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Interview with Rabbi Alissa Wise / 'What's happening in Gaza is not a religious crisis'

Rabbi Alissa Wise, founder of Rabbis for Ceasefire, talks about Jewish solidarity with Gaza in an exclusive interview with The Daily Star.

3d ago

Fear and loathing surrounding India’s election

After the first phase of voting, Modi seems to have changed his campaign strategy, focusing more on firing up BJP's Hindu base.

3d ago

Pro-Palestine protests: Student demands for divestment are not new

These demands are built on a decades-long foundation constructed by an international solidarity movement in support of Palestinian liberation.

1w ago

Explainer / Israel's Rafah invasion, rejection of the Hamas ceasefire deal, and US role

Hamas wants a permanent ceasefire, while Israel wants a temporary truce.

1w ago

Horrors of the Gaza genocide: Through a survivor’s eyes

This is an eye-witness account, the story of a Palestinian in Gaza, a human being, a 24-year-old medical student, his real human life of love and loss, and a human testimony of war crimes perpetrated by the Israeli government and the military in the deadliest campaign of bombings and mass killings in recent history.

2w ago

Israel’s diversionary attack on Iran has set off a new security crisis in West Asia

Netanyahu is unlikely to favour such a ceasefire since his unpopularity would lead to his overthrow, the revival of criminal cases against him, and his possible incarceration.

3w ago

Decolonising academia beyond the metaphor

Decolonial pedagogy and thinking is a fundamental part of the movement for imagining an alternative future.

3w ago

US aid to Israel: Twenty-three billion dollars to slaughter women and children

The US has decided to generously reward Israel $1 billion per thousand women and children that Israel has killed in the Gaza Strip.

3w ago

How a war in the Middle East could impact South Asia

The impact of a widening of the Gaza war would be especially severe for South Asian nations

1m ago

Israel-Iran: Hell on earth

The US’ need for a highly measured, or even lack of response from Israel cannot be overstated. 

1m ago

Iran’s attacks on Israel: Bark, not bite

If Iran had truly intended to cause serious damage, then it would have done so.

1m ago

Lessons to learn from Bangladeshi teen’s death in New York

In remembering Win Rozario, it’s vital to reflect on the broader implications of his death and the countless similar tragedies.

1m ago

The war tactic of starvation in Gaza

As Muslims around the world prepare for Eid, the world is witnessing horror unfold in the Gaza Strip.

1m ago

How the unjustifiable war in Gaza is justified

Propaganda in the media is a prevalent practice during war.

1m ago

‘Ballots, not bullets, for Palestine’

Lt General Jebril Alrjoub, general secretary of the Palestinian National Movement FATEH, speaks to The Daily Star.

1m ago

Moscow terror attack and its aftermath

Putin has been widely credited for bringing security and some semblance of order to Russia after the turbulent decade that followed the collapse of the USSR, however, this attack may shatter some of that confidence.

1m ago

Historical parallels: Bangladesh’s genocide in 1971 to Gaza

Despite the magnitude of the genocide, global recognition and acknowledgment of Bangladesh's struggle for independence have been inadequate.

1m ago

'The Liberation War became a centre of big power rivalry'

Veteran diplomat M Humayun Kabir discusses the geopolitical history of Bangladesh's Liberation War in an exlcusive interview.

1m ago
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