Tashfia Ahmed

The chasm

At around 2 AM he was awoken by the sound of Shahidun’s sniveling cries on her prayer mat. As grating as it might have sounded, he felt grateful for it to have woken him up.

2m ago

Byting wisely: The varying narratives of nationalism and independence

So in the spirit of Independence, I urge my reader to exercise independence of consumption—to question what you are buying, what you are reading, what you are watching, and which of these you are really given the freedom to choose.

2m ago

Bangalis and the “cutification” of English

On a single visit to the Chadni Chowk gully at the Gawsia/New Market area, I had witnessed, store by store, the gradual devolvement of the name for Mysore cotton to Maisha cotton.

3m ago


But I bloom like a flower:/ Soft and strong.

4m ago

On wars and words

These words are not just some veils adorning the valour and victory of our freedom fighters; they're not just tributes but testaments to the rare occasion of the oppressed overpowering the oppressor.

6m ago

The wisdom of innocence

These stories, whether in books or movies, not only provide pearls of wisdom for young minds, but even subvert the preconceived notion that wisdom is cultivated with age

6m ago

The matriarchy of food

It is a truth universally acknowledged that food is the undisputed sixth love language that Gary Chapman forgot to mention in his 1992 book. Or maybe it’s just the gastronome in me speaking.

9m ago

All cows moo to heaven

The farm had transformed overnight into a spinning wheel of fear and intrigue. The mother cows' hushed grunts weaved an elaborate tapestry of tales.

11m ago
March 21, 2023
March 21, 2023

Into the rhyme and reason of poetry

To be human is to be a poet. And I will tell you why.

March 10, 2023
March 10, 2023

“A well-read woman is a dangerous creature”. Is she really?

It concerns me that Tate’s apologists range from impressionable boys in my grade 9 classroom to 30-something-year-old single dads. My own mother calls me a ‘feminist’ with such chagrin in her tone, it begins to feel like a slur.

February 25, 2023
February 25, 2023

The native lores know

Language trickles down the routes that blood took through Time. They say it’s a linear path, and yet I, a reluctant servant to the wiles of Time, find myself laid out in loops and slopes.

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