Summer and sundresses!

The inglorious Bangladeshi summer is here with a drumroll, or rather, heatwaves! Call it what you will, but summers do allow us a lot of liberty in terms of fashion. One can experiment with sleeves, cuts, colours and most importantly, silhouettes. Sundresses are an eternal favourite for summer. Easy, breezy and beautiful — what’s not to like? In fact, a survey had proven that women wearing sundresses exude more confidence and appear chic and pulled together.

#Relationships / 10 things you should know about Kabin-Nama

The concept of marriage has persisted through the millennia in several civilisations and countless societies. Through the ages, lots have changed the idea of unison and have been amended to allow both husband and wife to coexist without any bars holding them back. Nowadays, marriage is considered a legal contract, making Kabin-Nama (also referred to as Nikah Nama) the rule book. The Kabin-Nama form is drafted so that a couple can set the terms and conditions of the marriage according to their preferences.

#Guides / Ways to babyproof your home for your toddler

As a parent, babyproofing your home becomes a top priority when your child becomes a toddler. Here are some ways to babyproof your home if you have a toddler.



CAAB lifts last of Covid curbs for incoming passengers

From now on passengers arriving from outside Bangladesh do not need to fill up online Health Declaration Form (HDF) and need not to provide Covid test report or Covid-19 vaccination Card..Civil Aviation Ministry of Bangladesh today came up with the fresh announcement as Covid situation alm

Top 5 budget-friendly countries for your honeymoon under Tk 80,000

It’s that honeymoon you were looking forward to since getting married, and you want to visit a country where it will be budget-friendly for you. While that sounds intimidating, it is certainly doable, so here are the top 5 countries that you can visit for your honeymoon, all for under Tk 80,000.

US-Bangla cancels flights of Cox's Bazar, Ctg routes till Sunday

All flights of US-Bangla Airlines to Cox's Bazar and Chattogram routes were cancelled from today to tomorrow midnight due to incoming cyclone Mocha.

Food & Recipes

Food & Recipes

Easy to make seafood recipes

Traditionally, seafood was not part of our regular meal plan. Times, however, are changing and we have embraced seafood wholeheartedly. The following are recipes to make simple dishes using crab and squid that are simply delicious.

Best fast-food spots in Mumbai

Mumbai also has tons of restaurants and eateries almost everywhere. The fast-food/junk food options that Mumbai has to offer are plenty and, may I say, absolutely delicious. Although, you’ll be busy trying out Maharashtran food while in the city, these are some of the must-try fast food items to add to your journey!

Mother’s Day cake recipe

Being a new mom has been such an experience for me. The deeper I get into it, the more I sympathise and appreciate my own mother and our time together growing up. What I'm most in awe of is the vast amount of knowledge every mother needs to keep under her hat, from which is the best home remedy for reliving colds in babies, to which stores stock the right diapers, to how to make perfect plain cake to dip in your morning cha while the baby sleeps!

Eid Recipes: A classic twist on lachha shemai

An Eid spread is incomplete without delectable desserts and shemai is sure to be on the table. It is one of the indispensable things that contribute to the gaiety of Eid. In the festive spirit of Eid, here are two traditional recipes made with lachha shemai for you to feast on with friends and family during the joyful occasion.

Recipes from around the world

After a heavy dose of rich food during the Eid holidays, the body craves something simpler. Here are some recipes that you could try after the holiday season.

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

Things you need to know about sensitive children

In a world that takes pride in toughness and machoism, sensitivity is often mistaken for passiveness or weakness. In reality, however, this is a rare strength that runs the world, and given a nurturing environment, children with highly sensitive minds often enjoy certain advantages.

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5 psychological tricks to lose weight

How are your weight loss targets going? If you are falling off the target and have yet to achieve your weight loss transformation, remember it is common! To get you back on track and to remind you that it takes more than just physical effort to achieve your objectives, here are 5 underrated psychological tricks to help you lose weight.

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How phones change our brains

For years, naysayers have been talking about how devices drain the brain, depleting energy, and reducing its ability to retain information. While no one discounts the science behind it, studies have found that

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Exploring the causes and symptoms of dementia

Dementia is a cruel debilitating disease that affects the lives of millions of people across the globe. It is a terrifying condition that slowly erases people’s memories, their ability to think and reason, and their ability to do daily menial tasks eventually losing their independence. Although it is easy to dismiss the early signs of dementia as “getting old”, it is crucial to identify these symptoms and provide necessary care and support and get early treatment if necessary.

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5 health benefits of green tea

Back in the times of ancient medicine, green tea was used to heal cuts, help digestion, improve the health of the heart and mind, and keep the body at the right temperature.

Understanding self-harm: A cry for help, not attention

Self-harm is a complex and often misunderstood behaviour that refers to the act of deliberately hurting oneself, typically by cutting, burning, or hitting one's own body. Although it is often associated with adolescents and young adults, self-harm can also be observed in older people. Unfortunately, despite the prevalence of self-harm in almost every part of our society, it remains shrouded in stigma.

How to know your cholesterol is high

Between oily iftar items and the other delicious delicacies throughout the month of Ramadan, it will be very easy for some of us to delve into our favourite items and just let go. However, we must keep our cholesterol in check. High cholesterol is a fairly common problem and although most people face it in their 40s, the prevalence of high cholesterol level among individuals in their 20s and 30s is on the rise.

How to quit smoking this Ramadan

A person who is trying to give up smoking may find that participating in activities throughout the month of Ramadan, such as visiting relatives, helping with the preparation of iftar or seheri meals, and praying helps keep them busy and provides assistance in doing so. Moreover, people may lessen their desire to smoke by taking measures like engaging in physical activities such as walking after iftar, consuming a large quantity of water after iftar, and avoiding the company of other individuals who smoke.

Life & Living Multimedia

Life & Living Multimedia

The colourful cauliflowers of Bangladesh

Instead of the regular old white cauliflowers - you can now have cauliflowers that are red, yellow, pink, or purple.

Shankha Dasgupta: Meet the genius behind Guti

Shankha Dasgupta is the genius behind Guti, and anyone who has followed his work over the years knows precisely how exceptional he is. The much-anticipated show, Guti, came out on Chorki in January, leaving the viewers binging.

Despite charging fees, needs of passengers neglected

<p>Terminal fees are being imposed on passengers travelling to India. However, there are currently no provisions for the use of restrooms at the Benapole International Passenger Terminal. </p><p>Find out more in today's Star Newsbytes</p>

#Perspective / Wasfia Nazreen: Don’t let ageism break your spirit

The mere fact that Wasfia Nazreen, even with her extraordinary achievements and so many accolades to her name, has to face these needless validations should not come as a surprise to the world, because the reality is that ‘below average mentality’ strikes everywhere, is highly deep-rooted, and pays zero respect to any type of accomplishment.

Bhabir Mor: How the name of Ranighat Mor in Dinajpur changed

Just 34km away from Dinajpur city, Tangon river flows along the Indian border. There is a rubber dam with a bridge over the river. This spot in Bochaganj upazila, Dinajpur is called Ranighat Mor. But now it is known as “Bhabir Mor".

5 life lessons you can learn from Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle’s most popular character is none other than Sherlock Holmes whose stories have been adapted to the big screen multiple times. Despite the character and his detective stories being fictional, Sherlock Holmes gives us multiple life lessons.

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5 ways to revamp your dining table for parties

The dining table is where we gather to enjoys feasts, conversations and share laughs. When hosting a dinner party, having people over entails setting the mood for a great evening, and the first thing you should look at is the condition of the furniture in the dining area. As such, the dining table needs a revamp to give your guests a wonderful experience.

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Styling ideas: Let’s play with polka dots!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of polka dots? Minnie mouse? Or the cute frocks you wore as a little girl? Those are not wrongful associations but polka dots are trendy now and cooler than ever before. Leaving their childish past behind, polka dots are having a stylish time they so rightly deserve. Stalwart designers are embracing this print and making it their own, putting their unique spin and creating incredible designs.

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Practising mindfulness through gardening

For an avid gardener, what a joy it is to watch saplings grow and thrive from their seedbeds! Your garden can give you a comforting space to contemplate and release stress. Gardening is a wonderful way to discover inner peace. And this is what mindfulness is about—being fully present and aware of what is occurring inside and outside of ourselves. Hence, gardening and mindfulness perfectly complement each other.

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How to appreciate art?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe that’s why art is often referred to as a universal language that can connect with people everywhere on a deeper and emotional level. Which really begs the question that do you really need to ‘understand art’ to enjoy it? In other words, do you really need to be a connoisseur to appreciate art?

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A new beginning: The story of a ‘blended’ family

If I want to be grammatically correct, the ‘sons’ in question are my step-sons. And, I have two biological daughters. But my boys are just my boys, just like for my husband, the girls are his girls. The children just think of each other as brothers and sisters. Children especially, just know how to love naturally. They are naturally receptive to someone who cares for them and when they do, they do not separate with step — love within a family knows no steps.

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6 tips to help reduce your caffeine intake

We all occasionally enjoy a soothing cup of tea or a warming mug of coffee during the day to keep ourselves energised and refreshed. It is the caffeine in these beverages that keeps us awake and focused. However, it’s easy to become over-dependent on caffeine and lose track of your daily intake.

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How to avoid ungrateful people

As an individual, who has several social circles to maintain and work with, one of the most undesirable traits that we come across is that of ingratitude. Ungrateful people are those who do not appreciate the efforts of others and fail to express gratitude for the things they receive. Such individuals can exhibit toxic behaviour and drain the positivity out of any situation, and at times it falls on us whether we want to preserve our sanity or deal with them.

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Inspirational quotes by actor Nawazudddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui turns 49! Who knew that the pickpocket from the opening scene of Munna Bhai MMBS (bet some of you did not know that!) would go on to become one of the defining actors of his generation? A true juggernaut of Bollywood, he has played captivating roles upon captivating roles that span across a wide range while being the most relatable-looking man in the industry. While he may not look like the conventional actor, the man can act and he has a silver tongue to go with it delivering iconic lines both on and off the screen.

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Can exes be friends?

An age-old quandary, opinions are fairly divided on this one. We share some of our most profound moments with our exes and for a certain period of time, they mean the world to us. Unless things go supremely wrong, such as instances of infidelity or toxicity, it is reasonable to want to hold on to the comfort and familiarity of the relationship. However, this friendship comes with a messy baggage of rules, boundaries, and a healthy dose of confusion.

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