Today's Gallery (2022.11.18)

WINGS OF ELEGANCE … An Oriental Darter about to spread its wings to dry them off, while another sits elegantly nearby -- both perched on tree stumps in Sylhet’s Baikka Beel. The large waterbirds are native to tropical South and Southeast Asia. Usually found near freshwater lakes and streams, they are sometimes called “the snakebird”, due to their long, slender necks. More often than not, they are seen swimming with their body submerged but the head and neck above the water. Oriental Darters are becoming uncommon, as its numbers are continuously declining throughout the region. Victims of habitat loss, human activities near breeding areas, degradation of foraging area, hunting and pollution, these birds are now listed in the “Near Threatened” category by the IUCN. PHOTO: TIMU HOSSAIN
Vehicles waiting in queues to get CNG at a filling station in Chattogram city’s Kadamtali area. The gas pressure was so low that some stations had to suspend dispensing CNG. The photo was taken around 11:00am yesterday. Photo: Rajib Raihan
A farmer tends to his cauliflowers on a field in Mithapukur of Rangpur, a region famous for its agricultural produce. With winter vegetables being the most in-demand produce at the moment, vast areas are being used to grow them in the north. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Amran Hossain