Is there a way to build a corruption-free society?

The precondition for building a corruption-free state is building a corruption-free society.

VIP movements are Dhaka’s undiagnosed illness

If the capital's traffic condition makes you angry, you're normal

16 Days of Activisim against Gender-Based Violence / To combat gender-based violence, do away with systemic bias

Gender inequality and violence as the outcome of a society are symptomatic of the ethos that shape policies, family structures and opportunities for men and women.

The need for a clear research agenda

It goes beyond providing research funding and serves as a guiding framework, enabling the institutions to align research goals with broader national and global priorities.

4d ago

Placing dummies as alternatives disenfranchises voters

We are witnessing an engineered intra-party contest as most of the independents belong to the ruling party.

4d ago

One Hochemin Islam, our constitution, and ‘cisterhood’

The decision against bringing in Hochemin Islam was disproportionate to meeting the goal (that is, of ensuring her safety) sought to be achieved.

4d ago

Decoding the Ramganj earthquake: How vulnerable is Bangladesh?

Analysing the recent earthquake can provide valuable information about future threats.

5d ago

Amartya Sen’s tribute to Ali Kaiser Hasan Morshed

Nobel laureate Amartya Sen sent this tribute to the family of Barrister Kaiser Morshed, a former foreign secretary, who passed away on November 23, 2023.

5d ago

Without proper follow-up, what is the point of COP28?

We don’t have the time anymore, and we, as the climate action community, are tired of saying this ad nauseam.

5d ago

A ‘blended regime’ drives our economic and political crises

Bangladesh is now in the depths of both economic and political crises.

5d ago

The flipside of the democracy carnival

Bereft of the basic rights to assemble and express, let alone protest, the people of Bangladesh are currently bearing the brunt of the coercive apparatuses of the state.

5d ago

Online violence against women is real violence

Every day, women of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds become victims of online harassment and abuse in the form of trolling, bullying, hacking, cyber pornography

5d ago

The legacy that Prof Saleemul Huq left behind

The veteran relentlessly fought for climate justice, representing the underdog

6d ago
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