A ray of hope amid grim statistics

Mohakhali dengue hospital shows the importance of proper medical facilities

4d ago

CDA must answer for its chronic failure

Its unplanned and ineffective undertakings are making Chattogram unliveable

5d ago

Break the cycle of pre-election violence

Ruling party must discourage violent confrontations

5d ago

Bay of Bengal drowning in plastic

When will authorities implement policies to stop plastic pollution?

1w ago

Lead pollution is killing us and our children

Where is the action plan to stop this poisoning?

1w ago

Why set price caps if no shopkeeper complies?

Prices of onions, potatoes, and eggs continue to remain unstable

1w ago

Jailing rights defenders sends the wrong message

Instead, investigate and stop human rights violators

1w ago

Rangpur Medical in perpetual crisis

The Rangpur Medical College Hospital is in a crisis, with the authorities seemingly nonplussed about the dysfunctional state of the hospital

1w ago

Why keep on awarding errant defaulters?

Janata Bank must answer for its poor handling of AnonTex’s loans

1w ago

When kitchen markets are ticking time bombs

The Krishi Market fire won’t be the last if we don’t take urgent action

1w ago