Good budget, bad budget

The finance minister on Thursday placed the budget for fiscal year 2024-25, which is 4.6 percent bigger than the ongoing one. The increase is much lower than the average inflation seen in the last few years, reflecting the monetary constraints the government is facing as well as some of the realities of the crisis which commands a certain extent of belt-tightening

1w ago

How to build a sustainable, ethical, and profitable business

The temptation to prioritise quick profits over long-term sustainability and ethics is predominant.

1w ago

AMA Muhith: a defining character

Abul Maal Abdul Muhith, the former finance minister of Bangladesh, and more importantly, one of the architects of Bangladesh's economic development, left an undeniable legacy upon his passing, more than two years ago.

2w ago

Winning over your boss

Pleasing your boss can sometimes feel like the game of Tom & Jerry, where you are Jerry trying desperately to avoid being Tom’s next kill.

3w ago

Where is the economy heading?

This is exactly the question I came across from the investment community in the US, India, and Singapore in the last one month or so. They asked where the exchange rate may settle down and the local currency borrowing rate may go. If they invest in Bangladesh, will they be able to take back their return on investments timely and easily?

1m ago

A tribute to Mirza Azizul Islam

Mirza Aziz, a strong figure in Bangladesh’s bureaucracy, has made significant contributions to the nation’s economic development

1m ago

Manage five basics of personal finance to grow your savings

When inflation is nearly 10 percent but the increase of income is lower than the rate, how a person then will manage his personal finance to save for the future?

2m ago

MFS faces growing risk of fraud

The mobile financial service (MFS) has enhanced our access to goods and services, diversified payment methods, and expanded commercial opportunities, but the sector still faces challenges.

2m ago

Understanding Carbon Neutrality & Debt

Comparing our current days with five years back from now we can easily comprehend the fact that temperature is rising and as a result we feel scorching heat every year.

3m ago

Unprecedented role of artificial intelligence

In the rapidly changing landscape of the financial industry, where accuracy and anticipation are dominant, artificial intelligence (AI) can play a crucial role in the risk management process across institutions.

4m ago

Ensuring level-playing field for growth of mutual funds

The unequal taxation policy surrounding mutual funds in the capital market of Bangladesh raises concerns regarding the fairness for mutual fund investors. Specifically, the issue lies in the taxation of cash dividends from open-end funds, creating an imbalance between individual’s listed securities investments and mutual fund investments.

4m ago

Addressing supply chain gaps in Bangladesh

In recent times, the escalation of prices in essential commodities has presented a formidable challenge for individuals with lower incomes in Bangladesh.

4m ago

Conscious capitalism transforming the way we do business

Oxford dictionary defines capitalism as “an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit.”

5m ago

Driving long-pending reform agenda

For years now, a plethora of reforms have been suggested by relevant stakeholders. As reactionary measures in a lot of instances, the government has explored some of these reforms and is taking steps in the right direction. However, considering where the economy stands right now and comparing with relevant countries, Bangladesh has significant ground to cover.

5m ago

Target the tuna to hit the shark

As a sequel to my column last week, I can’t emphasise enough the importance of focusing on a smaller catch with an eye on a bigger target as an effective strategy for turning around a business

5m ago

Restoring clients’ trust in banking sector an undeniable need

The banking sector is the backbone of a country's economy, especially to promote businesses. However, sadly, the sector is plagued with multi-layered challenges.

5m ago

BGMEA transforming RMG industry into global sustainability leader

The readymade garment industry in Bangladesh has embarked on a transformative journey, propelled by the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

5m ago

New year expectations from capital market

As stakeholders in Bangladesh's capital market drew the curtain on a personal. year, the dawn of 2024 brings with it a glimmer of hope and anticipation.

5m ago
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