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Man faces existential crisis as internet brawls fall to zero

A survey conducted by the Department of Hatred over Technology (DHET) revealed a ground-breaking discovery. The phenomenon was thought to be extinct.

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AI proves sentience by describing girl’s complexion as ‘moyla’

The following is an excerpt from the digital journal of a Bangladeshi computer engineer who has been missing for the last seven days.

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Internet Explorer has been closing for 27 years

The news that has been circulating of Internet Explorer retiring at the age of 27 is basically a lie. It’s actually the world’s longest and slowest closure, taking 27 years.  

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Govt to mend tea workers’ broken roofs with surplus tea leaves

In the seventh hour of sitting in a traffic jam on the country’s biggest thoroughfare, Chapasthan Commerce Minister Baki Gunchhi held an impromptu press conference for around 30 motorcyclists who had congregated around the minister’s BMW over the last five hours. 

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How to beat abuse allegations: A book by Johnny Depp

The following is the contents page from actor Johnny Depp’s upcoming book “How to beat abuse allegations”. He wrote the entire book while sitting at the plaintiff’s desk during the six-week defamation trial involving his ex-wife Amber Heard.

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US state makes bulletproof vests mandatory in schools

The US state of Texas has made it mandatory for schoolchildren to wear bulletproof vests to school to stop deaths from school shootings, while saying guns are part of the solution and not the problem.

Where the date for the next meeting is set

A high-powered research firm has found that scheduling the next meeting was the only outcome in 98 percent of meetings in companies surveyed.  

Men live in 2022, women stuck in 1900s: Study by female scientists

The plight of women seems never-ending and that is what a new study run by an all-female group of scientists found recently.   

Musk froze Twitter deal after hearing about PK

Elon Musk, the multi-billionaire with millions of social media followers, has talked about his worst nightmare -- PK Maldar, the former Chapasthani candidate for the world’s richest man.  

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6 years of Holey Artisan attack: How safe is Bangladesh now?

Additional Commissioner and chief of Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Md Asaduzzaman spoke with The Daily Star about the present condition of militancy in Bangladesh.

Authorities going all out for ‘2 Fair 2 Free’ polls

Chapasthan is once again gearing up for its Ultra Free, Giga Fair National Election. This time, it’s going to be freer and fairer than ever.  

The rainfie contest

This is the current frontrunner for our Rainy Selfie Contest 2022. Aspiring contestants are requested to send in their selfies to rainfie@selfiecontest.com.

Man shocked that food doesn’t cook faster if you scream at waiter

"If we scream loud enough, we get prioritised the way we want..."