Today's Gallery (2024.05.17)

RECIPE FOR DISASTER…Two battery-powered rickshaw vans, carrying schoolchildren, weave dangerously between large buses on the busy Dhaka-Chattogram highway against traffic. Many such vans are regularly seen driving against traffic there, exposing these young students to risks of a life-changing injury or even death. Parents with limited options usually see these vans as a safer alternative. The photo was taken yesterday at Dania in Dhaka’s Shanir Akhra. Photo: Anisur Rahman
The ‘Original’ Chicken: A male red junglefowl shows off its shiny, colourful plumage at the Hazarikhil Wildlfe Sanctuary in Chattogram’s Fatikchhari. Red junglefowls, locally known as “bon morog” and which range across Southeast and South Asia, may seem just like another “chicken”, or to some, as a delicacy. But did you know that the common chicken was created when red junglefowls were domesticated for human use around 8,000 years ago? They were once found in almost all forested areas of Bangladesh and now occurs only in the forests of Sylhet, Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts and the Sundarbans. They were also one of three main animals, along with domesticated pigs and dogs, brought by Austronesian people from Maritime Southeast Asia in their voyages to the islands of Oceania, starting around 5,000 years ago. Today, their modern descendants are found throughout the world. While the red junglefowl is common in its range and is listed as “Least Concern” by the IUCN, its populations are still threatened due to deforestation, especially in the hill tracts, and its popularity as a delicacy. Photo: Kamol Das
The mother of Squadron Leader Asim Jawad, who died after a BAF fighter jet crashed in Chattogram, meets Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the Gono Bhaban yesterday. Asim’s daughter is seen on the PM’s lap. Photo: PID
A man tries to squeeze through an open space in this partially damaged guard rail to go to the other side. Despite there being a spot in the background where one can safely cross the road, many opt to such risky methods just to save some time. The photo was taken in front of Azimpur Maternity Hospital yesterday. Photo: Amran Hossain
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