Today's Gallery (2024.05.12)

CELEBRATING MOTHERHOOD … Since her daughter was just six months old, Shefali Begum, 35, has been bringing her bundle of joy to work with her every day as there is no one at home to look after her. After she and her day-labourer husband set out for duty every morning, Shefali carries Sohana, now just over a year old, in one arm and uses the other to row a boat and help people cross a canal near the Kirtankhola river. The photo was taken near Barishal city’s Rasulpur area yesterday. PHOTO: TITU DAS
Northern lights or aurora borealis illuminate the night sky north of San Francisco, California. The most powerful solar storm in more than two decades struck Earth, triggering spectacular celestial light shows from Tasmania to Britain and threatening possible disruptions to satellites and power grids as it persists into the weekend. Photo: AFP
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