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Man at deadbeat job surprised ChatGPT can replace him

After a career built entirely off of copying search results from Google, Tanvir Alam Khan, 28, a BBA graduate from Not South University, thinks that the human species should be compensated for artificial intelligence software disrupting the labour market.

6d ago| Satireday

Science can’t answer why people get the most important calls inside elevators

Science has been the prime source for answers ever since humans learned to remain silent about questions they couldn’t answer. However, with one particular question, “why people get the most important calls while they are inside elevators?”, science can only respond with silence time and again.

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Virginia man applies to court to marry ChatGPT

A law professor in Virginia yesterday applied to the lower court in the region seeking permission to marry ChatGPT.

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99% of Bangladeshis could get ‘exposed’ before the end of 2023: researchers

Bangladesh holds the record for having the highest number of people, per square kilometre, to have been exposed on social media at least once in their lives.

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APL’s fun has no bounds

The advent of the T20 format and the corresponding boom of franchise-based leagues across the world has kept fans entertained, but no other tournament has provided what country’s Alternate Premier League (APL) brought to the table. 

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City residents blast ‘Buk ta faitta jaay’ amid political clash

Political clashes ahead of elections is not new for Paltown residents. Sometimes law enforcers, in their attempt to do “crowd control” take part in the fray.

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Female beauty product company discovers misogyny as an advertising tool

Selling beauty products is similar to Bangladeshi parents dealing with their daughter’s marriage.

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The real reason a certain cricket ‘tournament’ is farcical

Bangladesh continues to astound the world by arranging its yearly cricket-torturing programme.

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Ghost on Airport Road forced to take part in road safety workshop

Chapasthan Road Transport Authority (CRTA) has finally managed to bring down road accidents in Dhoka, by forcing the ghost on Airport Road to take part in a road safety workshop.

How the Language Movement unfolded in Faridpur

One of the strongest protests against Pakistan’s repressive actions towards Bangla was organised in Faridpur. In 1952, Ambika Maidan, Rajendra College, and Zilla Schools became the focal points of the movement in the district.

Shohan defends wicketkeeping, says it’s ‘more difficult than gatekeeping’

Bangladesh national cricket team veteran Nazmul Hossain Shohan fought back against the backlash he was facing for his wicketkeeping abilities, saying that it is more difficult than activists’ gatekeeping on social media.

We want Bangladeshi refs for 2026: FIFA

In a recent and shocking move, Fifa has chosen to recruit regular, non-footballing Bangladeshis as referees for the next World Cup, after being blown away by their intense and almost unbeatable knowledge of the game.

Man reactivates his FB to congratulate new student leaders

Telmar Uddin, who has been deactivating his Facebook account for the past 2 years to secure CGPA- 4, reactivated his account recently just to congratulate newly elected student leaders as he believes that is more important and prestigious than securing the highest CGPA.