READERS' POV / Why aren’t we doing enough to fix electric wires?

The tragedy in Mirpur is a heartbreaking reminder of the pressing need to address this issue urgently.

What's at stake with a politicised bureaucracy

The EC needs assistance from all stakeholders to hold a free and fair election come January.

Easy, Tiger! Hold your horses

The repercussions of Tanzim’s misogynistic remarks extend well beyond the headlines.

Lead pollution: A silent epidemic threatens Bangladesh

The consequences of lead pollution may not always be visible, but they are undeniable.

1d ago

A country for the rich, and another for the poor

In recent years, Bangladesh has been grappling with a deepening chasm of inequality.

2d ago

What makes freelancers thrive?

Can Bangladesh seize the opportunities presented by the freelancing surge?

2d ago

Tanzim Hasan Sakib is the victim of a sexist culture

Tanzim – who said in a post that men marrying women who are used to “free-mixing at addas” would be depriving their children of a “modest” mother – is a victim of the toxic masculinity prevalent in his surroundings.

2d ago

World Car-free Day: Decarbonise transport for climate justice

What happens to be a great solution for decarbonising transport is enabling and promoting walking, cycling, and pedal-powered rickshaws.

3d ago

Are factory owners above the law?

How can a factory owner not be involved in the irregularities of design and installation of fire safety systems?

3d ago

When you have Opinion Fatigue Syndrome

It is as if I must have the information and facts to pass a comment or give an opinion on every issue under the sky;

3d ago

Gender equality is the investment we need to make

It is evident we are doing even worse than we realised on gender equality.

3d ago

Pathway for Bangladesh’s energy transition

The energy and power sector of Bangladesh can be said to have entered its third phase of development.

3d ago

What does Bangladesh’s space research organisation really do?

Bangladesh’s Space Research and Remote Sensing Organisation (SPARRSO) came under scathing criticism from netizens.

4d ago