I will not call them protesters

The infiltrators were handed the opportunity on a silver platter the moment BCL ensured that violence took over the movement.

A man-made disaster and the major economic losses it caused

While the micro and messo levels of losses are immediate and short term, macro level losses would be medium to long term.

Move away from blame game and confrontational power politics

The Appellate Division verdict of July 21 has opened the scope for resolution of the main issue around the demands coming from the quota reform movement.

Govt failed to handle the situation properly

The government handled the issue from an egoistic stance, and made several wrong decisions while tackling the situation

1d ago

What happened in DU on Wednesday

There was smoke everywhere, and I heard gunshots.

6d ago

Govt has completely failed to understand the youth

What is happening in Bangladesh right now is truly unfathomable.

6d ago

What happened on Wednesday: An account from JU

I wonder if this is how the nights must have felt during those nine months of the Liberation War.

6d ago

Universities and the government have failed the students

The responsibility for this bloodshed cannot be avoided by either the government or the university authorities.

6d ago

Dying for a systemic change

There is a serious governance failure in dealing with the student demands for merit-based recruitment system in Bangladesh’s government jobs.

6d ago

Quota reform resurgence: Stop violence against students

The government is complicating and antagonising a solvable proposition by ordinary citizens

1w ago

Is political violence transforming Awami League?

These latest developments add to the concerns over the increasing tendency towards intolerance and the preference for violent means to suppress any dissent.

1w ago

A slogan lost in translation

What made them flood campus streets on Sunday night was a specific comment that touched a nerve for the wider student community.

1w ago

We need to move from universal pension to universal social protection system

The universal pension would be out of reach of the extremely poor, such as day labourers, due to their inability to make contributions.

1w ago
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