Pamper yourself at Glam by Asmita

Glam by Asmita
Photo: Glam by Asmita

If you are looking to take a day off from your hectic schedule to relax and pamper yourself with a luxurious experience, then look no further because Glam by Asmita (GBA) is where you should be headed!

Tucked away in a quiet corner in this chaotic city, Glam by Asmita has recently relocated to Gulshan 2 in a bigger space to serve your needs even better and give you a rejuvenating experience than ever before.

Walking into the salon, you will feel like you have stepped into a dreamland. The pink interior screams cool and funky – catered towards the younger generation. The vibrant pop art on walls contrasted with the subtility of angelic wings and lighter shades of pink create some jazzy Insta-worthy spots.

This establishment that is up and running since January 2022 is the brainchild of Mayesha Asmita, who has been fascinated by makeup since childhood. To give life to her passion and make it a way of living, Asmita pursued a degree in makeup artistry. She is one of the very few MUAs in Bangladesh who is CIBTAC Certified under the UK government body.

She has also worked with various international models and makeup artists during her training period at the Academy of Freelance Makeup (AOFM). What started as an Instagram blog to highlight her hobby is now a frequented salon in the city that provides one of the finest services.

With an array of exclusive services and budget-friendly packages, there is something in store for everyone at Glam by Asmita. To highlight a few, their GBA signature manicure and pedicure call for an unforgettable spa experience. The use of purple royal crystal jelly helps remove toxins, stimulate blood circulation, and softens dry cracked skin making it the all-in-one mani-pedi package.

Once you try out the white chocolate wax, there is no going back. Enriched with nourishing, revitalising, and moisturising properties of cocoa butter, it leaves the skin soft and moisturised after waxing. The waxing procedure is also less painful.

Another standout is the GBA Signature Facial, which uses diamond dermabrasion that brightens, de-tans, and deeply cleanses the skin. The use of a hi-tech machine operated by certified service providers ensures all pores are cleaned from within.

Glam by Asmita does not promote the ideology of making people look fairer or altering their skin colour, rather they focus on making one's natural beauty shine through in the best way possible. Thus, no fair polish or bleach is used in any of their skincare procedures.      

What makes the entire experience worth a revisit is not only the amazing array of services but also the friendly and welcoming attitude of the employees. From the moment you step inside the comfortable lobby until you walk out, you will feel like you have been taken care of completely – with utmost care and attention.  

"Right here now, I feel like I have reached the top of the mountain but looking back, I realise there is still a long way to go – this is only the beginning of Glam by Asmita and we have lots more things to do," remarked Asmita.


Address: 4th floor, Road-84, House-4/A, Gulshan – 2, Dhaka, Bangladesh