5 activities to do with your Dad on Father’s Day

Father and children enjoying leisure hours in the pool
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Every year, families all around the world celebrate Father's Day. Some plan intricate activities, and some give small or grandiose gifts to celebrate the special men in their lives. For most, fathers are like superheroes who are always ready to take on daily challenges for their children. It goes without saying the significance of fatherhood is beyond words, as he is the person who works tirelessly to fulfil the needs of his family that comes in all sizes and shapes.

On a special day such as this, many struggles to devise ways to surprise or please their fathers. Because, let's face it, he has done it all, seen it all and knows it all. This is why we are here to help you plan a special father's day with activities!

Breakfast in Bed

Mums are not the only ones who are entitled to breakfast in bed! Dads also feel like having their most important meals of the day in bed. Make him feel special by making him creamy scrambled eggs with beef bacons or paratha with an egg omelette and fried potatoes! Whichever option you choose, make sure to add a cup of tea. While he feasts on his breakfast, do not shy away from giving him gifts too!

Watch a movie
For many, the love for movies was inherited from their parents. Our fathers often instilled the love of testosterone-fuelled movies among us. However, whether you and your dad love a Jim Carrey comedy or a good Tom Hanks tearjerker, there are plenty of good flicks to watch on Father's Day. End the day with a movie marathon with your dad can never go wrong! Start with Finding Nemo, then work your way up to action flicks like, Liam Neeson's Taken!

Test your Go-Kart skills

Take Dad for a thrill ride. Because there is an 85 percent chance that your need for speed was inherited from your father. Set him up with a Go-Kart and safety gears on the speedway, and watch him go crazy. Who knows, your old man might have a tick or two up his sleeves! Look for a nearby Go-Kart track and spend the day zipping around at Go Kart Courtside, located at 100 Feet, Madani Avenue.

Challenge him to paintball or Laser Tag

Let your Dad's inner warrior come out! Let out your steam with your dad on the battlefield — a little battle of the generations at Toggi World in Bashundhara City or at Unimart Gulshan-2. Nothing says, "I love you," like a shot in the face!

Rent his favourite car

Has your dad always dreamed of driving a Mercedes? Convertible BMW? To make his day, rent one for a couple of hours and go on a joyride. You do not need to own an expensive car to make memories. It is the thought that counts. It can be a Father's Day he will never forget. To rent an exclusive car, you can go on any online platform such as bcmgbd.com or garivar.com.bd.


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