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It's busy in the nation's capital today, with AL and BNP holding rallies everywhere. Here's everything you need to know so far. 

BNP rally at Nayapaltan 

BNP leaders and activists have started a protest rally to press home their 10-point demand in front of the party's Nayapaltan office. Visiting the spot, our correspondent found that the party's front and associate bodies leaders and activists have taken positions in and around the party's Nayapaltan headquarters since noon. Secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam, who was recently admitted to the hospital, is unlike to join the event today. BNP standing committee member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain is attending as chief guest. BNP's political alliances are also joining hands to hold rallies.  

BNP has announced another nationwide rally on January 25 to protest the recent power price hike. 

BNP-Police clash in Chattogram 

Meanwhile, a series of clashes between police and BNP leaders and activists took place in Chattogram city's Kazir Dewri area this afternoon. The Daily Star reporter, who is present at the spot, said the BNP leaders and activists started arriving in front of the city BNP's party office at Nasimon Bhaban in the area to join the party's pre-scheduled protest rally. Shortly after it began, clashes broke out in the area. At one stage, the agitated leaders and activists torched a motorcycle parked in front of a police box. According to CMP, BNP leaders and activists started throwing brickbats at them. 

Awami League counter rallies 

On the other hand, the ruling party has announced a counter programme, to protest "terror and anarchy" of the ruling party, in front of the party office at Bangabandhu Avenue from 10:30 am. The party is holding two big rallies in Dhaka city. AL's youth wing, Jubo League, and student wing, Bangladesh Chhatra League, are also holding rallies. 

IMF officials in Bangladesh: Loan approval and Continued Support 

International Monetary Fund (IMF) has assured of continued support to Bangladesh's aspirations to become a developed and higher-income country by 2041. IMF Deputy Managing Director Antoinette Monsio Sayeh made the assurance during a meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today.

Recap of Donald Lu's visit 

During his visit, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Donald Lu has held talks with Bangladesh ministers and government officials, and civil society leaders. In his meetings, the diplomat emphasised protecting democracy, human rights, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. What does this mean? What are the implications? Watch our Daily Star journalist Porimol Palma discuss the issues in hand with Donald Lu.


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