Architect Rafiq Azam wins Robert Mathew Life Time Achievement Award

Bangladeshi Architect Rafiq Azam
Rafiq Azam. Photo: Collected

Bangladeshi Architect Rafiq Azam has won the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) Robert Mathew Life Time Achievement Award for 2022.

A five-member jury board including architects Saif Ul Haque (Asia), Professor Alfred Omenya (Africa), Jonathan Mizzi (Europe), Liz Walsh (Oceania) and Jennifer Smith (America) unanimously named Rafiq Azam as the winner of the CAA Robert Mathew Award 2022, said the Institute of Architects Bangladesh in a Facebook post today (July 4, 2022).

The award was previously received by eminent architects/architectural offices like Balkrishna Doshi of India (2003), TR Hamzah and Yeang of Malaysia (2000), Greg Burgess Architects of Australia (1997), Ian Ritchie Architects of UK (1994), Hampshire County Council of UK (1991), Raj Rewal of India (1989), Arup Associates of UK (1985) and Philip Cox of Australia (1983), it said.

The Robert Mathew Award recognises innovative contributions to the development of architecture in the Commonwealth context. The award is to be made to an architectural practice making the most outstanding contribution, having particular relevance to the country or region in which the architect or architectural practice operates. This award is given to Architects to acknowledge Life Time Achievement, said the post.

The award will be presented to architect Rafiq Azam at the CAA General Assembly in Trinidad and Tobago starting on August, 8, 2022.


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