The trips that never happened

Interior designer Nahid Hazarika Ety fell prey to a travel scam after responding to a Facebook ad by Tripkart, a travel agency promising Dubai and Qatar tours for Tk 1 lakh. Ety realised she was scammed when the agency ceased communication after receiving payment, leading her to file a case with Banani Police Station.

3d ago

Planning a Cox’s Bazar trip? Here are places you must visit

When one thinks of Cox's Bazar, images of the endless sandy beach kissed by the gentle waves of the sea come to mind. Here, you will equally find a tapestry of wonders – from lush jungles and parks to serene temples – there's so much more to charming Cox’s Bazar than meets the eye. As the railway service commences on the Dhaka-Cox's Bazar route, it brings with it the promise of convenience and a unique way to discover the treasures this coastal jewel holds as Cox’s Bazar has come closer to us all!

4d ago

Top 5 places to visit in Panchagarh

Most people associate Panchagarh district with the scenic view it offers of the Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world situated in the eastern Himalayas on the border between Sikkim State and eastern Nepal. However, it has plenty of other attractive sights to offer to tourists. So, read on to find out the top 5 places to visit in Panchagarh district.

4d ago

Biman increases flights on different routes

Biman Bangladesh Airlines has increased the number of flights on several routes in view of increasing passenger demand

5d ago

Virtual Reality escapes: Exploring travel and adventure from home

Exploring the world from the comforts of our home has been this beautiful option that is always available to us. However, as amazing a service as armchair travelling has given to us, it pales in comparison to what virtual reality offers. They are quite literally blurring the boundaries between the physical and the digital world and giving us the luxury to satiate our wanderlust in ways that we never thought possible

5d ago

Sick passenger: London-bound Biman flight diverted to Sofia

A London-bound flight of Biman Bangladesh Airlines was forced to divert to Sofia, Bulgaria on Friday due to an onboard sick passenger

6d ago

Biman launches new flight dispatch system

Biman Bangladesh Airlines today launched an integrated flight dispatch solution named "Lido/Flight 4ED", developed by German Lufthansa System, to enhance flight safety as well as to reduce flight costs

1w ago

Passion for exploration: My personal journey

Born at Chatkhil in Noakhali, Ashraful completed his SSC from home and then moved to Dhaka to complete his HSC at Tejgaon College. He subsequently pursued a BBA and MBA at Eastern University, where he not only focused on his business studies but also explored the field of journalism working as a part-time journalist.

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Govt reduces hajj cost by Tk 92,450

The government today announced hajj packages for next year, reducing the cost by Tk 92,450

5 travel destinations in Asia for adrenaline junkies

Here is a list of 5 travel destinations in Asia for adventure lovers. The places listed are hotspots for such activities and costs vary depending on the company you are booking through.

Think you are brave? Test your mettle at these 5 haunted hotels

From eerie sensations to tales giving goosebumps, some hotels offer an unsettling experience that goes beyond the ordinary, providing visitors with an incredible journey into uncharted territory. So, sceptics and true believers, join us as we adventure through the corridors of history, exploring 5 of the most famous haunted hotels around the world.

7 haunted locations to add to your travel list

Many of these locations have a captivating history aside from the ghostly sightings, and you have an array of tour options to choose from. Even if you do not see a spirit that shakes you at night, the experiences offered by these 7 places are worthwhile.

Waterfalls hopping in the Finger Lakes region of New York

The Finger Lakes ― a group of eleven long and narrow water bodies in New York located directly south of Lake Ontario ― is well-known for hundreds of breath-taking waterfalls and dramatic gorges that mesmerise countless visitors every year. These geological masterpieces, in a glacial landscape, evoke emotion by inspiring us to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Wonders of Vietnam: A budget traveller's dream come true

If you are looking to go on a perfect travel adventure and not travel to a far-off land, Vietnam can be the perfect destination. The following are some of the must-visit places in Vietnam that a tourist should not miss.

The Sundarbans soiree: Of Padma dreams, ancient trees, and vanishing tigers

The Sundarbans, a land of mangroves, tigers, and... well, mosquitoes, but let's focus on the romantic part, shall we? This time, we swapped Dhaka's ever-present rickshaws and eternal traffic jams for the mysterious lure of the great Sundarbans.

Adventures unveiled: A woman's guide to solo travel

Whether you identify as an extrovert or an introvert, there is nothing like embarking on your first (or tenth!) solo trip. Making your own plan without having to adhere to anyone else's schedule or preferences has a certain appeal.

Reflections on a houseboat

It had been a long day after a sleepless night's journey from Dhaka to Rangamati.

Journey through Asia’s breath-taking landscapes: 5 most scenic bus rides

Buckle up and get ready as we present some of the most beautiful roads in Asia that you may enjoy from the comfort of a bus seat.

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