News Report / Book-Buzz back with its second iteration

Ushinor Majumdar’s book details how, since Partition, the Pakistan military junta had continued to exert unjust power over Bengal and its resident Bengalis.

1h ago

Essay / Snow White: A grim fairy tale

Before The Brothers Grimm published their version of the story, titled Sneewittchen, the original Italian folktale was about a mother’s envy and jealousy towards her own daughter.

1d ago

Fiction / Not talking in a city of loudspeakers

The door didn’t fully click shut. That was an ordinary affair in the house because the door locked to prevent escape. But, by chance or sheer good luck, it didn’t fully lock this time. The click was off. Someone hadn’t done their job correctly. Bloody hell, no one does their jobs correctly in this godforsaken country.

2d ago

Poetry / If I Speak

Tell me what to say when I need to speak, If I have to say something, So what can I say: look at that

2d ago


It is odd that nowadays One seldom hears the words

2d ago

Poetry / IS & WAS

Death dwells between is and was, Riding the final particle of a fading breath.

2d ago

Essay / Moezzi’s ‘The Rumi Prescription’ and Rumi’s relevance in this manic world

Rumi's spiritual and motivational verses not only empower us to confront life's frustrations and anxieties but also illuminate the path to genuine emotional fulfilment and inner peace.

2d ago

World Literacy Month / Media literacy and the case of overrated classics

In this digital age, we are processing a large amount of information everyday and it’s important to learn media literacy in order to see the bigger picture.

4d ago

T.S. Eliot and on living in unreal cities

I once again find myself drawn to "The Waste Land"—though this isn’t about just the one poem, not really—where so much of the old world exists in motifs in a tattered landscape.

5d ago

The Hermitage Residency 2023 to be held free of cost at Srimangal

This year, the residency was thrilled to announce, attendance in all classes and workshops is free of cost in order to make their resources and networks accessible to everyone and to eliminate fees as a barrier to entry.

1w ago

Western Lane: Grief unfolding on squash court

There is more squash in the book than most readers will take a liking to, but the game sometimes works as a metaphor for the bigger picture.

1w ago

Not everyone looks at the sky with the same weighted heart

Once, I believed there was a crown on my head. The heart was brimming with life and light Brimming with boundless force to surpass any spread. Among the crowd, I was always one

1w ago

My London: An immigrant story

You land in London with £210 in your pocket. It is the year 2009. You are able to pay the first month’s rent for the room, but not the deposit. You have to share it with an acquaintance from Dhaka. He arrived a week prior.

1w ago

The alter ego of Agatha Christie

Absorbing these books is like viewing the world through the writer’s eyes—the pain she felt, the love she did not receive and the manner she perceived the people around her.

1w ago

The records of resilience

Much of the reminiscences in The Murti Boys encompass the grittiness of staving off the Pakistanis with little weaponry and a great deal of quick thinking. 

1w ago

The fearless, experimental poetry of Binoy Majumdar

As time passed by and as the poet made an introspection in seclusion, he dug up such verses which to the reader might feel like a revelation of truth.

2w ago

Eminent author, journalist Gita Mehta passes away

Mehta also directed the documentary film Dateline Bangladesh based on her time stationed in Bangladesh during the war.

2w ago

"Abul Mansur Ahmad had been constantly fighting for change in the society”

Describing Abul Mansur Ahmed as a multi-faceted personality, the speakers said that from a sense of responsibility to the society, he has constantly fought for the rights of citizens, freedom of speech and change in the society.

2w ago