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Substandard online food delivery and available legal remedies

In the aftermath of COVID-19 and the rise of technology over the past two years, many restaurants in our country have launched their own online food delivery services.


Right of the taxpayers to protect personal data

Data protection and privacy are recognised as fundamental rights. An individual’s ‘private life’ includes the protection of his or her personal


The Evidence (Amendment) Bill 2022: An appraisal

On August 31, 2022, the Evidence (Amendment) Bill was introduced before the parliament. This Bill will be an Act only after completing some legislative procedures.

Offence of uploading conversations or video clips online

Leaked conversations and video clips often stir the social media platforms. In many cases, the leaked materials interfere with the citizens’ right to privacy and also with the lawful processes of the court. It is thus important to know what the law says in this regard.

The issue of safety of women in public places

Most females who travel outside their homes very often face some kind of verbal abuse, sexual comments, bad touching or stalking, and they are not aware what to do instantly or to whom they should complain.

Will the draft Drug Act establish discipline in the drug sector?

Bangladesh is almost self-sufficient in drug production. Although several drugs are imported from abroad, the country exports more than that. Drugs from

Technology and Human Trafficking

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is celebrated to create more awareness about the offence of human trafficking.

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

30th July is observed around the globe as World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. This year, the theme of the Day is “Use and Abuse of Technology”. In

Improving Access to and Increasing Engagement with Judgments

In general, the research conducted by the legal academe in Bangladesh has not engaged with judgments as much as is the case in some other jurisdictions.

On the Constitutional rights of flood victims

Heavy rains along with the continued onslaught of water from upstream locations in India marooned Sylhet and the neighboring districts jeopardising the residents’ fundamental rights.

Farmers’ rights under the Plant Varieties Protection Act 2019

Extending Intellectual Property (IP) protection to plant varieties – especially in the context of developing and agriculture-based economy like Bangladesh – is fraught with debates.

Legal complications in controlling smoking in public place and transport

Effortless smoking in public places or public transport is nothing new. To control smoking in these public places/transport, we have a special law called the Smoking and Tobacco Products Usage (Control) Act 2005.