Naimur Rahman

A vibrant end to Kumbh Mela

The 11-day-long 21st International Rishikumbha and Kumbha Mela concluded with the initiation of Pandits yesterday.

Mro boy breaks world record

Football was a relatively foreign concept in the Mro community. However, the magic of football as a game is that it finds itself in the furthest nooks and corners of the world.

Craving shutki? Just head to Ctg Asadganj market

If there’s one thing that can be said for certain about the residents of Chattogram, it’s that they love “shutki” or as they’d like to call it, “funi”.

A new look for CU shuttle train

Chittagong University’s (CU) main means of transport for thousands of students, the shuttle train -- gets a fresh coat of paint in the form of graffiti. 

2021 Sexual assault: CU expels 4 BCL men for a year

Chittagong University authorities yesterday expelled four Bangladesh Chhatra League activists for their involvement in the sexual harassment of two female students on the campus in September last year.

Sexual assault at CU: Two friends of victim stalked by BCL leaders

Two friends of a female student of Chittagong University, who was allegedly sexually assaulted on the campus on July 17, said they were being followed and threatened by several BCL men of the university.

CU admin identifies 2 molesters

The administration of Chittagong University yesterday claimed to have identified two persons who sexually assaulted a female student on the campus on Sunday night.

CU sexual assault: Fingers pointed at BCL men

Those who sexually assaulted a female student on Chittagong University campus on July 17 night are members of Bangladesh Chhatra League, said police sources and CU BCL insiders.

Fishery Ghat: A market unlike any other

From 4 to 9 every morning, different types of fish -- caught from the Bay of Bengal and other sources -- are brought to the port city’s Karnaphuli ghat from wholesale depots. The business is the busiest during night times, taking the numbers to millions.

More than a graveyard

19 Badsha Mia Road, Chattogram, holds an old cemetery on its lands. Except that it’s not just any other cemetery, but rather one with huge historical significance.

Home away from home

With the number of Covid cases on the wane and subsequently, restrictions eased, the campuses across the country are coming back to its old self.

SAMPAN a quintessential Chattogram ride

The dependency of the port city on the Karnaphuli and the availability of the easiest route of communication between north and south Chattogram are considered to be the reason why the fame of the sampan boat took a rise.

Moon ride on ‘chander gari’

Travelling is always a delight, but what makes it even more enjoyable is the various kinds of ride you get to take through the journey.

More than just walls

The Chattogram University campus is already blessed with natural aesthetics. From its greenery to its water bodies, CU is known to bring serenity to those who visit it.

Ctg delivering deep sea fishing boats

“A boat in harbour is safe, but that’s not what boats are built for” -- John Shedd’s famous quote paints a picture of the life of those who make a living out of making or sailing boats. It is, indeed, a life that demands constant movement.

Tale of port city’s own racer

At only 18, Aiman Sadat journeyed all the way from Chattogram to Dubai, to participate in the NGK UAE Pro-Cup Championship held in Dubai Autodrome, a fully integrated and FIA sanctioned sports venue in United Arab Emirates.

Rangamati’s amphibious market!

Rangamati’s Samata Ghat is more than just a ghat. Situated right beside the Banarupa Bazar, it is a go-to place for people of the hill tracts, who use it to trade and transport their daily essentials.

Wildlife boom at CU

The 2,100-acre Chittagong University (CU) campus is blessed with biodiversity. It’s filled with wild animals, mostly due to its geographical location as little forests, massive trees and hillocks surround the entire campus.

Hathazari’s own winter treat

Everyone knows of “jilapis”, but a “chaler jilapi”? Perhaps not many have heard of it, and for good reason.

Uncovering mysteries of sea

Even though life under the sea remains a mystery for many, from time to time, there are some noteworthy breakthroughs.