MEHER by Samina Sara: Adding glitz and glamour to a star-studded affair

The emcee for the evening wearing MEHER by Samina Sara
Photo: Prabir Das

The evening of 3 September 2022 witnessed an exclusive event as luminaries graced the Blender's Choice-The Daily Star OTT & Digital Content Awards 2021 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center, Dhaka. Four amazing personalities, Sunerah Binte Kamal, Rafsan Sabab, Naziba Basher, and Yash Rohan were hosts of the evening. The team of emcees added elegance and humour to the occasion with their gorgeous outfits and clever conversations.     

All their attires were from MEHER by Samina Sara, a high-end clothing label. Samina Sara put a lot of thought into designing the outfits for the hosts, and the inspiration behind each of these was beautifully executed.

"When selecting an outfit, the most important aspect to consider is the wearer's personality and that is exactly what I focused on. Each of the attires of the hosts made their already amazing personality even more vibrant," Samina Sara explained.   

The gorgeous Sunerah Binte Kamal kicked off the event by donning a shimmery-silver gown. "I wanted something comfortable in which I can move around easily and that is exactly what I got! If you feel comfortable in what you wear then you will definitely look amazing," remarked Sunerah. On the other hand, her co-host Rafsan Sabab donned a traditional jacket in raven black. The scintillating stones contrasting the muted black fabric was eye-catching. This look was very different to what Rafsan usually wears — formal suits and blazers.

"I am not someone who would typically don an outfit that is adventurous and extravagant, but I went ahead with the look and I loved it!" remarked the stand-up comedian and emcee for the evening.     

Rafsan and Sunerah covered the first half of the event and their contrasting attires complemented each other splendidly. The next half of the event was taken over by Yash Rohan and Naziba Basher.

Naziba Basher walked in with her gorgeous, muted silver gown with stonework patterns all over, accompanied by ruffles that went well with her personality.

"I prioritise comfort when choosing an outfit and I could not have asked for anything better than this. My gown for the evening is so elegant and comfortable. I feel absolutely amazing wearing this," said Naziba Basher. 

Her co-host, Yash Rohan wore a Jodhpuri suit that featured bird motifs on the front. The choice of attire perfectly went with his charming persona.

"I am someone who does not spare much thought on my choice of attire; the only two requirements are comfort and looking good. This getup does not fall in my comfort zone, but I absolutely adore it," said Yash.   

MEHER by Samina Sara is all about glittery, sparkly outfits that can make stars shine brighter. The designer label added more zeal and fervour to the evening, with its bold and classy outfits for the hosts, who entertained guests throughout the event.