19h ago| Editorial

Stop polluting Khanjar haor

BSCIC must ensure no untreated waste lands in the water

22h ago| Editorial

Public Money: Easy Come, Easy Go

Wastefully expensive government projects are hurting the people

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Is the opportunity for Rohingya repatriation slipping away?

Bangladesh must have meaningful dialogue with all actors involved for repatriation of Rohingya refugees.

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The Unheroic Antics of Hero Alom

Under what authority can the police make such a demand and compel its acceptance?

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Bangladesh needs independent census evaluation

For a census to be successful, three things need to be looked at: how the data was collected, how it was compiled, and whether it was published or not.

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Can Bangladesh follow India in redrawing its data protection law?

While the government in India has listened to opposition, in Bangladesh, the government has brushed aside the civil society’s concerns.

1d ago| Editorial

Do our remittance earners deserve such disrespect?

Airport and Biman officials must provide quality service to all

1d ago| Editorial

How the government failed ‘family card’ recipients

Yet another necessary initiative mired in corruption and poor planning

2d ago| Editorial

Why should people suffer for a bad pricing policy?

The government must reconsider its fuel price hike decision

6d ago| In Focus

Chakma resistance to British rule

The Battle of Plassey and the Battle of Boxar were the imperial wars between the East India Company and the Mughal authority, which in turn gave the Company a legal status in Bengal.

1w ago| In Focus

In memory of my teacher

It is, indeed, a great pleasure for me to avail myself the opportunity to say a few words on the occasion of the 10­0th birthday of the late Professor A. K. Nazmul Karim, who was my teacher, supervisor and colleague at the Department of Sociology,

1w ago| In Focus

Memories of my father

A child’s memory of her parent is often difficult to narrate. There is no single narrative, no linear structure. There are so many stories, so many events that fold into each other.

Dhaka traffic made worse by our unruliness

Must we add to the woes of Dhaka traffic by driving as we please?

Let gamers be

The recent arrest of 108 youth gamers from a community centre in Chuadanga is quite bizarre.

Give us our driver’s licence cards

People are deprived of their licences due to backlogs created by the authorities themselves.