Eid Film 2024

‘Deyaler Desh’ releases in the US today

“Deyaler Desh”, a government grant-winning film co-produced by Metro Cinema, also stars Azizul Hakim, Shahdat Hossain, Shamapti Mashuk, and Swagata, amongst others.

‘Kajol Rekha’ sees increased hall screenings in second week

The “Kajol Rekha” team also plans to visit more halls and experience such unique interactions regarding direct feedback from the audience. “We hope to visit Narayanganj next week. As a director, there is nothing more satisfying than receiving responses directly from moviegoers.”

‘Omar’ set for release across USA, Canada, and the Middle East

Initially, the film will be released in approximately 20 states’ multiplex theatres across the United States, including New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, and Virginia.

Misha Sawdagar’s Old Dhaka Eid memories makes him emotional

Misha Sawdagor, who has won the hearts of millions with his impeccable performance in Bangladeshi cinema, is juggling multiple projects, reminisces his childhood memories of Eid and shares snippets of his earliest celebrations with The Daily Star.

Shakib Khan talks about 'Rajkumar', shares his plans for Eid celebrations

For over two decades, Eid festivities have been incomplete without the anticipation and excitement for Shakib Khan’s blockbuster releases. Each year, audiences eagerly await his cinematic gifts, turning Eid into a celebration not just of cultural and religious significance but also a cinematic event.

Shakib Khan’s ‘Rajkumar’ secures highest 127 halls, ‘Omar’ second

Amid concerns over the prevailing industry and hall allocation challenges, it was speculated that several of these films might withdraw from the scheduled release.

I’m not afraid of competition: Puja Chery

One of the film's songs, titled “Beshamal”, has already gained significant attention from audiences. Puja opened up about her personal experience and professional journey in a conversation with The Daily Star.

I still get nervous working with Selim: Rosey Siddique

In “Omar”, she will share the screen with her husband and noted actor Shahiduzzaman Selim.

Puja Chery returns to screen after life-altering trauma

From the inception of her career, Puja Chery’s mother, Jorna Roy, who passed away on March 24, has always accompanied her everywhere, being a strong support system for the actress. Despite her grieving heart, she has embraced herself for work.

March 20, 2024
March 20, 2024

Omar Sani starrer ‘Dead Body’ to release on Eid

After the announcement of the film last October, the shooting was conducted in Bandarban. Popular actors Ziaul Roshan and Aunweshha Roy will be playing significant roles in the film.

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