Sheikh Hasina

The writer is the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

It’s time to follow through on the Glasgow Climate Pact

At no other point in human history has a cause proved more urgent than tackling climate change.

A Tale of Newspaper Reading

After waking up in the morning, we all used to gather, one by one, at my mother’s bedroom. With a cup of tea in everyone’s hand and newspapers scattered on the bed… everyone would read a news item one after another, while others would listen to it and give their opinion.

Friendship is a flowing river

Maintenance of good relations with the neighbours, friendship to all, malice to none — is the policy I pursue throughout my life.

Getting migration governance right

More than 4,300 migrants have died this year trying to reach their destinations. In the Mediterranean Sea alone, 3,200 people have perished, and in the Andaman Sea, just east of the Bay of Bengal, thousands of migrants have been stranded on boats with nowhere to land, or have been held hostage by their traffickers.