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Chairs were made for men, not for women: Chairman

“Have you ever heard of a person who is called a ‘chairwoman’? It’s because the chair was made for men.

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Deprived of parents’ love, cop keeps taking it out on civilians

In a recent development of curious events in the city, a local policeman, on multiple occasions spacing out in different timelines, was found beating the excrement out of students.

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Employer invents new currency, ‘Exposure Dollars’

“Mr Raiyan, are you aware of why I called you here today?” asked Hamid from behind his desk, tapping his Matobbor Gel Pen on the table.

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Everyone shouting at work after senior overused caps lock during WFH

A workplace in Dhaka has become a public nuisance as all employees shout at each other throughout the workday. 

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Private university students learning how to say ‘Sohomot Bhai’

Just when the students of private universities were thinking they had studied enough courses to be a “corporate frontrunner”, their universities introduced a new course, Introduction to Party-ing, to ensure that students could contribute to the holy politics of Chapasthan.  

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Considerate father lets daughter choose between medical and engineering

“I don’t believe in conventional parenting,” Asgar Alam talked about the inspirations behind his bold choice.

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University students become self-proclaimed fashion designers

A new movement has emerged in Chapasthan as university students claimed to be ‘fashion designers’ who can dictate which student should wear what. These self-proclaimed fashion designers seemed to be more concerned about female students’ attire than that of male students.

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Screenshot takes internet by Wind

A deleted Facebook post’s screenshot has been widely circulated among the netizens of Chapasthan. 

'Must hold onto these girls for another five years'

Bangladesh now hold the bragging rights in women's football in South Asia. They created history by taking home the SAFF Championship trophy for the first time, and swept the nation in a wave of euphoria.

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Jalanta reveals his next epic

Bangla film’s action-comedy superstar, Jalanta Anil, has denied allegations of him lying about the budget of his latest film: Dhan- The Hay. 

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Job opening for ‘Boss’s friend’s child’ gets record applications

A new position has opened up in Inequity Inc, one of the Misfortune 500 companies of the country.  

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Paying less: The best way to prevent money laundering

Amid the epidemic of money laundering crimes, the country just invented a foolproof method of preventing people from doing dirty stuff with the money they don’t need.