Entertainment’s Rising Stars / Oli Louis: The Nigerian man who fell in love with Bangla music

His rendition of "Shada Shada Kala Kala" marked a turning point, garnering widespread acclaim and affirming his belief that Bangladeshis would embrace him as one of their own if he pursued Bangla music wholeheartedly.

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Birthday Special / Happy 135th Birthday, Mr Chaplin!

Despite the advent of sound in cinema, Chaplin remained true to his silent roots, continuing to produce silent films even as talkies gained popularity. Films like "City Lights", "The Gold Rush", and "Modern Times" are timeless classics that showcase Chaplin's unmatched ability to entertain and inspire.

4d ago

Independence Day Special / Bengal’s revolutionary journey through slogans

Whenever an oppressive force tried to forcefully take their land and rice, the people of this country conjured up such resistance that even the strongest of forces had to retreat.

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Women’s Day Special / Not ‘fair’ at all: Why are fair-skinned actors cast for dark-skinned characters?

In an industry spotlighting talent and storytelling, recent controversies have cast a harsh light on a persistent issue: colourism in casting. The latest uproar emerged when photos of popular actress Sabila Nur surfaced, displaying her intentionally darkened complexion for an upcoming drama, "Bidisha", which is slated to be released today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Ironically, this deliberate alteration of the skin complex for the role contradicts the very essence of celebrating this day, sparking a crucial debate over the representation of skin complexion and societal standards.

I’m respectful of Bangladesh’s rich musical heritage: Badshah

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Star, Badshah shared his insights and reflections on his recent trip to Bangladesh, shedding light on his experience and aspirations.

Kona everywhere

The vivacious songstress with the honeyed voice has had a rather bustling month this year — as divulged by Dilshad Nahar Kona herself. Not only did her latest collaboration with Muza, “Daane Baame”, drop this ongoing month but Kona has been touring and performing in around 17 scheduled concerts across Bangladesh, on top of also accumulating praise for singing a romantic rendition of the Rabindra Sangeet “Bhalobeshe Sokhi” on Pavel Areen's “Living Room Session”. Additionally, the versatile musician lent her voice to 11 songs for different dramas and films on television this month alone. 

Enjoying this phase of my career: Tanjim Saiara Totini

Earning her name by portraying Kolpona in the web project “Ei Muhurte”, Tanjim Saiara Totini continues to captivate the audience with her smile on every appearance. The “Shuhashini” of the industry is currently dominating the small screen having worked on several commendable projects during Valentine’s Day.

Bappa Mazumder’s ‘Odyssey’ is a lesson on how to arrange concerts

Bappa Mazumder devoted his second solo concert to those of his fans who missed the first one, which took place on September 23, 2022. However, seeing hundreds of his fans, from toddlers to 60-year-olds, eagerly waiting for him to sing their favourite songs at the show, the question remains: will the audiences ever get enough of Bappa Mazumder and his songs? The answer is probably no.

Striking looks, melodious voice

After the massive success of "Baje Shobhab", Reehan Rasul has consistently delivered super hit tracks. From the enchanting melodies of "Rupkothar Jogote" to the heart-warming "Gaa Chuye Bolo", the artiste has solidified his presence in the world of showbiz. Most recently, his song "Shesh Chiti", featured in Mizanur Rahman Aryan’s short film "Booking", has generated buzz on social media.

Grateful to have been honoured whilst still alive: Dolly Zahur

Recently, this veteran actress was honoured with the prestigious Ekushey Padak 2024, the second-highest civilian award in Bangladesh. In celebration of this momentous occasion, Dolly Zahur graciously shared her reflections, and future aspirations with The Daily Star, along with some cherished personal anecdotes.

We invented Bangla Rap: Mc Mugz

After studying from grades one to four in New York, Syed Mohammad Sohel came back to Bangladesh, carrying a distinct passion for rap in his heart. Aiming to accustom his people with the previously unknown craft, the boy reinvented himself over the years and became Mc Mugz, and went on to be part of two of the biggest rap crews in Bangladeshi history: Deshi MCs and Jalali Set. On the brink of releasing his first solo album, we catch up with the pioneer himself.

Humayun Faridee: A decade without the virtuoso

Humayun Faridee, hailed as one of Bangladesh's cinematic legends, departed prematurely at the age of 60, leaving behind an everlasting legacy on the stages of theatre, the screens of television, and the reels of film.

Prachyanat School to celebrate ‘Raktakarabi’s’ centenary with new production

Under the direction of Shawkat Hossain Sajib, the school will stage the play on Monday, January 29, at 7:00pm at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy's National Theatre Hall. Prachyanat, which is renowned for its socially and politically aware grand theatrical presentations, is going to stage the epic play as part of its biannual school productions.

Stunning, sensuous, Sumi!

Marking her debut on the silver screen with Gias Uddin Selim’s “Paap Punno”, Shahnaz Sumi has continued to prove herself with projects like “Damal”, “Buker Moddhye Agun”, and “Mobaroknama”. The dancer-turned-actress dropped by The Daily Star for an exclusive photoshoot and some chit-chat.

Suchitra Sen: How a girl from Pabna became South Asia’s biggest superstar

On her tenth death anniversary today, we remember Suchitra Sen, Bengal’s first female superstar, and a feminist in spirit, who took charge of her own fate and challenged the common norms that surround or define femininity.

Ahmed Hasan Sunny: Singer, songwriter, rebel

Ahmed Hasan Sunny, a rising star in the music industry, has seen a rapid ascent to fame. Yet he holds steadfast to his artistic principles and personal identity, unruffled by the allure of fame or commercial success. He drops by The Daily Star’s studio for a brief chat.

Saudha to present another musical odyssey at Royal Albert Hall

The event will consist of performances of ancient Indian classical music and poetry genres in a bid to revive and reinstate its significance in the ever-changing world, confirmed authorities from its organiser, Saudha.

The melody of the polls: Sometimes genius, sometimes obnoxious

While every alleyway, street and locality has been adorned with posters, the most impressive promotion of this election is perhaps the innovative and catchy songs that are being played at political stalls, through mikes, moving vans and rickshaws.

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