Farmers’ rights under the Plant Varieties Protection Act 2019

Extending Intellectual Property (IP) protection to plant varieties – especially in the context of developing and agriculture-based economy like Bangladesh – is fraught with debates.

Legal complications in controlling smoking in public place and transport

Effortless smoking in public places or public transport is nothing new. To control smoking in these public places/transport, we have a special law called the Smoking and Tobacco Products Usage (Control) Act 2005.

Manusher Jonno Foundation’s position on the Anti-Discrimination Bill

The fundamental mandate of the Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) is to address the issues of marginality and exclusion in the country.

Competition Law Concerns for Trade Associations and Businesses

Consumers want goods or services from businesses at competitive prices. Competitive business enterprises come together to form trade associations in the hope of furthering their common interests.

In quest for rules to be laid down under the Arbitration Act, 2001

In many instances, an Act of Parliament includes a provision allowing the government or the relevant authority to make rules for carrying out the provisions of the concerned Act. Under an Act of Parliament, the rules are framed as directives and/or instructions for the users of the legislation in question. If rules are framed as such, more clarity is brought about and confusion about many provisions of the relevant statute gets dispelled. It also helps to carry out the purpose of the legislation in line with the intention of the legislature. 

ILO Convention No. 190: A monumental development to address violence and harassment at workplace

Until June 2019, various international instruments, norms, and practices were developed by both the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the United Nations to deal with violence and harassment at workplace.

Fireworks and our right to a decent environment

Fireworks have long been used to celebrate, yet they frequently cause us to forget about the impact of the sparks, flames, fumes on the elderly and sick, children, pets, stray animals, or any living beings. Unexpected and unpredictable blaring noise can cause panic reactions among living beings. Additionally, fireworks contribute to environmental degradation.

Promoting Responsible Business Practice for Sustainable LDC Graduation

The Bangladesh Country Session at 3rd UN South Asia Forum on Business and Human Rights was held on 28 March, 2022 under the theme ‘Promoting Responsible Business Practice for Ensuring Sustainable LDC Graduation of Bangladesh’ in a hybrid format.

Banning notebooks: Legal framework and shortcomings

The purpose of education is not only to acquire knowledge, rather it is the process which contributes to the overall development of individuals. Creative education systems (hereinafter called as CES) generate critical thoughts among the students, and promote innovativeness.

BUPLMCC successfully organises LawRencia: A law career-based event

From 25-27 February, Bangladesh University of Professionals Law and Moot Court Club (BUPLMCC) organised a law career-

Implementing UNGPs to hold the industries accountable for environmental damage

The economy of Bangladesh has seen tremendous growth in the recent past that helped the country graduate from LDC to middle income country.

On the law of probation and parole

Conditional discharge, probation, parole, furlough etc. are the alternatives to imprisonment for accused. Those can be availed depending on the gravity of the offence and the relevant circumstances as a reflection of reformative theory of punishment.