Coming to terms with the dire state of Bangladesh men's cricket

We distance ourselves from the sport, stop watching the games, and wish that the news of the results doesn’t reach us. But to remain unaffected is not a choice we can make.

Citizen data server? More like a data supermarket

It's frightening to think citizens' private data is being sold through hundreds of social media pages and groups

We need a universal school education programme

Two observations are pertinent here. Primary education up to class VIII as a compulsory and universal stage of education is a 50-year-old idea broached first in 1974 Qudrat-e-Khuda Commission report and reiterated in Education Policy 2010.

Children must be protected from abuse and torture

We have become a society in which children have become a tool to satiate the filthy desires of the stronger

7h ago

War cuts the heart out of humankind

Every society that has experienced the kind of warfare faced by the Iraqis, and now by the Palestinians, is deeply scarred.

2d ago

Dhaka’s transport turmoil

Dhaka is the world's rickshaw capital

2d ago

An open letter on Gaza from Bangladesh

From Bangladesh and across the world, 126 Bangladeshi scholars, teachers and researchers condemn Israel's war in Gaza.

2d ago

A post-Partition heritage campus worth preserving

FCC should not be viewed simply as one of the cadet colleges; it is a heritage campus that can be showcased to the world.

2d ago

Is the US resetting relations by applying anti-kleptocracy law?

The timing of the US sanction on Gen Aziz Ahmed raises many questions.

2d ago

Is the family farm disappearing?

tThe depeasantisation thesis associated with Kautsky and popularised as “the Agrarian Question” needs to be subtly understood in Bangladesh.

3d ago

Can automation and AI bring work-life balance in Bangladesh?

To capitalise on and accommodate automation, Bangladesh may contemplate several strategies.

3d ago

World leaders are disconnected from the youth

Student protestors are calling out the double standards of Western powers

3d ago

FY2025 budget can be our chance to stabilise economy

The upcoming budget is crucial for shaping the strategic direction that the government will craft to trigger a sustainable recovery.

3d ago
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