Sudipto Mukerjee

Ensuring climate justice for the urban poor

It is estimated that Bangladesh may see 13 million internal climate migrants by 2050.

Reimagining Youth Skills Post-Pandemic

In  a rapidly changing world, the youth are typically the first to adapt. They have been at the forefront of change, leadership and entrepreneurship especially since the advent of the Internet, coming up with creative solutions to modern problems.

Championing women’s empowerment in a time of crisis

Bangladesh has come a long way in its fight for women’s advancement.

On the path to overcoming the crisis: Challenges and considerations

Disaster resilience and climate change have been and continue to be high on the development agenda for Bangladesh.

Fighting climate change, building resilience

As the cyclone Fani approached the Bangladeshi coast last month, many were reminded of the horrors that previous super cyclones left in their wake. In 1970, a cyclone of similar intensity killed half a million people.