‘Probinanggon’ offering respite to senior citizens

Jamilur Rahman (69), a resident of Girzapara under Moulvibazar municipality, had just retired a few years ago from his profession as a college professor. After working for years on end, when he retired, loneliness had gotten the best of him.

This is where the Probinanggon park plays its role -- it offers a space for respite for the elderly.

"The park has an open space where I can gather with my friends every evening. It's as if I got my childhood back," he said.

Jahid Mia (72), a resident of court road and a retired private company employee,  said, "Elderly visitors can roam around, chat, read or play at the park. It's quite wonderful," he added.

Visiting the park recently, this correspondent saw the place hosts a bungalow-style auditorium, located on top of a small hill. Surrounding the establishment are numerous trees.

Slightly isolated from this building is a hang-out spot, so that social occasions at the auditorium don't disturb senior citizens.

The park hosts a walkway, vast green open spaces, a flower garden, separate resort-style resting places for men and women, a sitting bench and a library.

It is  open from early morning to 9:00am and 4:00pm to 10:00pm every day. Planning Minister MA Mannan inaugurated the park in 2019.

Mayor Fazlur Rahman said Probinanggon will be developed further, to make it more entertaining and accessible to the elderly.


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