Today's Gallery (2024.01.15)

People from more than 30 small islands on the Jamuna travel to this place in Phulchhari, Gaibandha, twice every week to sell their produce and buy essentials. They either travel by boats or horse-drawn carts. Photo: Mostafa Shabuj
Lorries and trucks parked on the street between Saat Rasta and Tejgaon level-crossing have left little room for traffic to move. At peak hours, the illegal parking causes long tailbacks and makes commuters suffer. Photo: Palash Khan
A puppy makes its own spot amid street children huddled and sleeping together to keep warm in the capital’s Basabo. With a cold wave sweeping through the country, those living on the streets become the worst sufferers. The photo was taken on Saturday night, when the temperature was around 17 degrees Celsius. PHOTO: ANISUR RAHMAN
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