Off Campus

Off Campus

Scholastica student secures top position in World Game Coding Competition 2024

Adib Ahnaf Chowdhury, a student from Scholastica School, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing the top position in the World Game Coding Competition 2024 organised by the International Kids Coding Competition.

2d ago

Two BRAC University students serving affordable, homemade khichuri near campus

Mehrian Mohsin Adrita and Estiak Ahmed Saikat, two sixth-semester students from BRAC Business School took the initiative to provide healthy food to fellow students and founded SavoryKitchen.

2d ago

Satire / Student demands extra credits for being single on Valentine's Day

Rahul Aman, a frustrated Engineering student, believes that universities need to offer emotional compensation in the form of extra credits, a sentiment shared by most others in their department. 

6d ago

On surviving long distance friendships

Calls and texts will be your new best friends when navigating the challenges of anything long-distance.

1w ago

Humour / This Valentine's Day, I’m in love with my coursework

My heart belongs to the elusive charm of essay word counts and the tantalising allure of presentations.

1w ago

Meet BRAC University's pawsitively un-fur-gettable feline scholar, Bhapacat

Her talents extend beyond the academic realm; she’s a pro at navigating BRACU’s beautiful new campus, mastering its escalators with feline finesse.

1w ago

Music / Cryptic Fate back with melodic homage to 1971

The album is a resounding testament to the sheer dedication that each member has towards their craft.

1w ago

The publishing journey for young writers

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a major decrease in not just the number of books being published per year, but also in the profits made by publishing houses.

1w ago

Blue Eye Samurai: A visually stunning portrayal of a samurai’s vengeance

What Blue Eye Samurai excels at is elevating common archetypes and plotlines with high levels of finesse.

1w ago

Anime to look out for in 2024

Keeping aside the continuations of old anime, 2024 has no dearth of new stories that show high promise and potential,

2w ago

In conversation with Jubayer Ibn Hamid

We started at the beginning of Jubayer’s debating journey.

2w ago

Compared to typing, writing by hand leads to better learning: Study

According to a study published by Norwegian scientists, writing by hand activates more complex brain connectivity than typing, which, in turn, boosts learning and memory. 

3w ago

University in Michigan to enrol two AI students

Two AI students, Ann and Fry, will be joining classes alongside regular human students at Ferris State University in Michigan this spring. 

3w ago

From Bangladesh to Panama: Bangladeshi robotics team clinches fifth position at World Robot Olympiad 2023

In conversation with Israfil Shaheen Arannya, silver medallist at the World Robot Olympiad (WRO).

3w ago

Living a pop culture fantasy

Anica Hossain shares her cosplaying experience – how she got into it, what it takes to cosplay, and how enthusiasts can get into this art form of brining fictional characters to life.

Napoleon is a thrilling portrayal of a tyrannical man but leaves a lot to be desired

From the Reign of Terror to Napoleon’s disgraced final days in St. Helena – the storytelling was at its fast-paced, chronological best.

Video gamers at risk of permanent hearing loss: Study

Gamers exposed to such high-intensity sound levels for long periods may be risking permanent hearing loss and/or tinnitus.

NSU welcomes Yunnan delegation: Inaugural ceremony and cross-cultural collaboration

The partnership between NSU and Yunnan University will be strengthened by cultural collaboration.

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