• World's first 3D-printed office building

    A new proof concept of concept of using 3D printing in architecture has been unveiled though it is still small as logistics are being ironed out. Dubai unveils an open-plan office constructed using an industrial 3D printer after nearly a year in development.

  • Safety Everyday

    We are confronted with the warning sign of “SAFETY FIRST” in front of buildings under construction or if there is some road repair work going on. Perhaps most of us never stop to reflect on the importance of this seemingly very simple, sometimes mandatory sign.

  • How to ensure the qualities of building construction materials

    A home of our own is the dream and necessity of everyone. A home brings about social status and dignity. But above all else it provides shelter and protection from natural disasters like cyclone, flood, earthquake etc. It's a enclosure of comfort and durability which isn't always possible if not done right.

  • In sync with sustainability

    Given the haphazard growth of the current capital city, Dhaka, the question of sustainable development has become a pressing concern. With the advent of a new Detailed Area Plan for Dhaka Metropolitan, it is now the right time to explore the issues of

  • SLAG base cement – new horizon for sustainable & durable construction

    The most recent development that has further increased the value and usefulness of slag cements is the high costs and prospective shortages of energy. The slag does not need to be burned in a kiln. Pointing out that slag is the only cement component other than

  • Concrete: World's most used construction material

    Concrete is basically a mixture of two components: aggre­gates and cement paste. The cement paste, comprised of Portland cement and water, binds the aggregates into a rocklike mass as the paste hardens because of the chemical reaction of the cement and water.

  • The highs and lows of the construction sector: A Daily Star report

    BANGLADESH'S construction sector, a key part of the economy, is gradually shaking off the impacts of the political chaos in recent years thanks to improvements in recent months. Despite that it is still dogged by major challenges.

  • The Ways of Steel

    In the world of construction business, every element is important. From the grains of sands to the steels, every element is considered as valuable as the others. The industry might not get the same lime light as real estate companies, but they do their work for which we

  • Behaviour of RC building with beam supported slab and flat plate slab

    In Bangladesh, different types of floor system, such as edge supported slabs (One way, two way), column supported slabs (Flat slab, flat plate slab), ribbed slabs, waffle slabs etc. are commonly employed in reinforced concrete building structures.

  • Innovation in Cement Grinding line

    Cement sector is the largest growing sector in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is self-sufficient in fulfilling local market demand for cement. Even so, installed production capacity is higher than local demand.

  • Development should be the absolute principal for steady GDP Growth

    It is admittedly a positive side that the development trend in Bangladesh is attributed to the upward growth trend of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the big challenge is to keep this trend steady.

  • Your home needs to survive earthquakes: yes, you can help

    No one or nothing on earth can really keep an earthquake from coming, such a hard and harsh natural reality it is! However, some amount of watchfulness while building a home can minimize the damage we might have to suffer. There is a strong and specific side or

  • Building the future with Anwar Group, in construction and real estate

    Starting as a business of "Hides and Skins" in 1834, the late Lakku Mia's foray into the world of business would eventually turn into a family heirloom, responsibility passed down the years and a steady expansion of efforts leading to the massive business entity that is