Sunnydale School runner-up at international youth handball tournament

Sunnydale School’s under-10 (U-10) boys handball team became the runner-up at the 2024 Partille Cup, the world's largest International youth handball tournament. 

Why do you keep buying books you don’t read?

While running through my monthly room cleanout programme, I discovered a pile of books abandoned at the back of my shelf. Unsurprisingly, many of them were yet to be read.

Studying in public spaces: Should you give it a go?

For students, third places can become crucial study environments that break the monotony of studying in a room.

Horoscopes: Explained

A long history and cultural heritage give astrology a sense of legitimacy and tradition that can make it seem real to many people.

The harrowing realities of cyberbullying

Cyberbullying most frequently occurs during the transition from primary to high school, although it continues throughout the teenage years.

The dos and don’ts of asking for a letter of recommendation

Collecting recommendation letters can seem daunting but it is not something to fear if you keep these pointers in mind.

On surviving the transition from school to university

While this is an exciting time in their lives, it leaves many struggling to cope with the sudden changes

Anime / Kaiju no. 8: The breath of fresh air shounen anime needed

Kaiju No. 8 is anything but conventional, as it subverts any and all expectations right from the get-go.

What it takes to become a comic artist in Bangladesh

Comic books have inspired a new generation of Bangladeshi artists, driven by passion and opportunities in the growing industry.



Is it necessary to take social media breaks during exam season?

Amidst the finals season chaos, many decide to take a break from all sorts of social media platforms.

Rethinking our approach to school academics

Campus sat down with Dr Shivananda, principal of DPS STS School, to learn more about his research and expert insight on recent educational trends. 

Is A level Economics for you?

If you are someone who likes extensive reading, rigorous analysis, and would’ve done all that independent research either way out of a genuine curiosity to learn more about monetary and fiscal policies, expansions and recessions, supply and demand, A level Economics is the perfect match.

How to write a stellar personal statement

During college admissions season, hundreds of thousands of students across the globe scramble to get their applications in order.

The need for comprehensive sexuality education in our schools

The importance of sex education in guiding adolescents cannot be overstated.

Is A level Further Mathematics for you?

Taking Further Maths for all the wrong reasons can not only deprive you of its benefits but make your life a whole lot more difficult.

Schools need to rethink how they teach Literature

Schools must revamp literature education to foster creativity.

Pop culture

Pop culture

Three Bangladeshi comics worth your attention

Bangladeshi comics for you to check out.

What makes modern-day Bangladeshi comics so interesting

All in all, it’s a great time to be a Bangladeshi comic fan, especially if you’re into local comics.

Anime / The First Slam Dunk is sports anime distilled to its essentials

The First Slam Dunk has, in many ways, perfectly distilled everything that makes sports anime good.

How you can get into Dungeons & Dragons

The most popular tabletop-roleplaying game in the world does not, in fact, even require a tabletop

Why young people should read The Adventures of Tintin

Almost a decade has passed since then, and Tintin still remains a timeless classic.

Pokémon Concierge: A stop-motion for all ages

Pokémon Concierge tells the story of Haru, a 20-something young adult riddled with anxiety, coming to the luxurious Pokémon Resort to start a new life as a concierge.



Panda diplomacy explained

How some of the laziest animals in the world became so important in international relations.

EXPLAINED / El Niño and La Niña

In light of this particularly hot summer, let's take some time to understand an important weather system that affects global temperatures, food security, and economies

How the Islamic calendar works

Why is Ramadan sometimes 29 days long and sometimes 30 days long?

The significance of Bangladesh's Independence Day and Victory Day

The significance of each day in the birth of our nation.

Explained: Bangladesh’s Economy

One of the critical aspects of understanding how an economy works is understanding how money flows.

Explained: The branches of Bangladesh's government

How does Bangladesh’s government work? Who is the head of the government? What is the upcoming election about?

The SATs: Explained

What is the SAT? What does it evaluate?



Afloat, Untethered

From every direction strong torrents meet Collide, counter, and begrudgingly recede.

The Oracle

He was, like most children, easily amused. Unlike most other children however, he never hesitated to express it. He was full of life and energy.   

House of Cards

Welcome, weary traveler! To my humble abode. Come, come. I'll show you

A Dead River is All I Want

You know those instances when we start off in the wide, turbulent currents of a river making its way downstream?

In the absence of a light source

Grief is a lonely river, like a fisherman's song with an empty net

The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in your House

If they knew, your mother would have said, “It’s in your head, darling,” and your father would have screamed, “Put that head in the toilet bowl where it belongs.”



Launching a club at your school

With a bit of planning and initiative, it is possible to start a club in your school.

Scholastica Inter School Debate Tournament: VH 1 and NDS 1 crowned champions

Scholastica Debate Club returned with their flagship event “Scholastica Inter School Debate Tournament (SIDT)” on February 2. SIDT is a long-running annual event of the Scholastica Debate Club and has made a name for itself in the Bangladeshi debate circuit.

Dandelionz and The Daily Star host the ‘Creating Patriots’ event for kids

On December 23rd, the premises of Dandelionz in Dhanmondi was filled with excitement as young minds gathered for the "Creating Patriots" event, organised in association with The Daily Star. As part of the celebration of Victory Day, this daylong program aimed to empower children aged 8-12 to become the changemakers Bangladesh needs.

If you don’t like reading, then comic books are for you

Very few avenues of storytelling have the same level of diversity and versatility as comics, and if you are someone who has an aversion towards reading general books, comics might turn that dislike into a regular reading habit. 

Getting into the habit of reading

The habit of reading seems to have gone out of fashion. Why is that? Many young people shy away from books for many reasons, seemingly finding them too similar to strict textbooks they are taught in schools. However, for those who want to try reading as a hobby but struggle to get into it, there are a few ways to get back on track.         

Growing up surrounded by music

All in all, music is pretty significant in my life nonetheless.

How photographing my life on a daily basis helps me

Keeping track of your life with the visual gift of photography is a 21st century marvel.

Stars on the rise

Stars on the rise

Bangladesh wins bronze at European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad

212 students from 55 countries competed in the global olympiad this year.

Keeping a family tradition alive through knitting

How Rudaba turned her passion into a business

Mahir Sarowar Megh: The 17-year-old designer of Durdanto Dhaka’s jersey

Rising Stars speaks with the creative mind behind the jersey – Mahir Sarowar Megh.

From Bangladesh to Panama: Bangladeshi robotics team clinches fifth position at World Robot Olympiad 2023

In conversation with Israfil Shaheen Arannya, silver medallist at the World Robot Olympiad (WRO).

Living a pop culture fantasy

Anica Hossain shares her cosplaying experience – how she got into it, what it takes to cosplay, and how enthusiasts can get into this art form of brining fictional characters to life.

Custom-made keycaps conjured up by young keyboard enthusiast

What makes Rohan and his gaming rig stand out from many others are the keycaps on his keyboard.

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