06:50 PM, December 20, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 08:40 PM, December 20, 2018

Election Talks with Sultana Kamal

In today’s episode of ‘The Election Talks 2018’, Sultana Kamal, eminent rights activist and former adviser to a caretaker government, talks with The Daily Star about the upcoming election.

She sheds light on the various promises made by the ruling Awami League and the opposition BNP in their election manifestos unveiled on December 18 on a one-to-one with Shakhawat Liton, planning editor of The Daily Star.

Sultana Kamal said that to bring back people’s trust, the political parties have to fulfill the promises they make in their manifestos.

“People won’t believe only in talks. I personally think that often the manifestos are created to win over the hearts of people. These are made just for the sake of saying something,” she said.

About the overall election environment in the country, Sultana Kamal said, “This time, we are in an unprecedented situation now. The government is still in power, the ministers are still ministers. So, they are being able to deliver their messages to people without any barrier. But the other party is not getting the privilege.”

“If from the beginning so much injustice and disparity prevail, how will we expect justice from them later?”

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