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None of Bangladesh Railway's 35 projects ending on time

None of the Bangladesh Railway's 35 ongoing projects -- to improve passenger services -- will be completed on time.

Princess Abhaya and her 11 Shiva temples in Abhaynagar

Four hundred and fifty years ago, King Nilkantha Roy used to live on the banks of the Bhairab river somewhere in Jashore. A daughter was born to his household, Princess Abhaya, after whom the place later came to be known as Abhaynagar.

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Fardin murder: How long will it take to solve the mystery?

It has been a month since Fardin's murder. So far, there has been no significant progress in the murder investigation.

How was last week’s stock market

The prime index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange lost 87 points last week from the previous week. The index was red on most of the days of the week so the index remains falling.

Wheat flour prices beyond reach of commoners! But why?

The prices of wheat and foods made with wheat have increased significantly in recent times. What suddenly happened to the local wheat market? Why is the wheat price rising? How much did it rise? What are the factors responsible for the huge price hike?

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Why is IMF loan so important now?

Bangladesh has been facing many economic challenges in the recent periods. Remittance and export earnings both fell at a time when the country’s import payments rose. The balance of payments came under immense pressure as the forex reserve continued declining for the last one year. Because of all these, the local currency has experienced a big depreciation. In this situation, Bangladesh sought a $4.5 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund. Will this IMF loan solve Bangladesh’s economic problems? Why is this loan so important?

Will the country be hit by another wave of coronavirus?

Coronavirus infections are on the wane in the country, as are the death numbers.

Four brave women perform funeral rites of female Covid victims

Four women from Mymensingh have come forward to perform the funeral rites for female Covid-19 deceased -- an altruistic work beyond social stigma and health risk, a work where only male volunteers used to come forward during these distressing times.

Is importing oxygen enough?

Countrywide oxygen demand has increased 4 to 5 times, and still the health ministry is claiming that Bangladesh is not at risk of oxygen shortage. On the other hand, the director general of the health directorate made promises of importing oxygen from India.

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BNP rally: Rajshahi city abuzz with festivity

Hundreds of thousands of BNP men have come to Rajshahi today to join the party's divisional rally. The city is now bustling with processions, and slogans. There are arrays of tents and fire pits for cooking around the venue at Hazrat Shah Makhdum Central Eidgah ground and surrounding areas.

Rash Mela held in Kuakata after 2 yrs

The traditional Rash Mela of the Manipuri community, celebrated by the Bengali Hindu community, was held throughout the night with worship and holy bathing. After a 2-year hiatus due to the coronavirus epidemic, the three-day religious festival has been held at Kuakata's Radhakrishna Temple and Ritithyatri Sevashram.

Traditional boat race on Katcha river of Barishal 

The 164th boat race was held on the Katcha river in Wazirpur upazila of Barisal, to celebrate Lakshmi Puja. Millions of people gathered on both sides of the river to enjoy the traditional boat race.

Children’s stories at Mro’s Jumghar library

There’s a jumghar library at 1300ft above sea level on the chimbuk hill in Bandarban. A local youth by the name of Yangan Mro developed this jumghar as a children’s library. He named it 'Sangchia Tekra, Sangchia Shontara Kim', which translates to 'telling stories, listening to stories'.