Beyond martyrs and victims: Who is worthy of human rights?

The brutal killings by the Israeli state that we are witnessing in Gaza is an ongoing manifestation of selective humanity.

International Anti-Corruption Day / Corruption, zero-sum politics and democratic decline

Governments that score low in corruption indexes are more prone to use force and violence to control and suppress dissensions and protests.

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Has BNP served its supporters well?

The BNP failed to reap anything effective from the huge public support that it was able to garner late last year.

A civility test between Israelis and Palestinians

As opposed to the negative and pejorative assumptions about Palestinians, Israelis are routinely described as civilised and democratic.

2d ago

To combat gender-based violence, do away with systemic bias

Gender inequality and violence as the outcome of a society are symptomatic of the ethos that shape policies, family structures and opportunities for men and women.

2d ago

How the sand mafia is killing our rivers

Illegal and indiscriminate sand extraction from the rivers is increasing at an alarming rate, with the backing of ruling party politicians, causing massive erosion of riverbanks and destruction of rural settlements and farmlands.

2d ago

Healthcare in Dhaka: A story of resilience and community

Some ICU doctors in Dhaka act like their advice is beyond questioning. But don’t be discouraged.

3d ago

Expediency triumphs over principle in electoral politics

It appears that all of the ruling party’s efforts revolve around the next election, not considering longer-term ramifications for the itself.

3d ago

We need to talk about climate migration

Being a deltaic low-lying plain with a long coast, Bangladesh is geographically susceptible to natural disaster.

3d ago

How the US is arming Israel's genocide in Gaza

US weapons, provided with visible enthusiasm to the Israeli occupation forces, are being used to commit war crimes and genocide in Gaza.

3d ago

The most pervasive human rights violation

Addressing the urgency in Bangladesh during the 16 days of activism to end gender-based violence: a call for legal reforms, societal transformation, survivor-centric care, and support for women's organizations

3d ago

How will the Pannun 'murder plot' affect India-US relations?

The Biden administration appears to be isolating the murder plot.

4d ago

Issues our banking sector must address

As most of our economic sectors depend heavily on banks, it has created many problems for the banking sector and its depositors.

4d ago
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