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5 must-see travel spots in Sylhet

Sylhet is known for its highlands, swamp forests, and haors. The breath-taking beauty of Sylhet’s green surroundings and the welcoming nature of its locality is sheerly irresistible — in very few places in Bangladesh, you will find the mesmerising hillside beauty that Sylhet possesses. So, why wait to visit and see the vibrancy and exquisite travel places of Sylhet?

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Polashi – the deductive board game that makes or breaks friendships

The Battle of Plassey reimagined through an age old medium.

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Career options if you have basic computer skills

Here are a few career options if you have basic computing skills.

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How strict parenting makes it harder to deal with failure

Our generation has been moulded to pursue success without ever learning how to deal with failures along the way.

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BTS songs to listen to if you liked 'Dreamers'

Here’s a list of BTS songs to listen to if you liked ‘Dreamers’.

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Our top picks for projectors under Tk. 20,000/-

Projectors are essential whether watching a FIFA World Cup match in an open field with a large crowd or attending an event on a larger screen.

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'Made in Bangladesh' Hyundai cars to hit the roads next year

At the unveiling ceremony of the Creta, it was announced that Fair Technology will produce all new technology-enabled Hyundai Sedans and SUVs at its Hyundai Manufacturing Plant at Kaliakoir, Gazipur. Along with these passenger vehicles, customers will get original spare parts and after-sales facilities.

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Engine mounts: what are those things?

Here are the most basic things you need to know about engine mounts.

Winning over the audience, one smile at a time

Tanjim Saiyara Totini, with her potential, could be one of the busiest actresses of her time. However, she prefers being selective about her works. From her journey of “Kolpona” to “Shuhashini”, her memorable smile leaves a mark on the audience’s hearts. 

Kurdish Massacres One of Britain’s Many Original Sins

For those who believe in the fairy tale of original sin, Adam and Eve, so goes the narrative, partook of the forbidden fruit, fell from grace, and were forever banished from the garden.

The Politics of Indigeneity and the Jumma struggle for land and recognition

In May 2011, Iqbal Ahmed—first secretary of the Bangladesh Mission in New York—stated at the 10th session of the United Nations

Four Challenges to Governance in South Asia

Although there is no universally accepted definition of the term governance, it has become a buzzword since the 1980s.

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After long wait, Star Cineplex opens branch in Ctg

There is good news for cinephiles in Chattogram as a new branch of the country's popular multiplex cinema hall, Star Cineplex, was launched in the port city today.

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Army Stadium all set for ‘Band Music Fest 2022’ today 

Turning legendary musician Ayub Bachchu's dreams into reality, this year Channel i joined forces with the Bangladesh Musical Bands Association (BAMBA) to create one of the biggest musical events of recent history. 

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Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter Christine McVie dies at 79

Christine McVie, whose songwriting and signature vocals helped make British-American group Fleetwood Mac one of the best-selling rock bands of all time, died on Wednesday. She was 79.

Following in her father’s footsteps

Fauzia Beethi is not a political figure in her area, but everybody knows her in Bogura’s Dhunat upazila for her philanthropic works.

For the love of a language

In a country where people laid down their lives about seventy years ago to uphold the dignity of their mother tongue, Bangla, the struggle is still on to preserve mother tongues of smaller ethnic communities.

The pursuit of a dignified life

Giving away her hard-earned income to the destitute, Dil Afroze Khuki of Rajshahi chose a life of constant battles. In her 60s now, she has been a newspaper hawker in the northern city for 30 years.

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Chronicling the other Bengal

Writers are drawn to the bleakest of places, Arundhati Roy once said, the way vultures are drawn to kills. I didn’t know the full import of the statement until I began to work on my book,

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Probashi: Histories of the Bangladesh diaspora

The term diaspora originates from the ancient Greek dia speiro meaning a scattering of seeds.

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Buddhist theatre in South Asia and beyond

Considerable research conducted by renowned Orientalists such as Moriz Winternitz,

16h ago| Satireday

All male panel gives out ‘Best Female Award’

To honour the women who have proved to be young and promising from different walks of life, Beti Foundation along with Tara Barta jointly organised the “Best Female Award”.

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Elon Musk to buy Apple, make E-phones

In the ultimate act of billionaire revenge, Tech Genius Elon Musk has announced that he will buy Apple, following a dream he had about the makers of the Iphone, Macbook, Ipad, Airpod taking Twitter off the App Store.

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Fans in B’baria want to change number of Brazil’s World Cup wins

Football fans in Brahmanbaria have started a petition to change the number of Brazil’s World Cup wins after Argentina made it to the last 16 of the FIFA World Cup on Wednesday. . 

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Dhaka University’s IBA team clinches Unilever Bangladesh’s BizMaestros 2022 trophy

A team from the Institute of Business Administration under the University of Dhaka became the champion of Unilever Bangladesh’s “BizMaestros 2022” trophy.

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‘Today my father finally gets an answer for what a girl child can do’

On Thursday, October 27, Maria Mumu, the founding president of Moshal Mental Health gave her first TedTalk at North South University.

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GP barred from selling any SIM cards, new or old: BTRC

"The telecom company has no intention to provide quality service, as it is not doing anything to fix the problems that its subscribers are facing,” he said.