Early career job hopping: Why do fresh graduates do it and how is it perceived by employers?

Is early career job hopping a bad thing, and is it ever “too soon” to switch jobs?

BRAC University's move to Merul Badda: Students reflect on Mohakhali memories

As BRAC University (BRACU) begins shifting to its new campus in Merul Badda, students reflect upon their time at Mohakhali – the university’s home for over two decades.

The Eras experience

With The Eras Tour. Taylor Swift showcases why she is one of the best in the industry when it comes to putting on a show.

Is it worthwhile to drop a semester?

The university experience is unquestionably enriching, but it also comes with a lot of pressure, starting with strict academic standards and extending to the arena of personal and social difficulties. The thought of dropping a semester presents a tempting window of escape in such a demanding setting.

How to get your HSC answer scripts rechecked [Update 2023]

A step by step guide on getting HSC scripts rechecked.

JnU gets first female VC

Prof Sadeka Halim of the sociology department at Dhaka University has been appointed as the new vice-chancellor of Jagannath University.

SUST students develop wireless charging electric vehicle

Students from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) have recently developed a prototype of a light-duty electric vehicle that is capable of being charged wirelessly.

Starting a degree in Economics? A teacher tells you what to expect

Economics has a unique way of looking at the world through unique tools and mechanisms. The problem, however, starts here. If you ask the question: What is economics, you could be misled.



Interview with Arun Rajamani, Managing Director, Cambridge University Press and Assessment, South Asia

Arun Rajamani is the Managing Director at Cambridge University Press and Assessment, South Asia. He has been responsible for building the Cambridge University Press and Assessment the brand from the over a year in its journey to becoming a not-for-profit organisation that provides world-leading academic research, learning and assessment globally.

Exploring the world of literary theory

"Get to know your people, and this way you will know yourself."

Making our city beautiful

The artists behind the Moghbazar flyover artwork.

In conversation with Professor Imran Rahman

Sitting down with the vice-Chancellor of University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh (ULAB).

In conversation with Manas Singh, CEO of STS Group

We came up with the concept of “school of life”, a school that prepares students for life, and with that ambition, we launched Glenrich International School.

In conversation with Team Bangladesh – Battle of Minds 2022

The champions of Battle of Minds 2022 tell us more about their experience throughout the competition.


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Elevating Healthcare: SUB's Department of Public Health hosts successful seminar on professional development

The Department of Public Health at SUB continues to lead the way in fostering excellence and empowerment in the healthcare sector.

NSU's SIPG launches new book on “SDGs in South Asia: A Comparative Study of Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka”

The book, published by Prothoma Prokashon, is a culmination of a two-year NSU-funded research project awarded to SIPG.

Masterclass on "Collaborating with a Film Crew" held at ULAB

The Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival (DIMFF) organised the highly anticipated masterclass for filmmakers, students, and enthusiasts to gain insights from one of the industry's most accomplished professionals, at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB), on November 17.

MoU signing between IUBAT and HA-MEEM Group

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between IUBAT and HA-MEEM Group on October 2. Prof. Dr Abdur Rab, Vice-Chancellor, IUBAT, and Jalal Ahmed, Senior Executive of HA-MEEM Group, signed the MoU on behalf of the respective organisations.

AIUB organises conference on English Language and Literature in collaboration with TESOL Society of Bangladesh

American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB), in collaboration with the TESOL Society of Bangladesh, organised “Discover English 2023: Student Conference on English Language and Literature” with the motto “A conference by the students and for the students!”

Unilever Bangladesh celebrates the Grand Finale of the 14th BizMaestros business competition

Unilever Bangladesh Limited (UBL) concluded the 14th edition of its flagship business competition BizMaestros at a grand finale in Dhaka. After a challenging contest among the top five finalists, the team from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Dhaka University, consisting of Shubhashish Chakraborty, Mashrif Hasan Adib, Abir Ershad, lifted the coveted champion's trophy of the business competition.

Pearson Edexcel host Principal Network Meet 2023 in Dhaka

Pearson, the world's leading learning company and the UK's largest awarding body, hosted the Principal Network Meet 2023 at The Westin Dhaka, bringing together school leaders to discuss the transformative role of digitalization and technology in shaping the future of education in Bangladesh.

Campus Life

Campus Life

The implications of grade boundaries on students

University grading scales are far more complicated, with numerous positive and negative grades alongside letter marks.

Why campuses are important for university students

As a student of BRAC University (BRACU), a university that is yet to move to a permanent campus, the importance of having a campus became clearer to me through the sheer irony of writing this article.

What to expect from a Communications degree

Communication entails more than just speaking and listening; it also entails crafting messages that resonate with a variety of audiences, understanding communicators' psychology, and staying current with new trends and technologies.

The importance of counselling in universities

Taking the first step in seeking help is the hardest part. But once you start, life starts getting easier as you go.

Letters from readers – July 20, 2023

This is what readers had to say this week.

The lives of medical students

Being a doctor grants you the privilege of helping fellow human beings. As rewarding and respectable as the medical profession is, the pathway to becoming a doctor is trying and tedious.



How political instability affects students

While online classes are necessary given the situation, they are not a cure.

Why must there be a mandatory minimum university attendance?

Whilst it is not an easy task to do well in tests without attending classes, if a student somehow manages to make up for it by working hard they shouldn’t suffer for it.

Was the six-month semester a good idea for private universities?

The new system has created a looming threat of session jams, something previously unheard of in private institutes.

Why there’s a lack of English medium students applying to public universities

It’s commonly seen that participation from English medium students is comparatively much lower.

The BCS obsession of public university students

Why do many public university students abandon their majors to become BCS cadres?

Should menstrual leaves be issued in educational institutions?

Menstruation, one of the most normal bodily functions, has been branded as taboo since the beginning of time.

Are private universities ready for a two-semester system?

The scenario here has been nothing but rushed and confusing.

Off Campus

Off Campus

Letters from readers – November 23, 2023

This is what our readers had to say this week.

Returning to Haifa – A tale of despair and hope amid the Palestinian catastrophe

In "Returning to Haifa," Ghassan Kanafani explores Palestinian trauma and the complex dynamics of homeland, weaving Arab-Jewish perspectives in a tragic narrative.

Satire / Kid who can draw surprised it's not enough for an Architecture degree

For an individual who took pride in their creativity, Shilpi resorted to the most unoriginal solution to this problem of hers. She aspired to become an architect.

BBA student mistakes normal human interaction for networking

“Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t easy being a BBA undergraduate student,” continued Shadman.

Hell’s Paradise: A fantastic gateway to the world of dark fantasy shounen

Hell’s Paradise’s unapologetically grotesque nature makes it a memorable experience throughout its runtime.

The Poetry of Streets

Arin's vision of street life in monochrome.

Mitski's land is inhospitable and so are we

The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We is far from a conventional studio album. It’s an amalgamation of the delicacies Mitski has mastered over the years.

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