How do third world countries dodge the looming economic crisis?

While the participants in the Ukraine war are spending billions of dollars each day on weapons and other destructive arsenals, millions of people and the leaders in South Asia and Africa are passing days in anxiety with rising external debt, a strong dollar, lingering supply chain disruptions, and food shortages.

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A dangerous turn in Russia-Ukraine war

Russia’s annexation of four captured regions of Ukraine signals a sharp escalation at a time when we need sanity to prevail

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Protect children and women from abuse

Latest data depicts a shocking picture of child marriage, sexual violence

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A forgotten partition: Myanmar’s long separation from South Asia

What was the first partition of the British Raj in 1937 created a separate crown colony with very little representative government

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‘We’re working very hard to increase Bangladesh’s export to China’

Chinese envoy Li Jiming shares his views on the depth and prospects of Bangladesh-China bilateral relationship with The Daily Star.

To kill a mocking monster

What prompted those devoted pilgrims in Panchagarh to ride an overcrowded boat and join a death march on the Korotoa River?

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Banking sector holding the economy hostage

Comprehensive reforms needed to boost investment, sustain growth

1d ago| Editorial

Prioritise safety, not profit

Health sector must reduce alarming rate of C-section

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Justice still elusive for Ramu victims

We are deeply frustrated that none of the cases filed in connection with the Ramu violence have yet been disposed of.

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Student politics in private universities: To be or not to be …

On September 2, the student front of a political party announced its intention to form committees in 16 private universities.  It was greeted with apprehension and alarm. 

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The glorious history of Goalanda

There is more fiction than historical truth about the origin of the name ‘Goalanda’. According to a legend,

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1971 and the case for secularism in Bangladesh and India

Bangladesh has just celebrated fifty years of independence; this year also marks fifty years since its Ganoparishad ratified the Constitution of Bangladesh. Anniversaries are as worthy occasions as any to recall why certain ideological principles were chosen to guide the new nation.