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How long before BRTA does its part?

Rampant irregularities and corruption must be checked

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Choose books, not bans

Even if one does find the content of a certain book or the opinions of its author to be agreeable, it is unfortunate for that book to be altogether banned from having a place at the book fair.

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Will the new air pollution control rules save us?

While some studies point to brick kiln emissions as the main sources, some point to dust sources, and others to vehicular emissions.

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Calling the by-polls 'free and fair' dims hope for 2024

These by-elections are nothing more than a mere fulfilment of legal obligations, as it won’t be able to bring in any change in parliamentary balance.

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Is ‘Faraaz’ just another movie?

How is it that such a seasoned director did not seek consent from the victims’ families when making Faraaz?

Death or Glory in Russia

Russia’s reversion to warlordism is fuelled by a religious fundamentalism.

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Only genuine electoral reform can reignite voter interest

Six by-polls are proof that there is a lot to be done before general election

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Stop sand extraction from rivers

It's increasing the risk of river erosion, endangering farmland and depleting soil fertility

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Spare a thought for general power users, too

Another hike in electricity prices means further suffering for the public

Transport strike vs hiring trains: Where's the level-playing field?

Awami League leaders hired eight special trains for party leaders and activists during their divisional rally in Rajshahi. But there were so-called strikes during BNP rallies last year. So, where is the level playing field for all political parties?

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Munshi Meherullah of Jessore and religious identity in 19th century Bengal

On 7 June 1907, a rural Bengali tailor, Meherullah, died of complications from pneumonia in a small village called Chatiantala, on the banks of the river Bhairab, in Jessore.

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ALAMGIR KABIR: The conscience whipper

Alamgir Kabir’s death anniversary has been an occasion to celebrate and remember him as a prominent film director and tireless film society activist.

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Insights from India’s Nurse Migration: Lessons for Bangladesh

It has now been almost half a century since Indian nurses began migrating abroad, long enough to understand the difficulties and benefits they have encountered in their professional and personal journey. I have studied their migration since the 2000s.