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Business Multimedia

Is Bangladesh going towards a deep economic crisis?

How can Bangladesh avoid the economic crisis to deepen further?

Who will benefit from WTO's duty benefit extension?

What are WTO’s duty-free benefits?

How can Bangladesh resolve economic, political problems?

Why is Bangladesh facing economic problems? Why did the country fail to follow the IMF's loan conditions? What are the remedies?

Where can the national debit card 'Taka Pay’ be found?

What can be done with the national debit card? Where can the ‘Taka Pay’ card be found? Will the card end the business of Mastercard and Visa in Bangladesh?

Khulna farmers prefer cultivating beans instead of shrimps

Shrimps were once widely cultivated in Dumuria upazila of Khulna. Now, farmers in this area are moving towards growing vegetables, especially beans. Vegetables from Dumuria are also exported to many countries in Europe

Fishes aplenty at Friday haat

A haat pops up every Friday along the Kaliakoir-Tangail road in Gazipur where buyers find almost all varieties of fish available in the country

Bogra Motors manufactures, exports automobile filters 

There are 350 different types of filters made by Motors Bogra Pvt Ltd, from motorbike filters to car filters. These filters, produced in Bangladesh, are exported overseas as well as being used locally

Has the number of unemployed really decreased in the country?

The number of unemployed in the country has decreased. In other words, more people are involved in economic activities than ever before

Why the cuts in edu, health budget?

Will cuts in allocations to education and health sectors create an obstacle to becoming a developed country?

Can government implement this budget?

No budget in the last 14 years has been implemented fully

Will this budget help foreign trade amid dollar crisis?

Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir, professor and chairman of the development studies department of Dhaka University, talks to The Daily Star about whether the proposed budget for the 2023-24 fiscal year may help the foreign trade of the country amid the persistent dollar crisis

People's thoughts on budget for FY 2023-24

The budget for the financial year 2023-2024 has been presented in the Parliament. What do people think of this budget? What do they expect from it?

A middle-class family’s struggle to stay afloat amid soaring prices

As the cost of living continues to rise, it has becoming increasingly challenging for the middle class to maintain financial stability.

The tale of 52 national budgets

Bangladesh has so far had 52 national budgets, stretching back to the first one in the 1972-73 fiscal year. Watch this video for a recap of the changes the annual national budget underwent over the years.

How did hundred crore taka budget go past lakh crore?

What is the national budget? What is the history of the budget? Since when did the government start using the budget as a tool to manage the income and expenditure of a country and provide funds for development expenditures? And how did Bangladesh's budget increase to this existing volume?

How is national budget made?

The Bangladesh government presents the national budget every June. The national budget for the fiscal year 2023-24 will be announced soon.

Budget FY24: No hike in social safety net allowances

How will the government tackle the dollar crisis, the social safety net, and inflation in the upcoming budget? Planning Minister MA Mannan shares his insights with The Daily Star.

Why are bad loans of public banks rising?

What is the reason for this state of government banks? Does the loan rescheduling opportunity given during the 2020 coronavirus have any role to play here?

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