The story of rickshaw art in Bangladesh

Rickshaw painting is an art unique to Bangladesh with its unusual burst of colours. What started with a view to attracting more customers with colourful rickshaws has now become an ambassador of our lives. UNESCO recently recognised rickshaws and rickshaw paintings as intangible cultural heritage.

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The trips that never happened

Interior designer Nahid Hazarika Ety fell prey to a travel scam after responding to a Facebook ad by Tripkart, a travel agency promising Dubai and Qatar tours for Tk 1 lakh. Ety realised she was scammed when the agency ceased communication after receiving payment, leading her to file a case with Banani Police Station.

Planning a Cox’s Bazar trip? Here are places you must visit

When one thinks of Cox's Bazar, images of the endless sandy beach kissed by the gentle waves of the sea come to mind. Here, you will equally find a tapestry of wonders – from lush jungles and parks to serene temples – there's so much more to charming Cox’s Bazar than meets the eye. As the railway service commences on the Dhaka-Cox's Bazar route, it brings with it the promise of convenience and a unique way to discover the treasures this coastal jewel holds as Cox’s Bazar has come closer to us all!

Passion for exploration: My personal journey

Born at Chatkhil in Noakhali, Ashraful completed his SSC from home and then moved to Dhaka to complete his HSC at Tejgaon College. He subsequently pursued a BBA and MBA at Eastern University, where he not only focused on his business studies but also explored the field of journalism working as a part-time journalist.

Food & Recipes

Food & Recipes

Recipes of the season: Delicious appetisers for winter parties

The calm weather and early sunsets make winter evenings perfect for soirees and cosy gatherings. No wonder we see a rise in the number of playful occasions during this time of the year! And no celebration is complete without good food, especially when winter brings with it a fresh haul of special produce. Here are some easy recipes to make using winter produce to keep your guests entertained and winter gatherings fun!

Fresh on the shelves: Buying organic products

While buying agro-produce from local bazaars, superstores, or even farmer’s markets, we want to ensure that the products are free from insecticides and other harmful chemicals. To avoid such harmful products, many of us are now opting for organic foods.

Pizza recipes with unique twists to keep your tummy on edge

It does not always have to come sliced in triangles inside a square box; you can take the flavour combination and create your versions of pizza in various shapes and sizes. Turn it into a tart; bite-sized cups; or even give a little twist to the recipe — the sky is the limit.

Making perfectly spicy peanut butter noodles

A pack of noodles is arguably one of the most versatile ingredients in the pantry. This rendition is a lip-smacking one with sweetness from the peanut butter and spiciness from the chillies, and you can make it using instant noodles!

Oats recipes for a hearty meal

Contrary to popular belief oats are not only an ideal breakfast dish but also perfect to make a lot of delicious dishes. If your heart desires dosas, a hotchpotch on a rainy November (not an unlikely weather prediction), or some cakes, know that these can all be made from oats!

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

Want healthy skin? Consider eating these special foods

Nowadays, more and more research on the relationship between food and health is pointing to the fact that one's dietary choices have a major impact on skin health as they age. If you want to get a glowing skin, the following foods can help!

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Where do women fit in during Movember and in men’s health conversations

The month of November has a multitude of movements that are observed and celebrated, be that those movements are officially recognised or ones that we observe unofficially. One of these movements, and perhaps one of the most significant, is ‘Movember’. The entire month of November is recognised as ‘Movember’ and dedicated to raising awareness for men’s health.

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Why journaling matters

The act of journaling is not merely putting pen to paper; it’s a gateway to self-discovery, a path to healing, and a way to navigate the bustling world with clarity and purpose. Journaling inspires creativity as a writer and a sense of self-acceptance, as one begins to see events and emotions from a different perspective. It also helps us rewrite our own narrative, once, twice, weekly, daily, until we find a story that empowers us; a story of learning and healing and growth.

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The power of Ayurveda: Fortify your immunity with natural remedies

It’s not enough to rely on pharmaceuticals to save us when we are sick. We need to make our constitutions strong through yoga and herbal supplements that have been known to help humans for centuries.

Why sleep isn’t the only 'shut-eye' men need

Yes, even if you snooze there (or in your comfy bed), you might still wake up feeling like you just wrestled a hawker to save just Tk 20. Why? Because, surprise, sleep and rest are as different as biriyani and polao — similar, but not quite the same.

Dance your way to fitness: The House of Grooves BD revolutionises weight loss

Most people are unable to complete their weight loss journeys because of the gruelling mental and physical aspects involved in the process. There are just way too many blockers involved and at a certain point, our minds and bodies would naturally want to give in and give up. What if we told you that Sanam Reza has found a way to get past all of these blockers?

Yoga's miracle cure: Nauli Kriya and its impact on gut health

Nauli Kriya is a yogic cleansing practice that involves isolating and churning the abdominal muscles and organs. While it's not a direct treatment for medical conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, or gas problems, some practitioners and yogic traditions believe that it can have a positive impact on digestive health.

High levels of microplastic in salt: Reasons to be concerned

A recent research by Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) has detected high levels of microplastic in the salt collected from 12 salt-producing sites in Cox's Bazar and Chattogram. What makes this even more alarming is the lack of awareness we have regarding this subject matter in Bangladesh.

Life & Living Multimedia

Life & Living Multimedia

My Dhaka / Comrade, give me a cup!

Yet, the tiny, yellow-walled tea stall attracts customers like bees to flowers.  “Comrade, give me a cup,” is how they ask for tea.

The colourful cauliflowers of Bangladesh

Instead of the regular old white cauliflowers - you can now have cauliflowers that are red, yellow, pink, or purple.

Shankha Dasgupta: Meet the genius behind Guti

Shankha Dasgupta is the genius behind Guti, and anyone who has followed his work over the years knows precisely how exceptional he is. The much-anticipated show, Guti, came out on Chorki in January, leaving the viewers binging.

Despite charging fees, needs of passengers neglected

<p>Terminal fees are being imposed on passengers travelling to India. However, there are currently no provisions for the use of restrooms at the Benapole International Passenger Terminal. </p><p>Find out more in today's Star Newsbytes</p>

#Perspective / Wasfia Nazreen: Don’t let ageism break your spirit

The mere fact that Wasfia Nazreen, even with her extraordinary achievements and so many accolades to her name, has to face these needless validations should not come as a surprise to the world, because the reality is that ‘below average mentality’ strikes everywhere, is highly deep-rooted, and pays zero respect to any type of accomplishment.

Beyond gender norms: Nurse Hochemin Islam's stand for transgender equality

Hochemin Islam, a name that echoes resilience and courage, continues to break barriers by challenging societal norms. She leaves an enduring mark on the narrative of transgender empowerment in Bangladesh and beyond.

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Jane Dipika Garrett: Breaking barriers in Miss Universe 2023

This year, the Miss Universe pageant represented a change. With contestants hailing from all over the globe in a wide range of races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and body sizes the Miss Universe 2023 was notable for its diversity. It was here that Jane Dipika Garrett, Miss Nepal 2023, shattered conventional beauty standards.

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Dressed to impress: 5 celeb-inspired bridal looks you can't ignore

For every bride, the dress is not just fabric and lace; it is a manifestation of dreams spun over a lifetime. The anticipation of that first glimpse in the mirror – adorned in a wedding dress that reflects her soul – is a moment etched in the heart. Celebrity weddings are a constant source of inspiration, showcasing extravagant ceremonies and elegant fashion choices. So, brides-to-be, take note!

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Is your relationship healthy or overly possessive?

Feeling protective towards your partner, married or otherwise, often stems from a deep-seated commitment. It is natural, sometimes healthy even, when you feel responsible for your partner. However, there is a fine line between being protective and dominating or controlling your loved ones.

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Why millennials find traditional grocery runs a chore

While their predecessors may reminisce fondly about the charm of strolling through aisles and handpicking produce at the local market, millennials often perceive this routine as a drag. But why is there a noticeable shift in sentiment, and what factors contribute to this apparent aversion to the traditional grocery shopping experience?

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Rollercoaster romance: Navigating love's emotional highs and lows

Love, they say, is a wild ride full of ups, downs, and unexpected loops. If you've ever been married, you know that navigating the emotional spectrum of your spouse can sometimes feel like riding a roller coaster blindfolded. One moment you're cruising on Cloud Nine, and the next, you're hurtling through the twists and turns of their feelings.

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Why do men keep their guard up?

What stops men from opening up? One has to dive deeper, like a diver exploring the depths of the ocean. Externally, societal norms play their part. The expectation of being stoic, the fear of judgement, and the stereotype of manliness being synonymous with emotional fortitude create an invisible barrier. It's like donning an armour 24/7 that's supposed to keep you safe from anything and everything unwelcome, but instead, paradoxically, it becomes a cage.

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Secrets to youthful skin from the world’s oldest beauty adviser

Tomoko Horino, at age 100, is the world's oldest beauty adviser, still working to this day, giving advice to her clients on how to maintain a youthful lifestyle and skin.

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Married man’s dilemma: Why buddies and backpacks take a back seat post-wedding

Post-marriage men often find themselves carrying a different kind of backpack — filled not with snacks and maps, but with responsibilities, familial expectations, and a never-ending list of to-dos. Gone are the days of impromptu trips to Cox’s Bazar. Now, it's more about family planning, budgeting for groceries, or attending in-laws' get-togethers.

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Challenges of being a sensitive man in the real world

You might think that living in an era of unprecedented empathy and sensitivity would be a sign of the rise of the sensitive man. Contrary to the situation, the realm of the sensitive man is still shrouded by doubt, unfair treatment, and stigma. Why though? Why is it that nice guys are destined to finish last? What makes being sensitive such an issue even in this modern society?

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Strength in solidarity: 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is an annual international campaign that spans from 25 November, the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day. This campaign aims to mobilise individuals and organisations globally to raise awareness and take action against all forms of violence and discrimination faced by women and girls.

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Taking Bangladeshi craftsmanship to the global stage

Many individuals and organisations are tirelessly working to preserve and restore these crafts. Take for example, Revival, an initiative working on renewing thousand-year-old traditions. A joint venture of Bangladesh and Japan, it seeks to delve into the rich artisanal history of Bangladesh but from the perspective of the aesthetic sense of the Japanese.

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The Grit Blueprint: 8 simple steps to boost your mental strength

When the going gets tough, having a strong mind can be like having a superpower, the power to rise above difficulties and keep going. This is your go-to manual for turning everyday folks into mental superheroes, equipped with the resilience to handle tough times and the determination to face challenges head-on.

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Dos and don'ts: A guide to safety during earthquake

Although extremely unpredictable, earthquakes are a reality we must be prepared for.

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A purr-fect farewell: Closure of Capawcino Cat Café

Capawcino Cat Café, at Bashundhara R/A, gained immense popularity within a very short time among cat lovers and gourmets alike.

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Evolving bedrooms: Decorating your shared haven after marriage

After getting married, combining two different worlds into one peaceful household can be challenging. Each partner brings their distinct interests and preferences into shared living spaces, accommodating and transforming them into a home for them both. The bedroom, a shelter of connection and rest, may undergo the most change.

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When parenthood creates distance in a marriage

A path set forth with the hopes of love, friendship, and common goals, frequently runs into unforeseen obstacles. Arriving at a child's life is one such challenge that many couples face. Occasionally, what starts out as the realisation of a common goal can inadvertently cause a drift that turns the couple from husband and wife into devoted but estranged parents.

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Gwyneth Paltrow on Brad Pitt’s Le Domaine

Clinking glasses with numerous celebrities who have previously introduced their own beauty and grooming collections, Brad Pitt unveiled his inaugural wellness product line, Le Domaine, in September 2022. When asked about the actor’s foray into a genderless skincare line recently, his ex-fiancé, actress Gwyneth Paltrow gushed, “Yeah, it’s really beautiful.”

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Embracing facial hair: The significance of No-Shave November

The origin of the movement — Movember — can be traced back to 2003 in Melbourne Australia, a point in time when keeping a moustache was no longer considered an in-thing.

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Beyond gender norms: Nurse Hochemin Islam's stand for transgender equality

Hochemin Islam, a name that echoes resilience and courage, continues to break barriers by challenging societal norms. She leaves an enduring mark on the narrative of transgender empowerment in Bangladesh and beyond.

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