Flood relief operations intensified in remote areas, army says

Photo: Moudud Ahmmed Sujan

Bangladesh army has intensified its relief operations for the flood-affected people in Sunamganj through its nine base camps.  

Lt Arif Jahangir, in-charge of the base camp in Govindganj area of Chhatak upazila of Sunamganj, told the Daily Star, "Relief operations have intensified since last Monday (June 20, 2022). We're mainly focusing on remote areas. "

In addition to the relief allocated by the army and civil administration, they are making arrangements to distribute the relief sent by various private initiatives.  

The army officer requested those, who wants to provide relief to the flood-affected people, to contact the rear camp set up at Tukerbazar in Sylhet (Warrant officer Zahid: 01721756602).  

From this rear camp, the army is coordinating the relief operations in all areas of Sunamganj district, he said.

While visiting the area in the morning, our reporter saw army personnel loading relief materials on three speedboats on the banks of Surma river, at Dighli village in Govindganj.

One of them said it was not yet possible to reach many remote areas.

Locals claimed that many bordering areas including Narsingpur, Narai, Banglabazar, Bugla Bazar, Pandhargaon could not be reached.

In the morning, the former chairman of the Pandargaon Union told The Daily Star over phone that people had to use roads on dam to reach the union. As the road is damaged, it has become impossible to go to the union. There was no direct route for boat also.

Around 6,000 families of the union remain isolated for past 10 days, he said.

About 50 percent of the houses in this union have collapsed and the union is still under waist-deep water, the former chairman said.

The water is receding very slowly, he added.


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