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Life Style

Discovering the world, discovering yourself: The joys of solo traveling

One of the most compelling perks of travelling solo is that one is able to curate the trip however they want without having to comply with the wishes or needs of another.

12h ago

A mother-daughter Euro adventure!

The thought of being solely responsible for my 9-year-old for almost three weeks in a bunch of unknown non-English speaking countries was a bit daunting. However, a voice inside my head whispered; If I missed this opportunity this would be a lifetime regret.

13h ago

The Bangladesh experience: 3 global travel vloggers reveal their stories

Several foreign travel vloggers have visited our country, entertaining Bangladeshis and the rest of the world with their videos on our food, culture, sights and sounds, and people. Their vlogs never fail to create a buzz on YouTube and social media.

13h ago

Taste the best of Bangladesh: Must-try dishes and destinations

With its rich history and culture, most places in Bangladesh offer something of interest. Not only is there plenty to see, but also there’s plenty to taste. Here is a short list (and in no way comprehensive) of places you can travel while treating your palate.

14h ago

THUNDER VLOG: Mirza Abidur Rahman’s motorcycle chronicles

Mirza Abidur Rahman, the creative force behind the YouTube channel THUNDER VLOG, has emerged as an aspiring motovlogger in Bangladesh, taking viewers on mesmerising journeys through his road trips and lens.

14h ago

Exploring Bangladesh's rich history: Eliza Binte Elahi’s extraordinary story

Eliza Binte Elahi is a woman with many monikers and identities. She is a travel vlogger with over 28,000 followers on Facebook. She is a travelogue writer who contributes to major news outlets in Bangladesh and has also published two books.

15h ago

Munzereen Shahid shines bright on her walima

As a beaming Munzereen steps onto the walima stage, she looks like a picture of grace and elegance in an ivory and antique gold ensemble. Her simple makeup is a nod to her uncomplicated, humble personality and her smile, heavy with the promise of a joyful future.

1d ago

#Decor / How to accessorise your bedroom if you are an avid traveller

Imagine looking at your beach pictures of Bali or the textured rugs of Morocco in your bedroom. Whatever the case is, these travel-inspired bedroom design ideas are sure to make your space feel just as amazing as your adventures!

1d ago

#Press Releases / Redefining Style: The allure of 'Risky Fashion'

Founded in 2018, Risky Fashion has swiftly risen to prominence by defying convention and reshaping the fashion landscape. With its audacious and refined approach to design, Risky Fashion has captivated the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters worldwide.

Exploring the growing tourism ties between Bangladesh and the Philippines

The booming interest in exploring the Philippines is not just a trend amongst Bangladeshis, but a significant testament to the diversified tourism opportunities offered by this archipelago.

Top 5 tourist attractions in Mymensingh

With its convenient rail and bus connections to Dhaka, Mymensingh has all the makings of a bustling tourism hub. So, here is a list of places you can visit in Mymensingh on your next trip.

5 beautiful forests to visit in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to some stunning and diverse forests that are truly enchanting. From the magnificent Sundarbans to the freshwater Ratargul Swamp Forest, the forests that dot the landscape are a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

4d ago

Chic scarf hacks for effortless elegance

With a spring in your step, you go to work, as the scarf has given your mood a much-needed boost of confidence and happiness; everyone compliments how fresh and sophisticated you look!

6d ago

Elevate your sari game: Your guide to the trendiest sari blouses in town

Just like the numerous different styles of sari draping, we see the arrival of new blouse designs and revival of some from the past, every now and then. Although we would love to get our hands on as many trendy designer blouses as we can, we know that it is perhaps a bit too unrealistic.

6d ago

My tumultuous love-affair with Bangladesh Cricket Team

Not all of us are cricket gurus or analysts. Some of watch the game for purely entertainment purposes. The Bangladesh national cricket team brings a stroke of joy into our otherwise mundane life. However, this iota of joy comes at the cost of our frazzled nerves.

6d ago

Recognising possible signs of abuse in pre-schoolers

Here are important details that serve as red flags and must not be disregarded by parents or caregivers.

6d ago

From roaster to mentor: Rafayat Rakib's Digital Dropouts revolution

In a time where content creation and digital marketing are evolving at breakneck speed, Rafayat Rakib stands out as an outlier. Armed with ten years of experience in content creation and a decade-long tenure in the corporate world, Rafayat has manoeuvred through diverse landscapes only to come full circle — returning to the world of content creation, albeit with a new vision: Digital Dropouts.

6d ago

Yoga's miracle cure: Nauli Kriya and its impact on gut health

Nauli Kriya is a yogic cleansing practice that involves isolating and churning the abdominal muscles and organs. While it's not a direct treatment for medical conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, or gas problems, some practitioners and yogic traditions believe that it can have a positive impact on digestive health.

6d ago

High levels of microplastic in salt: Reasons to be concerned

A recent research by Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) has detected high levels of microplastic in the salt collected from 12 salt-producing sites in Cox's Bazar and Chattogram. What makes this even more alarming is the lack of awareness we have regarding this subject matter in Bangladesh.

6d ago

Make your day productive with these 5 morning habits 

With only a little planning ahead and some minor changes in habits, you can turn every other day into a productive day!

1w ago

Faiza Ahmed gives Nazifa Tushi a ‘Hawa’ inspired red carpet look

Donning a 'Hawa' movie-inspired sari designed by the incredibly talented Faiza Ahmed of Manas, Tushi looked like the perfect embodiment of beauty, grace, and mystery. 

1w ago