Friends and A Regret

School's not what I miss. It’s the memories with my friends I wish to relive.

How to Write Fanfiction As if It’s 2012

Being 13 can be rough — it can all get a little overwhelming.

Student Fails Exam, Surprised to See the World Hasn’t Ended

“All the comparisons with our neighbours’ kids gone in vain.”

“Money cannot buy happiness.”

The world of exorbitant wealth can be confusing to those who are not a part of it. While most people turn to the simple things in life to cheer themselves up and believe in mantras such as “brownies cure frownies,” members of the one percent club turn to something a bit more extravagant, such as a small loan of a million dollars from their parents.

How Not to Prep for Exams

Trying to live life to the fullest but held back by academic obligations?

What Fuels Your Fear of Failure?

Do you often quit if you don't excel at something immediately?

Roshunbhora: The Case of a Waterlogged Paradise

"It’s like owning a house in Malibu,” says one resident

University Staff Miss Students As Much as Students Miss Them

No longer can you see tired students making their way to early morning classes.

Man Crowned Feminist Icon After Making a Cup of Tea

They chanted "Alpha male! Alpha male! Alpha male!"