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Leisure time is not wasted time

We need to stop denigrating leisure as a waste of time or something to feel guilty about.

11h ago

Bangladeshi activists join Global Climate Strike

The climate strike was held in Bangladesh is a part of the Global Climate Strike organised by Fridays for Future.

1w ago

Making the jump from O level to A level

It only takes a few weeks into A levels for students to realise the stark difference between O and A levels.

1w ago

Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park becomes Bangladesh's first free Bangla book reading destination

On September 9, Grow Your Reader Foundation (GYRF) celebrated a significant milestone with the inauguration of two new Book Garages in collaboration with Goofi at the Justice Shahbuddin Ahmed Park, Gulshan. 

1w ago

How independent learning can enhance the academic performance of university students

Independent learners can tailor their own pace and schedule of learning outside the classroom to work on their shortcomings. 

2w ago

Making a study playlist that works for you

A step-by-step guide to help you make your personalised study playlist.

3w ago

Albums that feel like a goodbye

Here are some of the albums that you should listen to for processing the most bittersweet and complex of emotions – bidding goodbye.

Learning English: A guide that doesn’t involve books

Here’s a breakdown of a few other ways you can boost your English skills.

The lingering effects of familial unemployment on young people

The psychological costs of one’s parents going into unemployment are extremely nuanced

Managing friendships in an open-credit system

Making friends in university can be tricky. The whole experience gets another cascading layer of complication if you happen to study at a university with an open-credit system.

UCB commemorates graduates at Monash College graduation convocation 2023

Universal College Bangladesh (UCB), a branch of Monash University, hosted its second-ever Monash College Graduation Convocation on July 9.

Reuniting with your long-distance friends

Reunion with your long-distance friends, for many, is a long-awaited moment that at times feels impossible.

How academic writing took a toll on my creative writing skills

Writing is a demanding mental activity, whether for pleasure or for a class, it should never be taken lightly.

Concert organisers need to do better

Managing sales and picking out the right venue is crucial if Dhaka is headed down the road of indoor concerts.

What to pack when commuting on a bicycle to class

Commuting with a bicycle to classes has become a viable alternative for many students.

Why daycares are important for working parents

Despite the growing need, the number of quality daycare centres is still relatively low in the country.

5 YouTube channels to help you prepare for the SAT

Five of the best YouTube channels to help you prepare for the SATs.

Restrictive upscale areas in Dhaka make commuting a nightmare for students

We, who are meant to grow up and eventually inherit the city, deserve better treatment.