Hot Wheels - The design evolution

1968 - The first of the Original Sweet Sixteen – Custom Camaro.
1968 - Dodge Deora was a scale version of the 1:1 concept.
1969 - Beach Bomb VW took the hippie revolution to a new level.
1970 - Modeled after funny cars, these dragsters tore up carpets
1975 – Ramblin Wrecker had modern tampo printing.
1976 – Poison Pinto started trend of non-cool cars into hot-rods.
1979 – Scene Machines allowed kids to turn toys into theaters.
1983 – Real Riders series with realistic paint and rubber tyres.
1988 – Bored of the colour? Add hot water and watch paint change.
1995 – Treasure Hunts, adults now fight over them like children.
2011 – The Mars Rover catapulted HW into space
2013 – Retro Entertainment captures magic of Hollywood.
2016 – Japan Historics series, with old-school JDM classics.
2016 – Forza Motorsport series, with drivable HWs in the game.
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