Today's (2023.01.18)

An excavator scoops topsoil from arable land and loads it onto a truck likely bound for a brick kiln. Despite it being illegal, the lack of law enforcement oversight allows influential people to intimidate farmers into selling the fertile layer of the soil, jeopardising future crop yield. The photo was taken yesterday in Gachhbari area of Sylhet’s Kanighat upazila. Photo: Sheikh Nasir
Despite space being there on the street, motorbikes take to the pavement in the capital’s Bangla Motor area yesterday. Bikers often seen getting on the pavements putting pedestrians and even themselves at risk. Photo: Prabir Das
Recycled materials are piled up on the bank of the Buriganga. Despite repeated warnings and even eviction by the BIWTA, recyclers keep using the bank, which leads to some of the materials ending up in the river, polluting the lifeline of Dhaka. The photo was taken in Kamrangirchar yesterday. Photo: Amran Hossain
In spite of the numerous accidents that have claimed lives on rail lines, public awareness has yet to increase, as evident by the two young men in this photo taking a selfie on the lines near the FDC level crossing in the capital yesterday. Photo: Anisur Rahman