1971 Bangladesh Genocide

1971 War Killing Fields: Revered but not preserved

An unceremonious monument covered by bushes on three sides is barely visible from the adjacent road. At first sight during our visit in October, it was difficult to make out that the small structure is in fact the memorial of the notorious Pahartoli killing field.

‘I hope our message of tolerance resonates with people’

In a recent interview with The Daily Star, the filmmaker talks about his latest project, political perspectives, motivations and challenges, and more.

‘Bay of Blood’: A powerful call for recognition and justice

Krishnendu Bose’s directorial “Bay of Blood” is a searing feature documentary, a gripping narrative that takes you on a journey through the heart-wrenching history of Bangladesh’s birth, unearthing the chilling truths of a genocide that echoed across the ages.

52nd Anniversary of the Concert for Bangladesh / The unsung heroes who introduced Bangladesh to the world

It is rather astonishing that the government and people of Bangladesh have shown relatively minimal recognition for the two prominent musicians who played a significant role in introducing the country to the world.

When the message of Bangladesh’s liberation travelled on two wheels

Jamal Hasan and his three teammates decided to go on a goodwill mission for the fledgling state to thank the people of the world for supporting their Liberation War.

Vilification of a well-known scholar is a threat to us all

The lack of protest against this undemocratic move is also concerning.

52 years of independence / Stories that we tell ourselves

How should a nation memorialise its history?

Remembering my teacher Dr Jyotirmoy Guhathakurta

On the fateful night of March 25, 1971, Prof Jyotirmoy Guhathakurta was dragged out of his university flat and shot repeatedly on the back by the Pakistan Army.

War and peace and poetry and poets

How can you talk about peace without taking into account war? Both are subjects not only of Tolstoy’s great novel but also of the two founding epic poems of Greek as well as Indian literature.

June 20, 2022
June 20, 2022

Five books I would sell my soul to re-read for the first time

Honeyman gives Eleanor a personality beyond her mental illness.

August 26, 2021
August 26, 2021

The legacy of blood

Henry Kissinger is infamous in Bangladesh for allegedly terming the newly-independent country a “bottomless basket”, but this statement appears to be the least of his crimes against the people of Bangladesh.

April 24, 2019
April 24, 2019

Int’l community urged to recognise genocide of ’71

The International Crimes Tribunal-1 says the global community should recognise the genocide happened in Bangladesh during the Liberation War so that such crimes do not recur.

December 16, 2014
December 16, 2014

Genocide they wrote

These chilling words came from no other person than the chief of Pakistan army for its eastern command, General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi.

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