Folks You Meet at Comic Cons

People lining up for hours, even days, at the opening of a fast-food joint is proof that there isn't much to spend your time on here. Thankfully, Comic Cons offer us some entertainment every now and then, and whether you cosplayed at the last con or just went to hang out, I'm sure you have seen/met these following people. 

The Foodies: With five burger places; stalls offering chotpoti and fuchka, coffee, lots of ice cream, and more, I'm not surprised that some people turn up at comic cons just for the food. They usually aren't interested in cosplaying or getting their hands on rare comics and can be found hanging around the food stalls. Why they didn't care to cosplay as Scooby or Shaggy is a mystery to me. But really, it's nice to see organisers ensuring different types of food are available at these events. 

The Photographers: Equipped with smartphones or DSLRs, they're ready to take as many selfies and group photos as possible. #SuicideSquidGoalz. Their favourite subjects, of course, are the cosplayers. Yes, some costumes look amazing and the cosplayers deserve recognition for their hard work, but I see you deliberately taking photos with Wonder Woman and Princess Leia, particularly.


Character 2.0: I've heard some cosplayers spend lots of time and money on their costumes, but when a dude walked by in jeans and a white tee, life-like claws protruding from his knuckles, and a perfected hairstyle, I couldn't help but be impressed. Yes, I thought it was really Wolverine for a second and yes I asked for a photo and I'm sure Hugh Jackman would've been proud. 

The Scrutiniser: Obviously, Iron Man's suit isn't supposed to be a fully functioning one but the scrutiniser refuses to accept this. Passing loud comments about how Batman's cape isn't the right shade of black or how Harley Quinn's hair is "so fake," this person's goal is to criticise all the cosplayers. Sorry to burst your bubble but there's actually a panel of judges for that. Oh, and this person didn't even bother to cosplay in the first place. 

The Parents: Some are here to keep an eye on their teenagers, and with the loud music and crowds they instantly start to regret their decision. Others are here just for the fun of it or to support their cosplaying kids, and it really is nice seeing them relive their childhood thanks to all the comics and the zillion Batman cosplays. 

Salma Mohammad Ali fears she is becoming a crazy cat lady and uses writing as a means to grasp on to sanity. Send her your views/hate/love at


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