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Life & Living

The story of rickshaw art in Bangladesh

Rickshaw painting is an art unique to Bangladesh with its unusual burst of colours. What started with a view to attracting more customers with colourful rickshaws has now become an ambassador of our lives. UNESCO recently recognised rickshaws and rickshaw paintings as intangible cultural heritage.

2d ago

From passion to purpose: Rawan Ahmed Choudhury's journey in bodybuilding

Rawan Ahmed Choudhury stood as Bangladesh’s sole representative at the PCA Thailand First Timer’s Show.

2d ago

Pamela Anderson's makeup-free moment at the British Fashion Awards 2023

She might be 56 but Pamela Anderson is still as radiant as ever! We are talking about the iconic model and actor, who took a bold step by making a makeup-free appearance at the British Fashion Awards 2023 in London.  

3d ago

Grand Theft Auto: A '90s kid's enduring love affair

Picture this: a '90s kid in Dhaka, wide-eyed, and getting lost in the digital world of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice City or San Andreas. That kid was me. Fast forward to now, married and in my thirties, and here I am, still as giddy as a schoolboy in a candy store, eagerly awaiting the GTA 6 release, which is due in 2025. Some loves never die; they just respawn.

3d ago

Beyond the screen: Tasnia Farin's style files

Tasnia Farin is not only a powerhouse performer, but also a trendsetter in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion. As she recently graced The Daily Star Centre for a photoshoot with her radiant smile and an aura of elegance – bringing a whirlwind of charm and style – we could not help but be captivated by her unique fashion sense and ask her to reveal her choices.

4d ago

Planning a Cox’s Bazar trip? Here are places you must visit

When one thinks of Cox's Bazar, images of the endless sandy beach kissed by the gentle waves of the sea come to mind. Here, you will equally find a tapestry of wonders – from lush jungles and parks to serene temples – there's so much more to charming Cox’s Bazar than meets the eye. As the railway service commences on the Dhaka-Cox's Bazar route, it brings with it the promise of convenience and a unique way to discover the treasures this coastal jewel holds as Cox’s Bazar has come closer to us all!

4d ago

Top 5 places to visit in Panchagarh

Most people associate Panchagarh district with the scenic view it offers of the Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world situated in the eastern Himalayas on the border between Sikkim State and eastern Nepal. However, it has plenty of other attractive sights to offer to tourists. So, read on to find out the top 5 places to visit in Panchagarh district.

4d ago

Recipes of the season: Delicious appetisers for winter parties

The calm weather and early sunsets make winter evenings perfect for soirees and cosy gatherings. No wonder we see a rise in the number of playful occasions during this time of the year! And no celebration is complete without good food, especially when winter brings with it a fresh haul of special produce. Here are some easy recipes to make using winter produce to keep your guests entertained and winter gatherings fun!

4d ago
Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

Being a woman is just such a war, forever: Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish, the Grammy-winning and Oscar-nominated artiste, has recently opened up about the relentless challenges she faces as a woman, particularly as a young woman in the public eye.

3w ago

A new thriller arrives in ‘Shyama Kabya’, stars hopeful

The much-anticipated psychological thriller, Badrul Anam Saud’s “Shyama Kabya” is set to release in the theaters of Bangladesh on November 24.

4w ago

Tisha and Farooki’s daughter debuts in ‘Autobigraphy’s’ song ‘Jochonar Phool’

The song, titled “Jochonar Phool”, is written by Chirkutt frontline Sharmin Sultana Sumi and she jointly tuned and composed it with the songwriter and Chirkutt member Pavel Areen. The latter also produced the song. Mostofa Sarwar Farooki himself released the song on Wednesday through his Facebook profile.

I aspire to become an actor for whom directors will eagerly line up: Ashna Habib Bhabna

Ashna Habib Bhabna, a popular actress, is gearing up for the grand releases of two of her films, “Japito Jibon”, directed by Habibul Islam Habib, and “Daam Para”, directed by Shuddhyaman Chaitan. The actress, known for captivating television audiences, hasn't worked in TV dramas for over three years, fully immersing herself in her movie roles.

Offbeat / You did not know these Bengali adaptations of popular films existed

In a world where Hollywood's gloss and grandeur dominate the silver screen, there lies a cinematic treasure trove in Bangladesh that dances to its own beat. Far from the well-trodden paths of blockbuster narratives, Bangladeshi filmmakers have embraced the art of adaptation with a twist so unique it could only be born in the cultural kaleidoscope of South Asia. From singing superheroes to dancing apes, here's a whimsical journey through the Bangladeshi film industry's most audacious, hilarious, and unapologetically tacky takes on popular pop-culture icons.

3w ago

I am called ‘Dhallywood Queen’ because of Shakib Khan: Apu Biswas

Apu Biswas, who is acclaimed for her portrayals in the silver screen, recently said that as Shakib Khan is called the king of Bengali mainstream cinema, as his co-star,she is too referred to as ‘Dhallywood Queen’.

‘Mike’ bags Best Feature Film Award at Singapore

The movie, financed by the Bangladesh government, is built around the premise of commemorating Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s March 7 speech and was released on August 11.

‘Neel Joler Kabbyo’ trailer to release this week

After the immense success of the web-film "Redrum", the Afran Nisho and Mehazabien Chowdhury duo were not seen in any OTT content together. They will however come together for this web-film by Shihab Shaheen.



When a boy from Azimpur carries Bangladeshi rap

In the world of Bangla rap, few names carry as much weight and influence as Black Zang. His journey, intricately entwined with the rise of Bangla rap culture, is a testament to artistic evolution, cultural amalgamation, and the power of storytelling through music. In the vibrant and ever-evolving realm of hip-hop music, Black Zang stands out as a trailblazer, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

17h ago

The team that made ‘Ashomvob’ possible

Yesterday (November 3), Aruna Biswas’s debut directorial film, "Ashomvob", was released nationwide. In this multi-starrer project, the veteran actress not only directed the film but also played a pivotal role. The cast includes outstanding performances by Sohana Saba, Gazi Nur, and Swagata, amongst many others.

What makes Karnival stand out?

Karnival started as a passion project between friends Tinu, Sabbir, Tonmoy and Sunny in 2006. Together, they made their debut album, “Indraloy.”

The grandest OTT extravaganza hosts its second iteration

The awards will be handed out tonight at a lavish event at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC), in the Hall of Fame, from 5 pm onwards.

Bobby electrifies

Eamin Haque Bobby is gearing up for a return soon. She was last seen in “Paap”, where her role as an ACP officer was embraced well, despite the outcome of the film. As a producer, she has an assortment of genres under her belt, including the superhero film “Bizli”.

Xefer remastered

Xefer first broke into the scene with her soulful covers, capturing hearts with her deep melodic voice. Over the years, she not only continued her musical journey but also emerged as a style and youth icon.

Jessia in action

"The character of agent Rupa drew me to the script. Her unbreakable spirit and her fight against crime captivated me," said Jessia Islam on her debut film "MR-9: Do or Die".

The enigmatic Tawsif

While Tawsif Mahbub does look forward to exploring streaming platforms and dreams of making it to the global stage, his current focus is solely on tele-productions.

Star Health

Star Health

How unhealthy are ultra-processed foods?

Ultra-processed foods are commonly portrayed as a modern health scourge: a threat lurking on the shelves of every supermarket linked to obesity, heart disease, cancer and early death

4h ago

74pc university admission seekers suffer from depression: SUST study

Among them, 26pc suffer from mild depression, 26pc from moderate depression, and 22pc from severe depression

21h ago

27.51 lakh Bangladeshis go below poverty line: IFPRI researcher

The poverty situation in Bangladesh was higher than expected in 2020-21 as the COVID constrained economic activity and reduced incomes. The situation worsened further amid spirals in global food prices in 2022. And the global economic slowdown could push more people into poverty this year.  

1d ago

India extends export curbs on onions until Mar 31 

India has extended the ban on the exports of onion till March next year with a view to increasing availability in domestic markets and to keep prices in check, according to a notification issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade yesterday. 

1d ago

Dengue claims two more lives

At least two more people died from dengue in 24 hours preceding 8:00am yesterday as the country grapples with a record outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease.

1d ago

Dengue fever: 5 die, 669 hospitalised in a day

At least two more people died from dengue in 24 hours preceding 8:00am today as the country grapples with a record outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease

3d ago

Two more die of dengue

At least two dengue patients died in the last 24 hours till yesterday morning.

4d ago

Dengue fever: 2 die, 682 hospitalised in a day

At least two more people died from dengue in 24 hours preceding 8:00am today as the country grapples with a record outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease

4d ago


Keep sports clean of politics

When we were young, that for some of us is a long time ago; so long ago that you may need binoculars to see the 1960s. A magazine was published then, from most probably Karachi, Sports Times, I am trying to recollect. It was so long ago that today’s net search has zero relevant hits for that title and era. Unfaded in human memory, however, for the last over sixty years is the mast slogan of that very popular publication, “Keep sports clean of politics”.

17h ago

HR manager upset that workers are actually productive while working from home

Local PR and content creation agency The Starmakers recently hosted a seminar on why employees should be back full time now that Covid is really over and we have bigger things to worry about like majority-approved genocide, air quality depletion, more Kardashian shows and lengthy run-on sentences.   

17h ago

Mirpur’s pitch made with climate change in mind: high source

The pitch in Mirpur on which Bangladesh are about to beat New Zealand today in the second Test today, or New Zealand are about to beat Bangladesh today, has become the topic of heavy discussion.

17h ago

Managers rejoice as study shows Artificial Intelligence can’t replace Genuine Idiocy™

A study has come out from the University of Where the Sun Don’t Shine, proclaiming that Artificial Intelligence will never be able to replace Genuine Idiocy™.

2w ago

Bureaucracy marathon receives great response

Chapasthan’s capital witnessed the Bureaucracy Marathon this Friday, an event designed to showcase the bureaucratic madness ingrained in daily life.     

2w ago

‘Digbaji’ celebrity Jaded Khan tumbles head over heels into mathematics

Michael Jackson created the Moonwalk. Tom Cruise likes to run like crazy in every movie. Shakira has hips that don’t lie. Clint Eastwood was famous for his line, “Are you feeling lucky, punk?”

2w ago

Economic success now defined by how often men change the colour of their car

Economists worldwide have ditched traditional metrics like GDP that were always used to identify prosperity of a nation. It is no longer in fashion. Woke activists have been especially relieved now that the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) concept has been thrown out the window because they find it offensive to have the word “Gross” in their regular conversation. But also, a new theory is now in place.  

4w ago

‘It’s disgraceful that rain did not fall in time’

Sri Lanka batter Angelo Mathews has termed it disgraceful and atrocious that the rain did not fall before New Zealand beat them in their World Cup match in Bengaluru on Thursday.

4w ago


The iPhone 15 Pro's camera can be a true game changer

The recent launch of Apple's iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max has set the tech world abuzz, and for good reason. While the device is teeming with top-tier features, it is the camera that truly commands attention. Offering a set of functionalities that can rival some professional cameras, Apple's latest offering is not just an incremental upgrade; it's a significant leap forward from its predecessors, particularly the iPhone 14 Pro.

Editor's Note / Embracing the inevitable

And thus, we invite our readers to embark on the next exhilarating journey with Tech & Startup!

So long, goodbye

The sun may set, but the journey never truly ends. Stay tuned for our next adventure!

Bytes / Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: The ultimate ultra

Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, takes centre stage as a powerful contender in the smartphone market. While some might argue that the design changes are subtle and the price tag is on the higher side, there's no denying that this device excels in certain key areas, especially when it comes to photography.

Cover Story / Every end marks a new beginning

To our readers, thank you for your unwavering support and loyalty. We invite you to join us in embracing this new beginning and be a part of the exciting journey that lies ahead. Together, let us explore the endless possibilities that technology and startups offer, celebrating the innovative spirit that drives us all.

Huawei completes 25 years in Bangladesh

Huawei, the multinational technology corporation, has recently completed 25 years in Bangladesh. The organisation held a celebration event on 20 July, where they thanked their partners and stakeholders for years of support. 

Safeguarding workspaces from escalating cyber attacks: A comprehensive guide

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how organisations can safeguard their data, secure their employees' information, prevent cyber attacks, and respond effectively in case of a breach.

The setting sun

With that, let’s join hands in hopes of a brighter future. Keep in mind that everytime the sun sets, the promise of a better tomorrow awaits. A new journey is always right around the corner. 

In Focus

In Focus

Haraprasad Shastri: An Unusual Pundit

Haraprasad Shastri (1853-1931, Bhattacharya was the original family name) was a Sanskrit scholar, commonly referred to as a ‘pundit.

5d ago

How did the U.S. and Bangladesh come to be at the same negotiating table on climate change?

We hear a lot about the COP meetings in the media.  Most of what we hear is generally around the time when these meetings of high-ranking officials from most of the countries of the world are held, usually late November or early December. 

1w ago

George Abraham Grierson’s The Linguistic Survey of India (1894-1928) / The mountains and hills of South Asia’s languages and dialects

South Asia is one of the most intensely multilingual regions in the world. It covers over 5 million square kilometres, has a population of approximately 1.9 billion (around 25% of the world’s population), and is home to five families of languages (the Indo-European, Iranian, Dravidian, Austro-Asiatic or Munda, and Tibeto-Burman).

2w ago

Bengal’s Fishermen: Through War, Famine and Partition

The fishermen communities of Bengal were diverse with regional variations. Apart from Malos, Kaibartas, Bagdis, and Pods, the numerically significant fishermen sub-castes, there were many other smaller and localized communities involved in fishing.

3w ago

The night of unspeakable horror: A survivor’s account

“Ding dong ding dong,” an irregular bell continued to resound within Dhaka Central Jail on a Monday at around 3 a.m. This unusual and disquieting disturbance echoed throughout various cells and wards, catching the incarcerated off guard.

150th Birth Anniversary of Sher-e-Bangla / Understanding the maverick politician, AK Fazlul Huq

Fazlul Huq is a largely forgotten politician in West Bengal. The apparent indifference towards Huq in West Bengal or India can be partly explained by the unfortunate vivisection of India in 1947.

Re-discovering the goddess in medieval bengali poetry

The Medieval period in Bengal was noteworthy for its amazing religious syncretism, with the fusion of Shaiva, Shakta, and Vaishnava cults with regional folk traditions.

Voyages and visions / Dutch perspectives on early-modern Bengal

The riverine area of Bengal has held a significant position in Indian Ocean trade for centuries and has also given rise to different narratives about the region in European accounts.

Star Youth

Star Youth

Coming to terms with the fact that nothing lasts forever

The transience of things might be disturbing and extremely overwhelming.

1d ago

Plant Easy organises “Plantifying Schools” at Shishu Kallyan Primary School

Shishu Kallyan Primary School bore witness to the "Plantifying Schools: Chapter 1" initiative on October 17, which emerged as a ray of hope for the child labourers and underserved students of the school. The event was organised to encompass an interactive and engaging experience, community engagement, insightful surveys, a platform for green products, and vocational training.

A university student’s guide to time management

The best way to manage time, therefore, is to simply stop letting ourselves become distracted for hours on end. And yes, this does mean that watching one extra productivity hack video on YouTube will be detrimental to this journey.

What is hobby fatigue and how to deal with it

Burnout, in general, is usually caused by high amounts of stress or overworking. To recover from such burnout, you need to relax and take some time off.

Teachers’ Day, 2023 / Haileybury Bhaluka – a unique educational experience

Haileybury Bhaluka is a premier international boarding school, providing boys aged between 11 and 18 years with an exceptional English educational experience. The institution in Bangladesh is affiliated to Haileybury College UK and boasts an 850-acre campus situated in the beautiful rural setting of Bhaluka, 75 kilometres north of Dhaka, in Mymensingh. 

PPECCC Dhaka 2023 explores climate change as an opportunity for investment and employment

On September 23, the Preserve Planet Earth Climate Change Conference (PPECCC) took place, signifying the inaugural event in a planned series of conferences that will take place in major cities worldwide.

Leisure time is not wasted time

We need to stop denigrating leisure as a waste of time or something to feel guilty about.

Bangladeshi activists join Global Climate Strike

The climate strike was held in Bangladesh is a part of the Global Climate Strike organised by Fridays for Future.



Electric vehicles are reducing global oil consumption: reports

Increasing electric vehicle sales in recent years have prompted forecasters to revise their estimates for the global peak in oil consumption. Public subsidies and advancements in technology are aiding consumers in overcoming the occasionally high upfront costs associated with battery-powered cars, as noted by industry experts.

3d ago

BMW i7 launched in Bangladesh

Executive Motors Limited has recently launched the BMW i7 eDrive 50 in Bangladesh. The EV, the latest addition to BMW's i-series, will be locally available at a starting price of BDT 3 crore.

1w ago

SUST students develop wireless charging electric vehicle

Students from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) have recently developed a prototype of a light-duty electric vehicle that is capable of being charged wirelessly.

1w ago

The Xiaomi car is real, and BAIC is making it

Xiaomi is making a bold move into the electric vehicle (EV) industry with its Xiaomi SU7 car series. The consumer tech company, diversifying from its traditional product range, has now applied for a sales license in China for this ambitious venture.

3w ago

SHIFT / Avik Anwar 3rd in Gulf ProCar Round 2; dedicates win to Palestine

In an emotionally charged Round 2 of the Gulf ProCar Series at Dubai Autodrome Circuit, Avik Anwar, the noted Bangladeshi racer, clinched two remarkable third-place finishes. Avik Anwar dedicated both his podium finishes to the people enduring hardships in Palestine and his late colleague, Ashfaq from Maven Autos. 

3w ago

Uber launches subscription package for moto drivers in Bangladesh

Uber, the popular ridesharing app, has recently announced a subscription package option for Uber Moto drivers, which will include being able to choose from a range of plans that suit their needs. As per Uber, this method is being introduced to change how Uber Moto drivers are compensated to improve reliability for riders and reduce trips taken off the platform.

Tesla cars worth US$26k to be made in Germany: reports

Tesla cars worth 25,000 euros (about $26,838) are planned to be built at a factory in Berlin, Germany, as per a source close to the international EV maker Tesla. According to autos research firm JATO Dynamics, the average retail price of an EV in Europe in the first half of 2023 was over 65,000 euros, compared to just over 31,000 euros in China.

Avik Anwar secures double win in Round 1 of Gulf Pro Car Championship

Avik Anwar from Bangladesh has secured first place in both races of Round 1 at the Gulf Pro Car Championship 2023-24. The event was held at the Yas Marina F1 track in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Daily Star Books

Daily Star Books

ESSAY / We still dream of the things that Sultana dreamed of

As long as the problems addressed in Sultana’s Dream continue to exist and be relevant, we must uphold Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain’s work, values, and ideologies

6h ago

ESSAY / The wisdom of innocence

These stories, whether in books or movies, not only provide pearls of wisdom for young minds, but even subvert the preconceived notion that wisdom is cultivated with age

22h ago

REFLECTIONS / Ink and memories: Revisiting the 'Anandamela' days

As a juvenile bibliophile, I used to see the copies as a delicate object greeting with utter care and affection.

1d ago

Views / Sultana’s Dream and the issue with feminist utopias

“They should not do anything, excuse me; they are fit for nothing.”

2d ago

Tribute / Celebrating Rokeya

Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain (1880–1932) was exceptional in many different ways. Born on December 9, 1880, in a sleepy village in Rangpur, undivided Bengal, she died on the same day, 52 years later,

2d ago

THE SHELF / Book remedies for children from the shelves of CholPori

Every recommendation on this list is specifically aimed at allaying the common psychological ailments of childhood.

2d ago

ESSAY / On the many flavours of horror in children’s literature

What do we make of the mysterious thread that connects these stories not by genre, but by an imagination so wondrous they leave room for an underlying horror, and the many things that can mean?

3d ago

BOOK REVIEW: FICTION / Love, loss, and hope in Tehran

Overnight, the saffron summer afternoons and evenings of dreamy stargazing tumble into a tale of grief, guilt, and pain.

4d ago
Star Holiday

Star Holiday

Scaling Mount Saramati

We reached Pungro, a small town in northern Nagaland’s Kiphire district, late at night after covering about three and a half hundred kilometres on a dusty, winding mountain road. With no lodges available, the car driver took us to a government rest house. However, as foreigners from Bangladesh, we were told we needed permission from the zone’s additional district commissioner. 

1w ago

Trek to Sandakphu

We had no idea that we slept away the past twelve hours, the whole journey from Kolkata to Siliguri.

3w ago

Tanguar Haor: A magical place worth revisiting

While chatting with my seniors at a cafe in Purana Paltan, Tipu bhai casually mentioned that he was going to Sunamganj to visit Tanguar Haor with a travel group. Since I had never been there, I asked him to include me in the team. Tipu bhai agreed.

Dzukou Valley / A heaven with lush green, rolling hills

Nestled amidst the lush, rolling hills of Northeast India lays the enigmatic Dzukou Valley, which has been on my bucket list since I came to know about it. We, Dr Mamun, my travel partner and I, had spent the last 3 days of our 5-day tour travelling to Nagaland and then exploring Kohima, the capital city of the Indian state, and the history-laden Khonoma village.

Amazing Nagaland / A trip to Kohima and Khonoma

The mysteries of Nagaland -- the vibrant people, the folklore of the fierce Naga warriors, the mountains, the valleys, and the forests -- have attracted me for a long time.

Heritage homes of Old Dhaka / A link to a bygone era

Would you believe if I say a heritage and architectural wonder of Dhaka is being used as a fire service station and home to dozens of families?

LONG READ / Yunnan province of China

One has to visit China to discover its incredible diversity and breathtaking beauty.

Kyrgyzstan: A tale of an eagle and a bond

The eagle man was waving at us; he wanted to tell us something. Our Kyrgyz driver was eager to start the 200 kilometres return journey to Bishkek after a day-long trip. However, we stopped to listen to what he had to say, and what we got remained the highlight of the tour.

Weekend Read

Weekend Read

Plight of Dhaka’s Child Labourers / Toiling away childhood

At a time when he should have been going to school and growing up with all the happiness and blessings life has to offer, Sajjad ended up experiencing the other end of the spectrum.

17h ago

Hill destroyers go unpunished

Although more than 120 hills have vanished from the port city in four decades, no one has been put behind the bar for the offence in the last 20 years, thanks to legal loopholes.

1w ago

Gill nets banned but abundant

At least 300 factories continue to make these deadly fishing traps in Munshiganj due to lax monitoring and lenient punishment

2w ago

In Cumilla, canals run black

Joinul Hossain, a 55-year-old farmer in Cumilla Sadar south upazila, followed in his father’s footsteps to dedicate his entire life to cultivating their small piece of land and fishing in a canal near it.

3w ago

Eden Mohila College: 150 years of history and glory

The Eden Mohila College is noted not only for its academic excellence and its pioneering role in promoting women’s education in erstwhile British Bengal and present-day Bangladesh, but also for its glorious past and major contributions in shaping the nation’s history.

4w ago

The forgotten people of Gaibandha shoals

It was September 20. The clock almost ticked past midnight at  Dighalkandi shoal in the Jamuna river.  Manoara Begum, 30, had been suffering from a persistent fever and cough for over two weeks.

From Chatlapur Tea Garden to Gothenburg: A journalistic odyssey

All that I tried so far was to represent the tea garden people and write about their plight, alongside reporting about the regional affairs.

Bangabandhu Tunnel Dream becomes reality

The inauguration of the Bangabandhu Tunnel by the prime minister today carries high hopes, with experts and locals anticipating that it will transform Chattogram into a city resembling Shanghai and boost industrial growth in the port city.

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