Life & Living

Life & Living

Discovering the world, discovering yourself: The joys of solo traveling

One of the most compelling perks of travelling solo is that one is able to curate the trip however they want without having to comply with the wishes or needs of another.

12h ago

A mother-daughter Euro adventure!

The thought of being solely responsible for my 9-year-old for almost three weeks in a bunch of unknown non-English speaking countries was a bit daunting. However, a voice inside my head whispered; If I missed this opportunity this would be a lifetime regret.

13h ago

The Bangladesh experience: 3 global travel vloggers reveal their stories

Several foreign travel vloggers have visited our country, entertaining Bangladeshis and the rest of the world with their videos on our food, culture, sights and sounds, and people. Their vlogs never fail to create a buzz on YouTube and social media.

13h ago

Taste the best of Bangladesh: Must-try dishes and destinations

With its rich history and culture, most places in Bangladesh offer something of interest. Not only is there plenty to see, but also there’s plenty to taste. Here is a short list (and in no way comprehensive) of places you can travel while treating your palate.

14h ago

THUNDER VLOG: Mirza Abidur Rahman’s motorcycle chronicles

Mirza Abidur Rahman, the creative force behind the YouTube channel THUNDER VLOG, has emerged as an aspiring motovlogger in Bangladesh, taking viewers on mesmerising journeys through his road trips and lens.

14h ago

Exploring Bangladesh's rich history: Eliza Binte Elahi’s extraordinary story

Eliza Binte Elahi is a woman with many monikers and identities. She is a travel vlogger with over 28,000 followers on Facebook. She is a travelogue writer who contributes to major news outlets in Bangladesh and has also published two books.

15h ago

Munzereen Shahid shines bright on her walima

As a beaming Munzereen steps onto the walima stage, she looks like a picture of grace and elegance in an ivory and antique gold ensemble. Her simple makeup is a nod to her uncomplicated, humble personality and her smile, heavy with the promise of a joyful future.

1d ago

#Decor / How to accessorise your bedroom if you are an avid traveller

Imagine looking at your beach pictures of Bali or the textured rugs of Morocco in your bedroom. Whatever the case is, these travel-inspired bedroom design ideas are sure to make your space feel just as amazing as your adventures!

1d ago
Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

Khilgaon street named in honour of Fakir Alamgir

The enduring memory of the legendary folk singer Fakir Alamgir will now be etched forever in the very streets he called home. Today, on the second death anniversary of this eminent musician, Road No 6 of Chowdhurypara in Khilgaon has officially inaugurated as "Fakir Alamgir Road" in presence of Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor, Md Atiqul Islam. 

'No intention to insult': BTS star RM addresses 'Bad Religion' controversy

Yesterday, BTS leader RM went live on Weverse to explain his stance on the "Bad Religion" controversy. Earlier this month, the popular rapper shared Frank Ocean's song, "Bad Religion", on his Instagram Stories. 

3w ago

A K Rahul bids farewell to band Trainwreck after 11 Years

Guitarist, drummer, and music composer A K Rahul has officially said goodbye to the band, Trainwreck after an incredible 11-year musical journey. Rahul took to Facebook to share this significant decision with his fans and followers.

5d ago

The comfort of rereading old books

I often feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of new books that I still want to read—so many stories, so little time—and understand that this is an ambition that rereading can only delay.

Bangladeshi singer Shwapnil Shojib awarded ‘Best Rabindra Sangeet Artiste’ at Ananda Mela LA

With a deep understanding of Rabindranath's message, Shwapnil's melodious voice has managed to spread the charm of Rabindra Sangeet, not only in the hearts of Bangladeshi music lovers, but also to fans around the world.

Riverdale can be anytime, anywhere

Sweet, colourful, and funny, Archie comics were one of the only graphic narratives available for people who weren’t interested in superheroes and really gritty, edgy comics like Batman.

World Music Day / Scrounging revelations out of music

I don't remember at what point in life I learned to recognize the fallacy behind the not-like-other-girls phenomenon and discarded it for an all-encompassing love for female friendship and solidarity, in acceptance of femininity in all its forms. But I do know that Taylor Swift played a significant role in it.

Musician, vlogger Bushra Shahriar ties the knot

Bushra Shahriar is a musician, vlogger, and a PHD student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.



Jessia in action

"The character of agent Rupa drew me to the script. Her unbreakable spirit and her fight against crime captivated me," said Jessia Islam on her debut film "MR-9: Do or Die".

2w ago

The enigmatic Tawsif

While Tawsif Mahbub does look forward to exploring streaming platforms and dreams of making it to the global stage, his current focus is solely on tele-productions.

3w ago

Jumping from billboards to OTT

Borno was also featured in Chorki’s web-series “Mercules”, where she donned the role of Anamika. “Natasha and Anamika are two different types of personas. Anamika is an extrovert who loves her friends and enjoys her life to the fullest. On the other hand, Natasha's personality is very complex. She is ambitious and a workaholic.” 

4w ago

From ‘girl next door’ to multifaceted star: 10 years of Safa Kabir

The tenacious actor, Safa Kabir who has completed a decade in show business, wanted to be a fashion designer growing up.

Inside Saba's world

With dance being her first love, Sohana Saba gradually molded her inner artiste into different forms of arts—modelling, anchoring and prominently acting. The “Ayna” famed actor is expecting a couple of projects—“Oshombhob” and “Maniker Lal Kakra”, to be released soon. She dropped by The Daily Star for some coffee.

Dhaka’s burgeoning concert industry: Organisers scramble to find their niche

In a city where most youth are confined to social circle jerks of restaurants and malls; these concerts are much-needed injections of life. Whilst there is a risk of fatigue and overuse, as it is with any industry, it is important that organisers persevere and stick to what makes them unique.

From Santiniketan to ‘Shondhatara’

Destiny pushed Sunidhi towards Rabindra Sangeet, and her love for classical music took a back seat. Then “Shondhatara” came along and changed her life—her voice and cracking chemistry with Arnob captivated the audience.

Mahfuz Ahmed’s stunning reincarnation 

The charming Mahfuz Ahmed made a stunning return to the silver screen as the passionate ‘Mona’ in Chayanika Chowdhury’s “Prohelika”.

Star Health

Star Health

Dengue: Dhaka hospitals / Still grappling with patients from outside

Though the Directorate General of Health Services recently requested health officials outside the capital not to refer patients to Dhaka, the number of patients from outside still remains high.

6h ago

Dengue death toll crosses 900

This month witnessed more than 300 dengue deaths as the toll crossed 600-mark on Sept 2; 700 on Sept 8; and 800 on Sept 16

11h ago

Dengue prevention: What people and the government should do

Bangladesh’s dengue situation is critical, with one of the highest mortality rates in the world and the worst outbreak in history. This outbreak stems from the abundance of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and the presence of the virus in human populations.

1d ago

World-class nuclear medicine facility can help Bangladeshi patients reduce travel to abroad for cancer diagnosis

Cancer is a major health problem in Bangladesh, with an estimated 156,775 new cases and 108,990 cancer deaths in 2020. The most common cancers in Bangladesh are lung cancer, breast cancer, and cervical cancer.

1d ago

Have a nice Day / Stoicism embracing kindness & compassion in a philosophy of virtue - Part II

Stoicism used to be practiced by the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius and is still followed by today’s social emperor Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and many others. It is a way of life planned to make people more resilient, happier, virtuous, and eventually better individuals and authorities.

1d ago

Tackling hypertension: AI-powered personalised treatments offer hope

High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects a staggering 1.28 billion people globally and is linked to serious health issues like heart disease and stroke. What is troubling is that it often goes unnoticed since symptoms are not always apparent. Regular check-ups are crucial for detection.

1d ago

Cervical cancer prevention awareness programme held

Surjer Hashi Network recently organised counselling sessions to raise awareness about cervical cancer in its 134 clinics across the country, says a press release. About 2,500 women participated in the counselling session. Such sessions will help in both prevention and early detection of this deadly disease.

1d ago

AI-SAROSH workshop in sparks innovative AI projects for reproductive health in South Asia

AI-SAROSH, an AI-powered platform aiming to revolutionise access to Sexual Reproductive and Maternal Health (SRMH) resources and services in South Asia, hosted the 2023 Grant Cycle Co-Design Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence for Sexual and Reproductive Health for South Asia” from September 13 to 17, 2023, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

1d ago


New iPhone comes with more features, but nothing that makes you actually attractive

The radical iPhone 15 launched a week ago with features that boggled the mind of smartphone users a decade ago. Apple adopted the USB-C charger that was first seen in 2014 when China’s Le smartphone launched it. No one remembers because the powerpoint presentations were not as polished back then.  

1w ago

Additional brutality commissioner reprimanded for beating the wrong kind of people

The six-time-heavy-baton champion Additional Brutality Commissioner (ABC) Marum-Ek-Ghushi struck again (quite literally) and this time the blow unfortunately fell upon Chapasthan Young Men (CYM) members. The consequences were dire.  

1w ago

Satire / Bangladeshi toddler named in Shorbes 3 under 3

Azlazin Zafriath, a two-year-old from Dhaka, has been named in the prestigious Shorbes 3 under 3 2023 list.  

1w ago

Structure thought to be incomplete bridge was a completed shade all along

Ten years ago, construction of a bridge started over a fully functional road in the Kauwwasaki upazila of Bangladesh costing the people a hefty Tk 55 lakh. It stopped midway causing massive confusion, consternation and other difficult words to pop across the minds of IELTS students of that area.  

2w ago

Husband keeps making excuses to get on expressway, wife fed up

A wife in the capital has become exasperated following the opening of the elevated expressway as her husband refuses to take any other road, even though the expressway doesn’t yet serve the areas where they live or work.  

2w ago

Deshi Christopher Nolan ready with local Oppenheimer to fight against imported Jawan

Whoever thought the battle between Oppenheimer and Barbie was over, is actually living in a fool’s paradise.  

2w ago

Management trainee embraces ‘ownership mindset’, takes home office equipment

Police have raided his house for the equipment but none was found. The police, unsure what to do next, arrested him anyway, because why not!

3w ago

Cities that looked like Europe from the sky now looking like the Pacific

Once one of the greatest actors of our galaxy compared the cities of Chapasthan with those of Europe. He was so overawed by the celestial appearance of his country’s cities that he could not resist rating European cities lower. 

3w ago


The iPhone 15 Pro's camera can be a true game changer

The recent launch of Apple's iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max has set the tech world abuzz, and for good reason. While the device is teeming with top-tier features, it is the camera that truly commands attention. Offering a set of functionalities that can rival some professional cameras, Apple's latest offering is not just an incremental upgrade; it's a significant leap forward from its predecessors, particularly the iPhone 14 Pro.

1w ago

Editor's Note / Embracing the inevitable

And thus, we invite our readers to embark on the next exhilarating journey with Tech & Startup!

So long, goodbye

The sun may set, but the journey never truly ends. Stay tuned for our next adventure!

Bytes / Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: The ultimate ultra

Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, takes centre stage as a powerful contender in the smartphone market. While some might argue that the design changes are subtle and the price tag is on the higher side, there's no denying that this device excels in certain key areas, especially when it comes to photography.

Cover Story / Every end marks a new beginning

To our readers, thank you for your unwavering support and loyalty. We invite you to join us in embracing this new beginning and be a part of the exciting journey that lies ahead. Together, let us explore the endless possibilities that technology and startups offer, celebrating the innovative spirit that drives us all.

Huawei completes 25 years in Bangladesh

Huawei, the multinational technology corporation, has recently completed 25 years in Bangladesh. The organisation held a celebration event on 20 July, where they thanked their partners and stakeholders for years of support. 

Safeguarding workspaces from escalating cyber attacks: A comprehensive guide

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how organisations can safeguard their data, secure their employees' information, prevent cyber attacks, and respond effectively in case of a breach.

The setting sun

With that, let’s join hands in hopes of a brighter future. Keep in mind that everytime the sun sets, the promise of a better tomorrow awaits. A new journey is always right around the corner. 

In Focus

In Focus

The Political Origin of Hunger in Bangladesh

Historical evidence suggests that almost every year before independence in 1971, present-day Bangladesh consistently grappled with a widespread shortage of food grains.

6h ago

SOULS: Through the eyes of its founder, Sazed Ul Alam

I returned to Chattogram from the Liberation War on December 20, 1971 with my nephew,

1w ago

At Home And In Foreign Lands / Syed Mujtaba Ali between Bengal and Afghanistan

Historically, Afghanistan, and its cities Kabul and Peshawar, were central in the Mughal imagination as the space where the idea of Hindustan took shape.

2w ago

Reflecting on ‘Amar Dekha Rajnitir Ponchash Bochor’

As I delved into the autobiographical works of Abul Mansur Ahmad, it became evident that he had a penchant for plain speaking, avoiding embellishments.

3w ago

The Portrayal and Relevance of Women in Kazi Nazrul Islam’s Novels

Kazi Nazrul Islam is our National Poet, but, in addition to writing poetry and composing songs, he also wrote fiction. In fact, Nazrul’s first publication was not poetry, but the short story “Baundeler Atmakahini” (The Autobiography of a Vagabond), published in Saogat in May 1919.

4w ago

The many meanings of Partition 1947 and beyond

My memory is again in the way of your history.      Agha Shahid Ali

100th Birth Anniversary of SM Sultan / My heart doesn’t desire to speak about Sultan

I had once written extensively about S.M. Sultan. Why? Because it felt essential to make our ‘art authorities’ aware that he was a rare talent, although many were unwilling to accept it. Thus, the pen became my last resort.

152nd Birth Anniversary of Abanindranath Tagore / “The Ever-Falling Darkness of History”

In the opening years of the twentieth century, Abanindranath Tagore (1871– 1951), Rabindranath’s nephew and a prominent artist living at the Tagore palazzo in Calcutta, Jorasanko, made a trio of paintings depicting the Emperor Shah Jahan (r. 1628–58) at different stages of his life, together with his great monument to love, the Taj Mahal.

Star Youth

Star Youth

Leisure time is not wasted time

We need to stop denigrating leisure as a waste of time or something to feel guilty about.

12h ago

Bangladeshi activists join Global Climate Strike

The climate strike was held in Bangladesh is a part of the Global Climate Strike organised by Fridays for Future.

1w ago

Making the jump from O level to A level

It only takes a few weeks into A levels for students to realise the stark difference between O and A levels.

1w ago

Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park becomes Bangladesh's first free Bangla book reading destination

On September 9, Grow Your Reader Foundation (GYRF) celebrated a significant milestone with the inauguration of two new Book Garages in collaboration with Goofi at the Justice Shahbuddin Ahmed Park, Gulshan. 

1w ago

How independent learning can enhance the academic performance of university students

Independent learners can tailor their own pace and schedule of learning outside the classroom to work on their shortcomings. 

2w ago

Making a study playlist that works for you

A step-by-step guide to help you make your personalised study playlist.

3w ago

Albums that feel like a goodbye

Here are some of the albums that you should listen to for processing the most bittersweet and complex of emotions – bidding goodbye.

Learning English: A guide that doesn’t involve books

Here’s a breakdown of a few other ways you can boost your English skills.



Avik Anwar conquers Malaysia Championship Series Round 4

Avik Anwar, the racing sensation from Bangladesh, has created history at the Malaysia Championship Series Round 4 by winning the 300-kilometer, 3-hour race entirely on his own. Out of 58 competitors, Avik emerged as the victor, becoming the first and only Bangladeshi to achieve this feat and the sole Bangladeshi to win on international soil in motorsports to date.

12h ago

Decoding the EV craze: Are they just a hype?

The increasing impact of climate change and the impending consequences are often disregarded by a significant portion of the world's population. Despite discussions on this topic for over a few decades, there seems to be little progress in conveying the urgency of the situation. In general we know that Bangladesh, along with other low-lying countries, will sink due to climate change. As sea levels rise, these countries, including Bangladesh, will be submerged. The higher the sea level, the larger the affected area will be submerged or sink. It is difficult to quantify the exact extent of this impact. Today, we will not delve into the measurements of this impact, but rather focus on our collective understanding and the actions we are taking in response.

6d ago

Mercedes-Benz buses now available in Bangladesh

Rancon Trucks and Buses Limited has recently launched the chassis for the Mercedes-Benz OF 1623 bus in Bangladesh. The chassis comes in two variants and is powered by Mercedes-Benz's OM 906 engine, which produces 6393 cc and 810 Nm @ 1600 RPM.

1w ago

SHIFT / Car modification 101: What to know before revamping your ride

The excitement of owning your first car often comes with an itch to personalise it. Whether your goal is to improve performance or simply to make a style statement, the world of car modifications offers endless possibilities. However, the sheer number of options available can be overwhelming for beginners. In this article, we outline some of the most effective and beginner-friendly modifications that enhance both aesthetics and drivability.

1w ago

Country’s first electric vehicle manufacturing plant underway in Chattogram

Bangladesh is propelling itself into the future of sustainable transportation with a colossal investment in electric vehicle manufacturing. According to reports, Bangladesh Auto Industries Limited is investing Tk 1440 crore to build the country's first electric car factory. Located in Bangabandhu Shilpa Nagar Economic Zone in Mirsarai, Chattogram, the plant is set to roll out its first cars by March next year.

1w ago

Caltex Lubricants partners with Bangladesh’s motorsports legend Avik Anwar

Bangladesh’s ace motorsports legend Avik Anwar recently struck a brand partnership deal with Rock Energy Limited, the exclusive distributor of Caltex & Chevron Lubricants in the country.

2w ago

Solid-state batteries: the future of the EV industry?

Central to the recent rise of EVs is an ongoing competition between two battery technologies: solid-state batteries, which promise enhanced performance and safety, and traditional lithium-ion batteries, which have served as the workhorse of the EV industry.

2w ago

BMW shifts focus to 'Neue Klasse' to compete with Tesla

BMW is revisiting its historical innovation, the "Neue Klasse," this time as an all-electric offering.

3w ago
Daily Star Books

Daily Star Books

Book Review: Fiction / Western Lane: Grief unfolding on squash court

There is more squash in the book than most readers will take a liking to, but the game sometimes works as a metaphor for the bigger picture.

8h ago

BOOK REVIEW: NONFICTION / Around the world in bookstores

Spectacular is the bookstore in Buenos Aires El Ateneo Grand Splendid; a former opera house built in 1903 and now shelved with books in a massive remodelling exercise.

BOOK REVIEW: NONFICTION / A modern love story in translation

I became an ardent admirer of Amrita Pritam, the maverick Punjabi author, an outspoken critic of the Indian patriarchy and discriminating social practices, three decades back in New York when I was putting together an anthology of world feminist poems in Bangla translation.

4d ago

ESSAY / RRReading

Even if you are not a film enthusiast, chances are high that you have watched the 2022 Telegu blockbuster RRR. At the very least, you should have heard about it.

4d ago

Tribute / The alter ego of Agatha Christie

Absorbing these books is like viewing the world through the writer’s eyes—the pain she felt, the love she did not receive and the manner she perceived the people around her.

4d ago

Tribute / The fearless, experimental poetry of Binoy Majumdar

As time passed by and as the poet made an introspection in seclusion, he dug up such verses which to the reader might feel like a revelation of truth.

6d ago

Book review: Nonfiction / The records of resilience

Much of the reminiscences in The Murti Boys encompass the grittiness of staving off the Pakistanis with little weaponry and a great deal of quick thinking. 

5d ago

News report / Eminent author, journalist Gita Mehta passes away

Mehta also directed the documentary film Dateline Bangladesh based on her time stationed in Bangladesh during the war.

1w ago
Star Holiday

Star Holiday

Heritage homes of Old Dhaka / A link to a bygone era

Would you believe if I say a heritage and architectural wonder of Dhaka is being used as a fire service station and home to dozens of families?

2d ago

LONG READ / Yunnan province of China

One has to visit China to discover its incredible diversity and breathtaking beauty.

Kyrgyzstan: A tale of an eagle and a bond

The eagle man was waving at us; he wanted to tell us something. Our Kyrgyz driver was eager to start the 200 kilometres return journey to Bishkek after a day-long trip. However, we stopped to listen to what he had to say, and what we got remained the highlight of the tour.

Morocco: a timeless wonder

Nestled between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco unveils a treasure trove of vibrant colours, cultural heritage, and centuries-old traditions that captivate a traveller. From the mesmerising Sahara desert to picturesque beaches, majestic mountains, bustling souks, delectable cuisine, and enchanting riads, Morocco seamlessly blends the allure of bygone eras with the modern world.

Meghalaya land of majestic waterfalls

It was a hilly meandering road skirting the India-Bangladesh border. By-passing a dense betel nut orchard, our car was heading towards Syndai, a village of Meghalaya.

Around the world on a Vespa: The ‘no-plan’ nomadic life

For those of us wedded and welded to our routine-ruled existences, there is an almost jealous fascination about people like Vespanda Ilario Lavarra.

The Galapagos: The land of evolution

They say the beauty of the Galapagos can’t be explained. It can only be experienced.

The yellow days in Hanoi

When I visited Hanoi in 2019, I only had a chance to catch a whiff of Vietnam’s capital. I took a glance at all the splotches of yellow architecture in awe and had little to no idea how to navigate myself in a town that hardly communicated in English. But even then, Hanoi found a place of eternal fondness in my heart and gave me a gift of familiarity that I couldn’t make much sense of at the time.

Weekend Read

Weekend Read

Crack Platoon / The vanguard of Dhaka’s independence

On June 9, 1971, six guerilla freedom fighters were on the way to the Intercontinental Hotel (InterContinental Dacca) in a hijacked Datsun 1000 car around 6:30pm. Shahidullah Khan Badol was driving, while Kamrul Huq Shopon and Masud Sadek Chullu, Habibul Alam, Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya, and Ziauddin Ali Ahmed were carrying three hand grenades each.

2d ago

Totail Beel in peril

Just a decade ago, Totail Beel, surrounded by unspoiled and pristine nature, could be reached from the Buriganga river.

1w ago

Dhaka’s educational heritage

In 400-year-old Dhaka, a few educational institutes have stood the test of time. These century-old schools have played a significant role in shaping the education and culture of the city and beyond and have produced notable individuals who have left their mark on the national and world stages.

2w ago

A testimony to earliest sculpting techniques of Bengal

A rare Vishnu statue has recently been discovered during visits to several archaeological sites in Sarail upazila of Brahmanbaria.

3w ago

Weekend Read / Remnants of a wrestlers’ nest

Kushti, also known as pehlwani, a form of traditional wrestling contested in the sub-continent, was once a popular sport in Dhaka after having originated during the Mughal period.

Kushti’s legacy untarnished despite its downfall in Dhaka

While Dhaka’s traditional kushti is dying down, the scenario in other parts of the country is not bleak by any means. Many kushti events still take place outside the capital.

Arctic Circle: A trip to the land of glaciers

How vast is our planet? The answer may lie in how we perceive it. On the grand cosmic scale, the earth is minuscule, a mere speck invisible even under the most powerful microscope. However, on a human scale, it is truly enormous. 

NARINDA CHRISTIAN CEMETERY / A silent witness to Dhaka’s history

With falling leaves, worn-out epitaphs and gravestones, and rustle of breeze whispering tales from four centuries ago -- Dhaka Christian Cemetery, known to city dwellers as Narinda or Wari cemetery, has been the resting place of many known or unsung heroes for decades.