‘Marriage aspirants’ joining ‘Chirokumar Sova’ after decision on marriage tax

The Dhoka West City Corporation (DWCC) has taken the notion of thinking outside the box to another level. 

1w ago

Marks and Sponsor, Life and Living post record profits

Marks and Sponsor Limited (M&S) and Life and Living Group of Company’s (LLG) profits rose respectively by 17.75 percent and 20.25 percent year-on-year in the last financial year.  

1w ago

Preparation for Los Angeles ’28

The Chapasthan government has started a new initiative in its capital of Dhoka with an aim to prepare the future athletes for athletic events in the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028.

1w ago

Company offers Cyclone Tourism package starting at Tk 85k++

Amoral Travel Agency has announced a brand new, extensive tourism package for people eager to escape the drudgery, grime and anxiety of city life and experience a refreshing change that will wash all of that, and more, away.

2w ago

‘Coincidence? I think not’

On a fateful day, Officers Abul and Kabul arrested a student during a protest against the price hike of kidney dialysis. The arrestee was defiant of the police officers, making preposterous arguments about freedom of speech and the right to protest, which had really ticked the officers off.

2w ago

Real seek entry into Farmgate coaching centre after failing English test

Real Madrid players have reportedly come to Bangladesh hoping for admission to a well-known coaching centre of Farmgate after they failed their English test, held in Etihad exam hall on English soil.

2w ago

Creeps and stalkers consider filing lawsuit due to mental trauma caused by friend request glitch

“The real victims in this tragedy are the ones who didn’t get any friend requests despite the glitch and me,” said Mark. 

3w ago

Growing number of locals nominate female family members for basic tasks

Locals are being inspired by a city father’s mother’s decision to represent her ousted and disgraced son by nominating herself as an independent woman … erm … candidate.

3w ago

Company blacking out windows to stop workers leaving at the sight of empty roads

A company in Dhaka has started blacking out its windows to increase productivity in the month of Ramadan.   

People get angrier as iftar approaches: study

People get more and more frustrated and angry at each other as the time to break fast in the holy month of Ramadan approaches, a new study found. 

Social media superheroes saving us with toxic comments

Comments sections these days are like a virtual jungle gym for bullies, and it seems like everyone’s monkeying around.  

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‘white supremacy’ caption

Bollywood escapee Priyanka Chopra Jonas spoke out in support of a Bangladeshi beauty salon that recently attracted the wrong kind of attention for including the words “white supremacy” on a Facebook post.

Tomorrow’s forecast

This poem is an ode to the poet Brian Bilston who knows it and writes about the human condition, relationships, and buses (according to his bio on his Facebook page)

What to do if you like Nahubo

There have been few songs in the history of this country that united as many people as Coke Studio Bangla’s Nahubo has.  

Not such a good boy after all

What this correspondent is about to break to you is a story of betrayal, heartbreak and of course, utter and complete disappointment.

Juniors massaged student leader’s legs because he was preparing for the Olympics

The country erupted in joy at news that a student leader from Bangladesh Mountains University is going to partake in running events of the Paris Olympics next year.