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Theatre & Arts

Harmony of Colours: 16 artists collaborate in Abinta Gallery's latest showing

An exclusive group art exhibition titled “Harmony of Colors” organised by Abinta Gallery of Fine Arts began, yesterday. The exhibit features a number of artworks conducted by a group of senior artists renowned in the art scene around the world.

17h ago

‘Rising from the Ashes’ arrives in Bangladesh

The noted exhibition, "Rising from the Ashes," has finally arrived in Bangladesh after traveling through five nations. This collaboration features artworks by Turkish and Bangladeshi artists, focusing on the aftermath of an earthquake.

1d ago

'Introspect': Suborna Morsheada’s solo art exhibition invites visitors on emotional journey

“Introspect” invites art enthusiasts and the curious to explore the intricate connections between nature, the human experience, and the emotions that shape our lives.

3d ago

Rising From the Ashes: Turkish Embassy in Dhaka initiates diplomatic outreach though art exhibition

Uniting Turkish and Bangladeshi artistic visions, the Turkish Embassy in Dhaka initiated an exclusive diplomatic outreach on Friday evening, marking the inauguration of the upcoming art exhibition titled "Rising From the Ashes Exhibition 2023."

1w ago

People imbued with Liberation War's spirit will pull Bangladesh ahead: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addressed the inauguration ceremony of a special art exhibition titled "1973-2023 Retrospective" with the selected paintings of Independence Award-winning and internationally-acclaimed artist and valiant freedom fighter Shahabuddin Ahmed at Bangladesh National Museum in the city's Shahbagh area, yesterday.

1w ago

‘Window’: Anika Roy’s depiction of misery concealed in beauty

Anika Roy’s first solo exhibition titled “Window” was inaugurated on September 10, where she answered the aforementioned question through her series of paintings and installations. Using pen, pencil and other colouring mediums, Anika tells the story of her perspectives as she meandered through the lane of her artworks. 

1w ago

Shohel Mondol returns to his roots

"Let Me Out' sheds light on the corruption and abuse of power within the judicial system, issues often overlooked by the general populace," shared Shohel Mondol.

1w ago

Love Letters: A tale of unrequited passion

“Love Letters” remains a haunting tale of unrequited love and missed opportunities, melancholy, loneliness, and desolation. In its oblique and unaffected way, the play illustrates the universal truth that so much of life, if not all, is a solitary journey, a letter we write only to ourselves.

2w ago

Sachin Dev Burman Sangeet Utsav concludes at BSA

Growing up listening to timeless melodies like "Ke Jash Re", and "Tumi Aar Nei Se Tumi", the name Sachin Dev Burman needs no introduction to Bangla song lovers. To pay homage to the legendary lyricist and composer, cultural organisation Banhishikha organised “Sachin Dev Burman Sangeet Utsav, a two-day musical festival, at the National Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in the capital.

2w ago

'Drifting to the Root, Drifting to Love': Sculptor Rasha blends art, history and nature

The event showcases a mesmerising collection of 53 art installations, highlighting Friends of ’71 Bangladesh and the beauty of nature.

2w ago

'The Reflection of Endless Mystery': Blooming nature and cityscapes in abstract

The “Urban Construction” series portrayed the components of cityscapes in the most minimalistic forms. “Spiritual Journey” illustrates silhouettes of a person in different poses, while “Portraying a Farmer Life” depicts the importance of farmers in our economy.

2w ago

Drik honours Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury on 34th founding anniversary

Drik Gallery celebrated its 34th founding anniversary by honouring the extraordinary Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury and his contribution to ensuring equal access to healthcare for all.

2w ago

Artworks and ancient relics showcased at Ctg cultural festival

Hatkhola Foundation organised a three-day long festival, titled “Chattogram Cultural Festival and Book Fair”, showcasing artworks and ancient relics.

3w ago

Classical maestro Ustad Sunil Dhar celebrated in Mymensingh

Ustad Sunil Kumar Dhar Smriti Parishad organised the programme titled, “Surer Shekhar”, at Mymensingh Zilla Shilpakala Academy auditorium

3w ago

Man Ray: Celebrating a 20th-century artistic luminary

Arguably one of his most iconic lens-based artworks is "Le Violon d’Ingres" (1924), which sold at auction last year for a staggering USD 12.4 million, making it the most expensive photograph ever sold.

4w ago

Sultan at Birth Centenary committee: Honouring SM Sultan’s century of artistry

SM Sultan's life and art were inseparable from the cultural fabric of Bangladesh. He was not only an artist but also a cultural icon, earning the prestigious Ekushey Padak in 1982 and the Independence Day Award in 1993.

Bangladeshi artist Firoz Mahmud joins US artist residency programme as juror

Hailing from New York, Bangladeshi artist Firoz Mahmud's journey has been marked by recognition and exhibitions around the globe.

Ashish Khondker’s ‘The School for Wives’ to stage at BSA

Ashish Khondker has taken on the task of translating this classic French play into Bengali. His adaptation promises to retain the essence and humour of the original while making it accessible to a broader audience.